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Friday, 27 March 2020


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Thanks, David. That gives me an idea for how to make staying at home less boring.

Also, BoJo deserves the thanks of a grateful nation for taking the lead in his herd immunity experiment. On to victory, Boris!

David, just wondering how business is in ten mark alley for die fraulien.

If herd immunity does not develop, which would be unique, then we are all doomed!
Government action cannot alter this, the genie has long escaped the bottle, in can merely alter the rate at which it is acquired.
Of course should quinine actually be the miracle cure then that would obviate the need for herd immunity, provided enough can be found to treat everyone.
And of course a vaccine would be the best way to produce herd immunity, if we had one.
In the meantime if we don't start producing stuff soon we're heading towards Zimbabwe, or Venezuela.
Back in topic, do you need to wash your hands before any other activity?


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