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Thursday, 19 March 2020


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"a man can die but once..."

True enough. But the trouble is if enough of us decide to die at the same time, it will make that jewel in our crown, the NHS, look a bit tarnished. Then Boris will get blamed for not stockpiling enough respirators and having thousands of nurses sitting idle waiting for an emergency. And then he'll lose his job. So to avert this we need panic-buying and the long-term buggering of the economy.

Genuinely patriotic Tories who are vulnerable should delay their deaths until such time as they aren't politically embarrassing.

You've got a helping hand there, Whyaxye, Mutti's just fired her Panzerschreck! ...

88mm of Rheinmetal and high explosive - right up Covid's arse! Blucher would be proud "Raise high ze black flags my children! No pity! No prisoners! I'll shoot anyone who has pity in him!" - number one "on ze list"! ...

We're all in this one together (but not number 10, no embracing please).


"thousands of nurses sitting idle waiting for an emergency"

I have a post op eye check up tomorrow morning. So they can't all be sitting round idle can they?

Mmm, not bad ...



No, I meant that Boris's critics will blame him for not spending our money creating spare capacity. I'm sure very few nurses are idle!

Good luck with the check-up.

You're right, Whyaxye.

That the NHS is and should be the only desirable death from Covid 19 is beyond doubt and debate. But like Jimmy Savile hiding in plain view in the BBC for 40 years it doesn't mean the Brit peeps will see it even after this revealing crisis.

The cry of "More money for the NHS!" will be the only allowable solution, same as it ever was. More power to the pols. More state. "Like a boot stamping on a human face - forever".

Only after "Blighty's Collapse and Fall 2: The Sequel" will a golden haired Thatcher come riding along again. We might get a helping hand-up from the Germans, South Koreans, Taiwanese, Singaporeans, Chinese, US, and anyone else who's woken up and smelt the coffee and knows how to achieve social justice without state bankruptcy, via their contributions to the IMF.

Same story line as the original in 1976 really.


"Economic armageddon"? Good Lord.
The media/China has stampeded the public all across the West into full blown panic and the public will have their panic and it is no good standing in the way. Human emotion and ability to sustain such a panic only lasts for a while. People wise up afterwards. Politicians must respond to this panic not with reason and facts but by "Doing Something", praise the Lord.

David's Shakespeare quote is a lot more fitting than you yet realize. BoJo was as stupid as our twin of him. By also wasting time with rhetoric, he's set you up for at least the type of calamity we'll be seeing here for possibly the next year and a half.

I got C19 and can assure you it is not the flu. I've never been sick for more than about a week before in my life, and C19 kept me down for over 5 weeks. I'm old, but have kept myself in the best shape I could, which is still better than many. I was also lucky in that I got it soon enough that my doctor could see me and prescribe a treatment that worked.

Our private hospitals are already becoming overwhelmed, and there are serious shortages of equipment. Our private system has also caused many rural hospitals to go out of business because profit margins weren't high enough. My wife knows someone who is probably going to lose an arm because needed surgery has been crowded out by the virus outbreak, and there are probably lots of unknown knock-on effects to come. So yuk it up and curse the NHS while you can. It's not the best system in the world, but it's certainly not the worst. It turns out our profit-driven system isn't even as good as Japan's, Singapore's or South Korea's.

Well done, Bob, you are, in this respect at least, an example to us all!

Speaking of old, where we now live is a senior retirement community. By definition we are all a vulnerable population, especially our nursing care/assisted living building at front campus. This group has been kept in quarantine and no visitors allowed, not even family. We here who volunteer up there and visit there are prohibited. Where my wife and I live back here in the Village is independent living though many among us are in some ways "immune compromised" and they are self quarantined by choice.They have done it before. Our care facility is non profit but our community hospital is part of Novant Health.

Speaking of just North Carolina where I live, none of our private hospitals are over whelmed at this time. Neither are our non profits. Other states may have different results.

Bob, I'm glad you are better and no, C19 is not the flu but it is in a class of influenza and thus the symptoms are much the same and the transmitability-Sp- is more aggressive among vulnerable groups.

Well done Bob, glad you made it! I was wondering why the radio silence. Welcome back!

