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Wednesday, 18 March 2020


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Oh dear. But what can you expect when you name a ship after a town 195 nautical miles from the nearest salt water.

Should have stuck to ships of the desert [or goats]

Germany and Canada finally closed their borders this week. Borders are useful things. Virtue signaling PC is foolishness in the face of a pandemic.

Mutti's change of "tack" a bit like DomBo's then?

I'm guessing the WWII level death toll in the range of 250,000 - 510,000 likely from the "do nothing" or "natural herd immunity" approaches finally hit home? Or maybe someone fixed the spreadsheet formula? ...

With complete collectivisation of Blighty's economy going into full swing you can expect that standard of negligence, incompetence and abuse to be alles ordnung across all industries. And of course no-one will go to prison or even get sacked.

British Leyland, the NCB (Nation Coal Board - remember them, good ol' Arfur Scargill!?), and British Rail - eat your collective hearts out!


This is true:
"Baltimore Mayor Begs Residents To Stop Shooting Each Other So Hospital Beds Can Be Used For Coronavirus Patients".

"Only in America", 'Whiters'!

Seems Mutti's Teutonic "System, system, system!" has paid dividends ...

More testing, more ventilators, more intensive care beds. Lowest death rate, most effective containment.

So what is this "System, system, system!" you ask, that has meant Germany and South Korea have pissed all over Blighty with the NHS with the means and in the outcome measures of the Covid 19 crisis?

From the above link ...

In part, that is because of the different way healthcare is funded in Germany. Public health insurance is compulsory and collected at source alongside income tax — but it is passed directly to insurance funds and never enters government coffers, effectively firewalling health funding.

"Market, market, market!"

Remember the New Economic Policy, comrades! When our founding father VI Lenin lead us from the dark but necessary socialist phase to the sunlit uplands of the market-communist phase!

When it comes to defeating the strains of Covid 19, it's time to ditch the NHS - and state education and social services into the bargain - and go market-communist.

Workers of the world unite! You've nothing to lose but your strains!


By George and all the Saints!

Is this the El Alemein moment we've all been waiting for! ...

I Love the smell of napalm in the morning. Smells like ...


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