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Thursday, 26 March 2020


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David, I am partial to the nap suggestion.

Checking the back of the eyelids of an afternoon is most therapeutic.

After years of shift work/watch keeping the ability to grab a few Zs at unusual times becomes the norm. Particularly after a good lunch with an appropriate liquid accompaniment.

Aussie D, being a bus conductor in the old days I went for a few beers during the spread over break. I managed to do the second part of the shift but my driver phoned in sick.

G'day Glesga,

Days never to return mate. If you even think of a beer during working hours these days the "powers that be" would be all over you like an infectious rash and you would be socially ostracized and pilloried.

The Christmas ABC anti-DD adverts from your neck of the woods were so frightening when showed over here, Aussie, I think they made one heck of a difference!

Now Mrs Scrobs and I are retired, a quiet snooze after lunch is an activity of choice, tincture or no tincture...

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