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Tuesday, 07 April 2020


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There is a significant challenge arising from the crushing defeat suffered by Labour last year. Their pool of "talent" is now so small that they are probably incapable of forming an effective opposition. Their leader is an automated dullard, their deputy left school with more kids than qualifications, and the ranks are full of nonentities and tarnished desperadoes.

Some idiots are calling for a government of national unity, but I can't see a single Labour member who would add value in such a project.

Harsh, 'W', but, alas, true!

Old but still true: The only parties left anywhere are the Evil Party and the Stupid Party.

Thought for the day: -

If the Labour party had won the last election and Jeremy Corbyn had gone down with coronavirus instead of Boris, then Diane Abbott would be leading the country right now.

There's a little wet patch in the corner of my bedroom where I knelt to pray last night when that thought suddenly crossed what passes for my mind. And I wasn't laughing.


Loz, remember that old saying that if a monkey was a Labour candidate then it win. In the case of Abbot you would be called a racist but still the truth nonetheless. She could never count the dead only her bank balance.

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