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Tuesday, 03 March 2020


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I'm a little bit French. Mostly Anglo- Irish but even further tainted. with a bit of Gaul. Emmanuel Macron is a very clever guy. I watched him addressing an audience in Sydney which was about celebrating the efforts of Australian soldiers in defending a very particular area of France. He made Malcolm Turnbull look like a fool, such was the depth and reach of his speech, delivered in English.

If it comes down to Boris versus Emmanuel, I'm backing Emmanuel every time. He's a genius. Boris is a chancer.

A high tax and spend Blighty outside of the single market and behind tariff and friction barriers is exactly what France and the EU want.

A hefty tariff take at the border for Brit goods and services entering the EU will make up for the loss of Blighty's membership contribution.

A decline and fall pathway with final broken state profile for Blighty - the Venezuela of Europe - would suit France / EU nicely too pour decourager les autres from leaving the EU.

The last thing France / EU want now is Blighty in the single market or Singapore-on-Thames competing their arses off.

And Blighty isn't going to give them either of those options.

So all's well that ends well for them.


Raedwald's take is that France is hoping to extract favours from the rest of the EU in return for agreeing to a deal.
I would suggest that either tying us in to EU regulations or getting favours from the EU would be in France's interests

The Brussels "piffleocracy" have been listening to the wrong Brits? Well, isn't that the nature of all elitist organizations? Only their own kind will do.

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