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Thursday, 19 March 2020


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We may be so poor that we don't notice the commissars.

Bull's eye, at last, Gaffer.

Should've bought into the metaphorical ventilator when I was tellin' ya over the last 3 years: something to stop the irrevocable spread of Westminster's "take back control" which has now been handed to them on a plate. With no obligation to return to single market rules and regs when the storm has passed the storm will never pass.

After WWII Blighty didn't cease its collectivist war economy until 1979. The Marshal Plan and North Sea gas and oil, flattered to deceive that socialism, blue, yellow, and red, was functional. The "magic money tree" appeared as though a forest.

But n'er mind, we're all in this together now. The struggle against the authoritarians in the coming decades as they turn Blighty into the Venezuela of Europe - which will carry off as many as C19, as Jeremy Warner points out - is just beginning ...

But even he sees the solution as just more spend on the NHS! Dearie me.

But he's right about one thing: this time round there is no "magic money tree", no US or black gold to flatter to deceive. The savvy markets of the modern globalised world, with flush new players like China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore, won't touch Blighty's state debt with a barge pole. So the BOE will have to lift the effing lot onto its balance sheet, and inflation will be rampant. The 29% Blighty recorded in the 1970's will come more quickly this time round.

And thence the golden haired Thatcher.


Blimey, even the Beeb admits turning Blighty into Venezuela might cost more lives that it saves from C19 ...

What else has not been done is a proper assessment of the economic and social costs of the measures taken, which themselves will put lives and health at risk.

As we get deeper into this crisis, we will need much greater intelligence on just how many lives are truly being saved, and compare that to the wider cost to society, so the government and the public can weigh up the best course of action.

At that point, enter the golden haired Thatcher stage right, I guess.


The State, says Lenin, will wither away at the highest stage of Communism, when "there will be need for any exact calculation by Society of the quantity of products to be distributed to each of its member; each will take freely according to his needs." "But it has never entered the head of any Socialist 'to promise' that the highest phase of Communism will actually arrive. ... As long as it has not arrived the socialists demand the strictest control, by Society and by the State, of the quantity of labor and the quantity of consumption."

So says VI Lenin! Bloody right mate, the socialist state won't either away and die thought it should - so says the Gaffer and Son also!

Singing off the same hymn sheet for a change (fades to strains of Auld Lang Syne, "Should auld acquittance be forgot ...)!


The precondition for disappearance of the State is, then, an abundance which the world has not even up to this time experienced. Because of the real anarchy of production under a world Socialist regime, resulting from the impossibility of economic calculation, this precondition can never be realized. On the contrary. Each year will see increased want and misery. The most colossal State in history will be necessary to suppress the starving masses, constantly on the point of crime or revolt. No one will care that now the State is, at least, no longer the tool of the capitalist class.

Enter golden haired Thatcher stage right, etc. etc. ...


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