"my doctor could see me and prescribe a treatment that worked".

What was that treatment? Have you got something over there we don't know about?


SoD, good question which I should have asked. A few weeks ago I read where S. Korea was having luck with combinations of existing drugs in many of the cases.

C19 is a coronavirus, but it's a mutant form not closely related to others. Scientists are worried it might mutate again and return with a vengeance next fall. In my case the thing went right to my lungs, caused a constant, hacking cough, and made breathing difficult. There were also weakness, fairly severe body aches, loss of appetite, and other digestive tract problems. They're the most common symptoms, but not everyone gets them all.

My doctor prescribed a high dose of steroids for 5 days and antibiotics for 10, because she thought I'd developed a bacterial infection caused by lung irritation. She also prescribed an albuterol inhaler to help make breathing easier. She told me some people have to repeat the pill regime up to 3 times for it to help. My advice is to follow all the recommendations. You really don't want a dose.

Glad you pulled through Bob.

But I'm not at all sure your characterizing as "stupid [pols]" is particularly accurate - certainly not when directed at the verymost upper levels (Federal here, post-Brexit any change with HMG?) at any rate the upper levels are a leviathan and bureaucracy (and the media) are not particularly conducive to 'quick turns of the helm.'

Where the media's concerned here's but one example - forced to use a blog-post for the gist because the actual real perpetrator of the fraud has got its "retraction" behind a paywall, conveniently. (Admitting if one does click the WaPo link at least one can read the retraction's headline)

I suspect it's true of us all that we as kids heard first-hand accounts from our sundry relatives of the calamity which was the Spanish Influenza epidemic? As it happens my very own Granpa Galloway's brother just returned from 1919 France met his end within two months of getting his feet back onto Arkansas soil - And as I've no access to any of those documented times at least I can point to a Historian's telling of that tale - See segment #4 'Skip Desjardin's description of that episode in Boston Mass' for a timeless telling of how our leviathans tend to handle these sorts of things:

I would also think it pertinent that all this 'current stuff' arriving as it has during a time of ... political campaigning here; just recently post-Brexit there ... wasn't particularly helpful either. Especially when whatever 'Bad Orange Man' thought might be helpful was met by epithetic [e-pathetic?] accusations of xenophobe! and the as always dependable racist! The irony's not lost that just as Orange Man Bad has done Frau Merkel & Company's done too and suddenly the best the media has come up to respond and describe those very same policies is to immediately drop the xenophobic racist labels down the memory-hole and switch to "prudent."

I see I very much risk going full on way too long here (fully expecting Bob - if he's recovered his *I'm gonna disagree with whatever anybody but myself opines* to a sufficient degree) so I'll skip some and just point to why I think LOCAL[LY] derived advice is more efficacious than anything the Feds (and HMG's) can do for us individuals.

One last bit - this'un, as its dependent on modelling will likely appeal some to the likes of Bob if only partly because Climateers are awful fond of modelling in their own fashion:

Grim reading that but despite mostly all I've tapped out on the topmost it risks being taken by the likes of Bob that my opinion of what's likely to be in our fairly near future is pollyannish - trust me Bob my prognosis for the next couple years is grim with a capital Grim.

Thanks to all for your well wishes.


I looked at the WaPo piece. Usually when there's any kind of retraction or correction there's a note or link at the end of the piece. There's not one there. I just don't believe the blog post. You might not believe in fact checkers, but here you are:

C19 is more closely related to SARS than flu. It's full scientific name is SARS-CoV-2 2019 Novel Coronavirus, or a variation on that. You might remember how nasty SARS was, but it wasn't as easily transmitted and the American and Canadian governments were on top of it fast. They didn't waste time trying to politicize.

You can believe what you like, but can't defend Trump or Johnson on this. Trump has tried to blame everyone but himself for losing control of the situation. He actually made a good move with the Chinese travel ban, but then totally wasted the two months it bought us. History won't be kind. We agree things aren't looking good.

Btw, while eating lunch I saw Trump again trying to happy-talk about potential cures. The doctor that came on right after him explained why he was wrong. Remember when he said about 2 weeks ago we'd have "millions" of tests available any day?

