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Saturday, 21 March 2020


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The Tippling Philosopher is closed? Now by God that is one step too far! From time to time I check that link just to take a look see.

Now there's the David we all know and love, with his English stoic and mad sense of humor. Well done. I'd suggest that if you can get SoD to stop accusing people of being Nazis for a few hours, you have him go to the store for you. He is still youngish. Failing that, you might look into home delivery.

I'll David, in the spirit of bruvverhood of course, hoist my first pints of the day with you to mind - currently I've probably got about eight gallons (in pint bottles) shelved and the next ten on the bubble so I reckon we're good for maybe the next two months. Unless I ration myself which I will not promise.

Today's my birfday incidentally, so y'alls will ave me to mind with y'alls first of this fine day?

Bob, Loz is a strange character, he attacks Nazis and supports the EU! In these difficult times the owner of a pub and venue sent a message to his usual users last night. They all left drunk free of charge. You will not be surprised that this being in Scotland is very unusual. Unfortunately I am locked up and could not attend.

JK, Happy birthday! I take it you are aging gracefully? Or disgracefully?

Many happy returns JK. And many more to come.

Aaah, JK, take care and enjoy this day and all the rest of the days.


SoD was right this is like H G Wells' The War of the Worlds, though. The common enemy can even make Scots give away booze. I'm stocked up on rye myself, and will also raise a glass to JK even though he's determined to be a pain in my ass.

Many happy returns, JK!

Here's the best all-round analysis I've seen do far. Clinical ...

The West is about to have its Dunkirk moment. China and South East Asia have had their El Alamein / Stalingrad moments.

Long term we all need an app on our phones that tracks our whereabouts and matches it to the whereabouts of known infected people going back 2 weeks. Any day you might get a message "You were in the news agents last Saturday morning and Mrs Smith was in there to, she has C19, so you need to self-isolate for 2 weeks." Like jury service, it's a duty that will crop up during your life from time to time.

The privacy issue, Big Brother and all that, is massive of course. But it's that or 2 million dead and more with on-going with mutations.


G'day JK.

A happy birthday to you. That deserves finding a main brace to splice so I'll face 068 [True] and raise a glass or several to your continued good health.

For the uninitiated 68 deg [True] is East North East and the approximate Great Circle bearing from where I am in Oz to Arkansas.

Duffers the pubs here are also closing but as SWMBO and I are confined to barracks that is of little consequence to me. The fridge and wine cupboard are well stocked.

Stay well Duffers your followers need you.

JK, many, many Happy Returns on this auspicious occasion! I'm amazed that your forgetful President failed to mark the occasion with a ceremonial cannonade at the White House or better still, a truly 'yuuuuuuuuuge' piss up! Too late for me tonight but tomorrow a glass will be raised in, more or less, the direction of Arkansas.


A happy day and many more!


Mail order home-made hooch is the answer to all this!

We've got about ten gallons of white, nine of red and five of 18% in 'the office', which should last us a short while...

If anyone wants to know where we buy it from, email David as he has my address! They deliver it to your front door (shut now of course)...

The best one surprisingly, is Liebfraumilch, which is nothing like the original, just a whole load better, and it takes about 14 days to the first scoop...

T'anks All & Everyone of Us.

I do appreciate.

(As for 'your pain' Bob I'd preferred you used 'figuratively' some'eres but now I'm passed I'll accept your referring to me as your kidney stone).

Lord knows I enjoy the hell out of D&N.

Uhmm ... David?

"I'm amazed that your forgetful President failed to mark the occasion with a ceremonial cannonade at the White House or better still, a truly 'yuuuuuuuuuge' piss up!"

I'm supposing I forgot to ask President Trump to include you on the 'celebratory stuff' (at least) he sends me - Special Delivery?

Sorry about that David. Trump's been occupied with some other mostly piddling stuff but as he put in this, his video addressed to me as I'd been on Melania's calendar (her personal 'to do' not her 'wish to') it got put in the mail early.

Which was fine by me as I was expecting the Postal Service to be overwhelmed by all the "Best Wishes" addressed to me anyway.

Great link SoD thanks.

Stay well people.

We're in full lock down as of today.

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