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Saturday, 28 March 2020


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I believe the German word for "sucker" is Merkel with the French word being "Macron..

...The signal is clear: When things get serious, every member state still looks out for itself first — even 60 years after the founding of the community." Normal human behavior.

The Spanish pm just gave an update on the not so good situation with respect to the Wuhan flu. It was a blood, sweat and tears combo with an appeal to Brussels on the side. Previous appeals have fallen on deaf ears, so...

Just like the US and any other federal or confederal system then.

You spent the last few years telling us the EU was a super-state hegemony trashing states' rights and crushing nationalism, and now you're saying it's nothing of the sort : in fact the nation states run the roost. Totally inconsistent!

If the EU has been shown to be a treaty organisation that leaves the nation states to their own devices and has a clear leave mechanism, that clearly demonstrates it's not a sovereignty threat. All your previous complaints were falsies and are now null and void!

So why not rejoin now that it's clear the nation states are the boss?!

It always was obvious that the nation states were and are the boss because the EU executive comprises the elected leaders of the nation states!

Do you finally get that now?


And from a practicality point of view the closing of borders by the EU nation states is exactly what is required to combat the virus.

Any nation state worth its salt is trying to do the same thing, like Blighty trying to stop people travelling to the countryside, Scotland, second homes, etc. But due to the centralised nature of Blighty and the nation states, they're failing because the counties are not devolved enough to implement their own restrictions.

The Confederate nature of the EU has shown its greatest fitness for purpose in sealing it's sub-compartments more effectively than any nation state. Like an ocean liner holed beneath the surface: the in-rush of water only effects one compartment, and thereby, contrary to your scarcely consealed delight and wishes, the whole vessel doesn't sink.


I suspect the pushback against China will be epic. Having proved to the world that they will tell lies which are bound to be found out, who will trust them on anything important?
That's their 5G contract gone for starters.

According to news reports, China and their "we beat the virus we started" campaign, has shipped faulty test kits to Chech Republic, Italy and Spain. The Chinese government is Communist after all. Communists lie out of necessity. That is normal behavior.

Jeremy Warner finally nails it too ...

The economic costs of the pandemic would have been far less severe if we had been able to contain it at an earlier stage, as notably some Asian economies have managed. Both South Korea and Singapore were early hotspots for the disease outside China, but have since been far more successful at restricting its progress. This is partly explained by prior experience of Sars and Swine flu, which hit these economies hard but largely bypassed the West. Forewarned, they already had in place extensive testing capacity, the key to understanding the spread of the disease. Another advantage is a socially compliant mindset which is more willing to trade privacy for the protections of a supposedly benign state than we are in the West. Infections can consequently be much more effectively tracked using surveillance technology, and quarantined appropriately.


Loz, the movement of people between England and Scotland can be controlled without devolution. The UK as a whole can lock down. The Scottish Gov has gone along with the advise of the Chief Medical Officer. Saving lives is more important than political opportunity. Hopefully once we leave the EU free movement will be severely curtailed. The Virus was well on its way worldwide before it was discovered. China has a large travelling middle class now so once the first cough and touch happened on a plane the game was a bogey.

Jimmy, a Confederate Blighty would be a great constitutional model for Brexit Blighty.

The federal state does defence, foreign policy, UK single market, and runs the federal currency - British pounds.

Each sub-state runs it's own tax and spend and can choose to run its own currency either instead of or as well as Brit pounds, like Scottish groats or whatever. When running with Brit pounds a sub-state must adhere to the fiscal rules stipulated by the federal state regarding the debt issuance underpinning Brit pounds. When running its own currency the sub-state can do what it likes with debt denominated in its own currency.

The sub-states compete on tax and spend, the four freedoms (goods, service, capital and labour), and running their own currencies (if they choose to run them), but have to adhere to shared rules if they adopt Brit pounds.

That way each state carries the can for its own mistakes and reaps the rewards for its successes because the global market will rate their debt, attractiveness to the four freedoms, and currency accordingly.

A sub-state that was hybrid with both a sub-state currency and Brit pounds could issue debt in both. But the constitution would stipulate that Brit pounds debt be ring-fenced as the top creditor in the case of any sub-state bankruptcy.

Be a nice little earner for all of us with just about every safety valve and escape route known to man since before and after the age of Enlightenment.

Oh, that reminds me, heard an absolute corker the other day ...

The Age of Endarkenment.

Goddamn it, what a beaut, I wish I'd thought of that one!


Loz, I thought 1933 was the age of the Endarkenment.


A small correction... Macron is French for vagina.

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