Bob, what does "looked at" mean? I take it it's not the same thing as "I read it"?

Snopes eh ...

It probably just didn't occur to you that I'd already become aware and familiar with its full scientific name?

Just a sidenote Bob but I've done a few things quite recently that until a few weeks ago I'd thought unnecessary - I'm, as of yesterday, completely debt-free and my will has been updated.

Reason I did that stuff (along with a few others - no I didn't buy any more guns) was in the fairly immediate 'ending' of the First Gulf War I accompanied a team (as a consultant to one of the major oilwell firefighting equipment leasing companies) which the task of was to assess what was needing doing after Saddam had lit off all those well platforms - Then some years later the VA placed in my records a note that I'd a non-service connected chemical exposure primarily affecting my pulmonary system. Then, actually quite recently .. mid-2014 to be precise .. that pulmonary condition in combination with a crush injury I'd got in 2002 my VA docs "awarded" me a 100% disability rating. I can drive now so those fifty+ fractures to my lower self isn't so bothersome to me as the decades of deterioration to my pulmonary function definitely is so whenever 'current conditions dictate' I take to figuring out as much as I can - grateful my Dad after his WWII & Korea service attended med school following up with some more military service making quite a number of acquaintances some of whom I was fortunate to 'know' and lived longer than Dad did.

I'm a very lucky fellow but I've always realized one day my luck will surely end.

Just curious Bob but you bothered to look for any major media articles "warning" what was on our horizon previous to Bernie Sanders winning New Hampshire (February 11 I think)?

History Bob has a habit of not turning out so kindly to those in the predictin' business - Florida for instance. Didn't Al Gore have a misfire where Florida was concerned or was it the Marianas chain?

I figure Bob you're sure to come back with, "Damn JK that article is over three years old!"

So ...

I seem to recall Bob us arguing on this here site as also I seem to recall (archives?) and you resorting to Snopes to "prove me in error" - reckon if I was to get into these archives Bob I'll be able to get a hit to a page stating 'Error 404 Page Not Found'?

Wanna bet?

Interesting, Bob.

Albuterol makes sense for the breathing.

Was the antibiotic "azithromycin" by any chance? ...


JK, given your battered condition, my advice is that you take to 'them thar hills' and find Barney Magroo's still! He has gallons and gallons of the very finest, er, 'elixir' that will alleviate your aches and pains - in fact it will probably alleviate everything for 24 hours at a time!

Take care of yourself, my friend, you are a much liked and admired bastion of this blog - no, no, I wrote "bastion" not the other word!

David, I have been confined tae ra hoose because of the virus. I watched a woman and child walking down the street and she had a large batch of shit paper. I recognised the name on the shit paper so I left isolation and walked to the local Farmfoods Store. I purchased some shit paper and returned home observing lots of people carrying shit paper. My much younger wife on returning from work with more shit paper gave me shit for leaving the hoose. I will just stay in and put a dummy tit on the gin bottle. Glad I am still in contact with veterans.


Sorry about your health problems. Stay clear of the virus. You're being kind of defensive so I won't argue.


I don't have the bottle anymore, but I think it was "erythromycin", and it had a second ingredient I can't remember at all. (I wasn't thinking very well for a while.) I did a quick search and found erythromycin is combined with a lot of other antibiotics. The steroid (prednisolone) fights inflammation.

"The steroid (prednisolone) fights inflammation." Amen! It also encourages terrible diarrhea in some people.

G'day All,

Down here in Oz the border has been closed. Being an island continent makes that relatively easy. Ship or plane being the only means of entry helps the travel ban.

SWMBO has a heart condition and her doc has told her that she needs to isolate and so our little patch of OZ is now in lock down. Not really an ordeal as the weather is good and there is plenty to do around the house and garden to keep us occupied.

D&N will become an even more important daily visit.

Glad you are back on line Bob.

Look after yourself JK - ease the sheets and run with the wind mate.

Whitewall, I have used prednisolone liquid steroid since 1981 and it kept me going even in my army service. It has given me complications which can be dealt with however it has given me a longer life than expected. So no complaints.

