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Thursday, 05 March 2020


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So much, I hope, for all that fuss about money in politics.

Gawrrrd it woulda been fun!

Maybe it will still be.

It's all good.

Well done, JK, you're back with a bang - and we're all delighted!

Thank you very much for " which thank the Lord I'm not sir. "
A long, long time since I heard and sang lustily those touching words.
Happy days and good companions.

Speaking of those two Old Codgers: a cartoon,

Whitewall, excellent cartoons. Hope you are well.

Thanks Jimmy. We are better.

My take is that viable Dem candidates have recognised that they have no chance this year, and are sitting it out hoping for a better chance in 2024.
The whole strategy seems designed to appeal to the core vote, which is too small to actually win, but which needs to be preserved for the future.

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