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Sunday, 22 March 2020


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I rolled a grenade in there too to really get the party rocking, but it disappeared into the ether?!

I think Typepad might be having issues.

Dare I say it: were JK and Mary once an item?! It sounds like one of those thermo-nuclear rows that ends in the best shag ever 24 hours later!


I had two comments disappear. Sorry for the overreaction.We are living in strange times and everyone is on edge.

64 you say?

Those were the days, my friend.

"We thought they'd never end"


Thanks for the compliment on the argument thread. JK isn't a bad guy, and he's probably not what you think. He just gets a charge out of playing a hillbilly in the comments, and he can be funny as well as annoying.

Are you the same Mary who was commenting on Carpenter's blog for a while? If so and you can put up with that crowd, you should be able to put up with everyone here without as much heartburn.

Yes Bob, I am and admirer of Mister Carpenter because he'a fine writer and a superior thinker. If I have a problem with his blog it's just about the very narrow focus. I share his concern about Trump but he can't consume my every waking moment. Especially now. David knows who I am, as does Phil, who I like and respect very much. Also, a very right wing writer who sucked me in with his perfect prose style back in the day, even when I never did agree with him...he knows who I am and where I live, and he was always polite and calm in his responses. I'm going to give up looking too frequently at these blogs, watching non stop news and getting stupidly stressed. So, you'll be seeing less of me. I have people to worry about here,

"So, you'll be seeing less of me."

Well it was fun while it lasted.

Look after yourself JK.

You too Musey. Mary.

It'll work out.

Take care Mary. Until my strength returns there's little to do besides read books and watch news and venture out for food occasionally. Indiana is now officially locked down, not that it's a good idea to be out much anyway. When the weather cooperates it's good to go out for a walk. Carpenter is an excellent writer.

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