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Wednesday, 25 March 2020


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Dems did their "never let a crisis go to waste" routine over the last few days and it was a trashy spectacle to witness. Nancy Pelosi has had her day and seems like she is as mentally disengaged as Joe Biden. Her stunt did not go well, about like her impeachment stunt. Our liberal MSM is spinning like a whirli-gig to cover for her and her partner in this Chuck Shumer. Many people are at home and have seen all this on tv.

Well as of a while ago, mentally unstable Nancy Pelosi called the House to order and then moments later dismissed it with no vote on the Bill. She takes her ball and bat and goes home for the day. America waits on that damnable red liberal whore.

Now, don't hold back, Robert. Tell us how you really feel Heh! BTW, I agree without reservation.

On a happier note, we see that a call for 250000 volunteers to deliver food and supplies and drive people to and from medical appointments, etc was met with 405,000 responses, so far. We're proud of you, cousins! Very well done, indeed. The grandchildren of the Blitz veterans have done their ancestors proud.

Bit of a milestone and comparative combo achieved today.

The worldwide total deaths from C19 since it kicked off - 20,860 - just exceeded the British deaths on the first day of the Battle of the Somme 1st July 2016 - 19,240 ...

The Brits gained 3 square miles of territory.

The battle went on until 18th November 2016.


Good point, SoD, I have been thinking for some time that the whole thing needs perspective.

Michael, I always try to be dignified in my comments but upon reflection it was improper for me to call Mdm Speaker Pelosi a "damnable red liberal whore". I have no evidence the woman is a whore.

SoD, David... I had no idea the Battle of the Somme happened so recently. No wonder you don't reply to emails!

G'day Whitewall.

SoD was just giving it a modern perspective

1916 is so "last century"

Stay healthy my friend

AussieD, you too as cooler weather season will soon be upon you.

I have my socks on today. I'm expecting snow any minute.

Private Duff, 12345678, reporting for duty, sah!!!

Signed up on day 1.

Will try and get some deliveries in after work today.

All Brits should sign up for the C19 tracker app ...


We've been making good use of smart thermometers in medical facilities and drive-through testing lines. They track fever and the effects of lockdowns and have proven a steep decline in fever after "stay in place" orders are enforced.

Governors have been the main drivers in controlling the spread of C19 over here. The federal response has been, of course, chaotic. We'll be seeing some interesting results soon. Some states, like Florida and Mississippi, have governors who view stay in place measures as nothing more than "Big Government" overreach. Louisiana went ahead with Mardi Gras, which packs about a million people together for a week.

Louisiana is now the fastest growing hot spot in the US. If Florida catches up things will be grim, since the state includes so many retirees. On the plus side there will probably be lots of vacation condos available at super cheap prices whenever this blows over. Some people who are incapable of seeing past ideology could be learning some hard lessons.

"Some people who are incapable of seeing past ideology could be learning some hard lessons."

Just maybe not the 'some people' you may have in mind Bob:

I notice Governor Newsome's 'locked down' parking lots, while up in the NE those governors are locking down all manner of who knows what.

Naw'lins and its environs I'd agree has its peculiarities.

Don't know Bob how 'up on medical lingo' you are so whether this'll add anything for you I cannot know - it's penned by a ER MD in Naw'lins:

Prognosis for Louisiana near term? Grim.


Naw'lins hospitals will supposedly be over capacity in about 2 weeks. I can read the TexAgs piece well enough to recognize the symptoms and could add a few. They weren't as bad for me as for a lot of other old farts, though. The worst thing is not knowing if having had the infection gives immunity or not.

CA and NY are taking active measures to prevent the spread. Florida's and other governors are imagining that's communism or some goofy thing, and think doing nothing is better. Not the same. Won't get the same results either.


The link placement implies you meant this for me. How cruel. Boo hoo hoo hoo.

Wanna know something funny? My mail yesterday included a postcard that declared in large print on one side something to the effect of "President Trump's Covid-19 Plan for America". The other side listed the most common things Dr. Anthony Fauci and other experts have been saying. Maybe you've gotten one by now too.

Evidently the White House press shop is trying to gaslight everyone into believing Trump hasn't said all the things he actually has that have had to be cleaned up by Fauci and others. Best of luck to them. It's not like he's going to stop.


Seems to me there's alotta gaslighting attempting going on.

Right. It's the fake news wot dun it.

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