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Sunday, 22 March 2020


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Well let's get back to Brexit then ...

Migrant workers could be flown into the UK on specially chartered flights to help with picking as fresh produce amid fears of labour shortages as the coronavirus epidemic takes hold.

Producers are understood to be considering the possibility of flying workers in from countries such as Romania and Bulgaria.

Nick Marston, chairman of British Summer Fruits, told The Grocer: “There are serious concerns about labour availability. Government support will be critical. There’s a live discussion about facilitating the movement of people on dedicated flights among other routes of transport.

“We also need the government to give us clarity on whether workers we have already recruited from overseas can travel to the UK to work.”

Bloody foreigners - eh Country-Bumpkins? - come 'ere stealing all our jobs!

Socialism in Blighty has shortages and misallocation of labour already - so soon Comrades, excellent! Try starving half the nation to death and see if you can beat the Rooskies' record!

Socialist or National Socialist, y're all the same to me, Bob!


David, to help break the group speak about this virus, it is helpful to call it what it is- China Virus. So far that is socially unacceptable and contrary to the ongoing media induced panic. Free peoples will only panic for so long.

Why on earth would we fly in migrants to pick strawberries? We are generating lots and lots of unemployed workers.

I like to call it Chinese Bat Flu. Let the Chinese explain why this isn't accurate.

A mate just pinged this from the heart of the "omg wtf just happened!" city financier world ...

After C19 there'll be plenty of other things to talk about, it's just they'll be equally as boring as C19 because we heard 'em all before 1945-79. And one side lost the arguments then and they'll lose them again now!


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