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Tuesday, 24 March 2020


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Even though I'm part and my wife is completely English, we've been able to defeat all kinds of supposedly indestructible plants, both indoor and out. Our greatest successes are a potted peace lily and some hostas.

We have had amazing luck this season with peace lilys as well as Amaryllis. Nothing like plants that show off.

I love pansies. How pretty it is all going to look.

What could be worse than a pansy hoarder? Call the coppers!

A hoarder of pansies or a pansy hoarder?

There could be a difference.

A certain "somebody" from my past suggested, after I'd ruminated some on trying my hand at flowers, Anyway what that person suggested would be a perfect fit for me would be

Impatiens. I can't think why.

Might try mixing some of those in with your pansies David. They'll ... the impatiens I'm meaning David will take a lot of crap but stay smiling.

JK, we used to grow a lot of impatiens but then the deer found them and would eat them down to the dirt.

Y'ain't forgot about good ol' slingshots (ah modern technology - nowadays there's what they call 'wrist-rockets') has ye now Whitewall?

For ammo - cats I recommend 3/8" but deer usually 5/16" works pretty good.

Nope, not forgotten JK. The blasted buggers wait until overnight and use our garden as a buffet.

You're supposed to be on lock-down, Gaffer!

"He died buying pansies" - hardly the grave stone of a ex-paratrooper, is it?!


Some of my best friends are pansies.

Ahoy David, AussieD,

Wasn't it one of y'alls fellows supposedly said, "Something seems to be wrong with our bloody ships today"?

I wonder if the fellow had modern (for his time) innovation to mind ...

(I think the damned thing - the Gerald Ford - has cost $24 Billion so far and, so far as I know, the catapult system hasn't had the kinks worked out there either. Ordered 2008 set to deploy in 2024.)

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