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Sunday, 15 March 2020


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After the way that TNS treated Sir Roger Scruton I would never look at it again - unless they started selling copies to use as toilet paper!

Hmmmn! Can't argue with that, Steve!

I can't read TNS but I did come across this today

I may have a slightly different relationship with Shakespeare as I was sent to school in Scotland at the tender age of 13 for a few years. My Irish nun English and History teacher loved the Bard

Yes, Miss Red, I saw that one in 'The Speccie'. I hope your teachers imbued you with affection for the old scribbler. In my experience, the best way to appreciate him is to act him!

Hey! Back in ol' Will's day, Britain and America were both under the same Crown. We, hereby, lay claim to Will!

Dammit, Sir, you have me on the hip!

The first English settlers in America were in Virginia, were Anglican, not Puritan. By the eighteenth century, there were some rather POSH theaters in Williamsburg. Also, the English spoken in parts of the South retains a good many Elizabethan features. No, Will is not ours, but we do speak his language, and love his plays.

In the Spectator US:
‘What I like about coronavirus’ by Slavoj Žižek. “I think that Europe is so weakened that it will not be able to react in a unified way, and that’s what I mean when I say coronavirus gives a new chance to communism.”


Dear Duffers, Mother Culhane did instill a love for the Bard, and insisted we act out the plays while we studied them. Thus I became a party piece for my parent's dinner parties. LOL

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