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Wednesday, 04 March 2020


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David, if you come back here later today dressed in heels and skirt...we will not accept any suggestion you are a woman. Don't even think about it

The expression “Hearts of Stone” comes to mind when you come across these types of conflicts created by the extremists who end up being sacrificed in the never ending search for the purest form of victim hood.

Do you think for a minute that Miss Todd appreciates Murray’s support?

What happened to the so-called Funnies this week?

Andra, this was the funny
Well, I laughed.

This is a giggle isn't it, gals?! ...

One little joke is the one that goes: If I wear an American Indian or Mexican outfit to a party or black-up and dress as a Rastafarian I am guilty of "cultural appropriation" because I'm a white Anglo-Saxon.

However, if I chop my winky off and graft on a fanny I am merely "identifying as a woman" and not "appropriating femininity".

Boom boom!


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