Thanks AussieD, Bob.

And yeah Bob I was kinda thinking along those lines when I dropped by my pharmacist's gig who'd done me my last most recent loan - don't know I've mentioned that back in June a texting 20-something driver driving, according to the Missouri State Highway Patrol (Troop G, T.M. responding) estimated the impact with me turning into "a legal" associate of Barney's at what we might expect a safe speed and the texter running "in excess of 80" (that's mph rather'n kph for all y'all not familiar)

Anyway that June day I didn't get what I was there to get.

But Sunday last Bob, after properly consulting with my pharmacist pal I did lay in a respectable stock of apricot brandy (Hiram Walker) which, comparing as I'd done with my pharmacist pal whether the 'ol' timey Robitussin had ever, officially, been bested by Hiram's he responding "Not that I've seen" I now have two gallons. [Missouri allowing Sunday Sales] &, just testing of course, Hiram's seems to be far more soothing than Barney's - don't let on I said so.

Aye AussieD I am and will and always - according to my abilities - will proffer you following winds. As I say I'm a very lucky fellow and witnessed some not so 'grateful for what I've got' I know that too but my plan is to stick around mainly despairing Bob and occasionally David as opportunities present.

All's well my mates. And, though there's may happed some overlooked ya ought me'n Glesga Jimmy's Scots - and we Scots don't share shit unless there's advantage to it.

And besides - there's this sea-slicing red-haired fortyish looking wench bearing a pair I've only at this point spyglassed I'd like to, as a navel expert, inspect her anchor moored properly bollarded and I expect that might take awhile.

Jimmy that's good to know. It nearly ruined my wife recently. She is well now just in time it seems.

"There's this sea-slicing red-haired fortyish looking wench bearing a pair I've only at this point spyglassed I'd like to, as a navel expert, inspect her anchor moored properly bollarded and I expect that might take awhile."

Oi, JK, I do the wench-appreciation one-liners round here (long-legged, pert-breasted, high-cheek-boned, inky-blinky darlinkies).

But if you could see to sending me a couple of piccies - purely to validate the merit of your observations of course - I might consider adding you to the committee.


Survived my post-op eye inspection. Hospital was near deserted, didn't have to park in the overflow car park.

Personally, I am of the opinion that Western medicine and medical technology will mitigate and then overcome this outbreak. The difficult part will be obliging the Chinese to clean up their act.

Glad you got your eyes sorted BOE!

I had a torn retina back in November which had to get sorted PDFQ, so I feel your pain. I'm very with you on eyes being scary. And then I had to have an emergency penis reduction (as I like to refer to it, in fact a circumcision - sadly no Bar Mitzvah to celebrate!), probably the only thing scarier! Thank Gawd I got that all sorted before the lurgy kicked off.

Not too sure about the Western medicine and medical technology sorting it out. As much medical operational process coming the other might be a more holistic solution.

Another argument for globalisation.


BoE, congrats. My wife just completed the same thing.
"The difficult part will be obliging the Chinese to clean up their act." China is in overdrive trying to "save face" for the Communist Part and Xi. They are now trying to buy off some friends. This Chinese Virus will cause a rethink of all this globalism.


I forgot to list fever above. When symptoms began I had a low fever for a few days that turned into a high one for 1 day then burned itself out.


My wife kind of remembered what I was taking. Searching found it was actually Amoxicillin-Pot Clavulanate. It's only good for bacterial infection. I'm under the impression my doctor was making it up on the fly and treated me as if I had a really bad cold. Using malaria drugs for C19 treatment is controversial at this point. There are contradicting studies.


An apricot brandy and Robitussin cocktail might be just the thing.


"This Chinese Virus will cause a rethink of all this globalism."

There should be a rethink of what items are important to make locally in the name of national security.

Bob, indeed. JK's favorite Senator Tom Cotton and others are introducing legislation to that effect right now. I am impressed by young Senator Cotton. He laid it bare last night about trusting communists. I could not have said it better.

Whitewall, hope your wife gets well. I thought I was for the knacker yard when I became unwell during 1980 however when my condition was diagnosed and the treatment kicked in then it was a new life ahead.

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