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Thursday, 09 April 2020


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Well from Asia to Europe to North America the global power brokers have just learned that with the right "thing to fear" of the moment be it virus or climate or whatever, with the help of sympathetic media, free people can be sold "modeling" of the most severe nature and they will submit their good sense and liberties to these unelected (sometimes)experts and non experts. Fear sells. The outcomes of this pandemic won't match the dire models of a few weeks ago.

If you lump in a bad actor like China with these powerful people and institutions, there will be more opportunities to control mass populations to the benefit of the powerful at the expense of freedom. That is what we have done.

The only "modeling" a free people have been sold recently is an affable facade to a monstrous control freak ...

In a sign of Downing Street's continued desire to assert authority in Mr Johnson's absence, The Telegraph has learned that MPs have been instructed not to give TV or radio interviews without prior approval. According to one MP, "the message went out that if you didn't tell Number 10 then they would find out. It all fits a pattern – it's control, control, control".

At least in Europe there is discourse, debate, rows even, all the hallmarks of a functioning balance of power and decentralisation.

In Blighty there is just a tyrant. A tyrant who has duped the people so badly they applaud him and wish him speedy recovery, as he leads them into endarkenment and slaughters them in the tens of thousands.

Everything his power has done has been a negligence with a attached death toll ...

- One week "herd immunity" lockdown delay
- Lack of protective equipment for frontline workers
- Lack of testing
- Lack of contact tracking
- Belief that masks don't help

That's a 0 out of 5 on every main issue. A 100% epic fail.

Is this man deliberately trying to destroy us?


The Swedish "steep curve" case rate looks ominous ...

So much for Tim Stanley's "herd immunity" endorsements.

This is the same "steep curve" that Blighty's government and NHS officials have brought upon us with their parallel negligence, which when analysed points to Blighty ending up with the worst death rate in the world when the crisis plays out ...

When hitting an iceberg an ocean liner without multiple sealable compartments will sink quickly for sure. It is effectively one compartment in control of the whole destiny of the ocean liner.

A sealable multi-compartment vessel on the other hand stands a greater chance of survival, or if it does sink will sink slower giving passengers a greater chance of survival in life rafts. Individual compartments might fail and flood out, but the whole will survive.

That's how individualism and confederacy work, ironically, to protect the whole as much as the individuals and states: The fit and smart survive and carry the weak and feckless with them.


Here's an interesting one ...

Has coronavirus evolved to deprive the host of oxygen without suffocating the host to death? This is a self-interest step for C19 not an altruistic one of course: it doesn't pay for C19 to kill the host because that would also kill C19.

It's rather similar to how socialism with a state planned economy evolved to social democracy with a mixed economy. It didn't pay for socialism to kill the market Libertarian host completely, a la Soviet Union and Ost Bloc. Rather the market Libertarian sector should be kept going to fund and fuel the state, as Lenin himself did with his "New Economic Policy" only a decade after his socialist revolution began and started to fail. If it wasn't for him croaking and Stalin taking over the Rooskies' might have had a century of social democracy and mixed economics behind them today.

The genetic virus in humanity that is the pol gene has evolved to dodge it's prior failures of killing the hosts, and now co-exists with the hosts in the form of social democracy and the mixed economy. Occasional flare-ups take a host down now and then - Venezuela and North Korea, for example.

But isn't it time we moved on from co-existing with this killer, albeit more benign than it once was, and develop and deploy a vaccine?


Hey Bob ...

New CNN reporting on Thursday found multiple errors in the government testing system that squandered a critical month during which aggressive testing may have reduced the speed and scale of the pandemic as it took root on US soil. The administration failed to make early use of private labs, released a flawed test it took weeks to correct, and barred private labs from making their own tests.

No need to quote out from this second article. The whole thing is one big quote ...

You see how socialism is already embedded in deep state America?

Doing its thing: Slaughtering Americans by not opening up the state and sub-contracting out the work to the private, academic, and charity sectors of the healthcare industry.

As the football chant goes on the terraces when the other team screws up: "Are you the NHS in disguise?"

And you need to thank your lucky stars Bernie Sanders has gone the way of Jeremy Corbyn.


Long, technical and verrry intarresting:

Is the Gaffer the kiss of death for his own arguments or what?! ...

As soon as he predicts doom, gloom, and despondency for the EU due to lack of collective action, within hours the EU fires it's solidarity bazooka!

A measured, careful, cautious, non-prejudicial step to keep the states' feet to the fire of competence and self-reliance, while steadying the ship. Like opening the air tight compartments a little in the ocean liner to drain some of the water from the flooded compartments to straighten the ship up, while maintaining the prime responsibility on each compartment to pump out its own bilge.

Nice one, keep up the commentary Gaffer!


That, Jannie, is dynamite. I've been watching it too.

Bob, you and your mob have fallen for a Don ambush again, haven't you?! He's been carefully reading the nitty-gritty and expounding Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromicin without elaborating on the nitty-gritty itself so as to deliberately get the MSM and Dems to berate him. And as the news changes to extol the virtues of Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromicin and the nitty-gritty comes out, you'll look like the bunch of chumps you are for, I can't even remember how many times now, the nth time.

Now Bob you know why I was quizzing you on the particular antibiotics and anything else they gave you. Your Muppet doctor gave you the wrong stuff. You'd have done better with the treatment plan proposed by the Don - a layman with a brain!

My advice to you and your ilk Bob: Every time you feel the urge to berate the Don for what appears to be a dumb-arse position, STOP. Pause. Think: This is almost certainly a trap. Don't even have to know how or why, it just is. Step back and let this guy guide your country through this and the fallout, and acknowledge you and your ilk are broken. Your criticisms actually strengthen him through his genius entrapment schemes, so best STFU. Your turn will come again when he croaks.

And on that subject, for the sake of America the Don deserves to be in charge until he croaks if he wants it, fuck the constitution ...

"What's good for the Vlad, is good for the Don."


Glug, glug, Bob!



You're finally starting to realize that it's either Ingsoc or monarchy for you. The Levellers will beat the throne every time. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

The administration failed in so many ways it would take my whole morning to link them all. I'll just point out the most significant fail was probably here:

Trump famously doesn't trust the Intel community. He's still sulking over their pointing out his buddy Vlad gave him a boost. He also has wide powers to suspend red tape in emergencies, of which he didn't take advantage in a timely manner. For example, he can allow private industry to develop and deploy test kits from outside the CDC and force production of PPE, which he has reluctantly gotten around to at least two months too late. To be fair, it would have distracted him from blaming the WHO, Chinese, Democrats, governors, doctors, media, and so forth and so on forever and ever amen.


While hydroxychloroquine probably lessens viral load, it's not been proven to safely improve patients' conditions. Trump is using it as another distraction, and you fell for it.

Hmmm SoD?

Looking at your linked (10 April 2020 at 08:33) Guardian "modelling" gives me to think perhaps they got some of those retired IPCC-types out of the climate business and put 'em into the medico modelling business.

Wasn't it just a bare month ago the modellers were predicting rather than the 66,000 Covid-19 deaths they're predicting now was instead predicted to be 510,000 (2.2 million in the US)?

Oh and Bob?

"While hydroxychloroquine probably lessens viral load, it's not been proven to safely improve patients' conditions."

You're not beginning a bit of equivocating now 'ere you? Not like you at'all to be less than totally cocksure all the distance from points A to Z. Don't want to tarnish your reputation around these parts d'ye?

Oh and Bob, "Trump famously doesn't trust the Intel community."

But you do?

Familiar with the 911 Commission Report? The USS Cole Report? The East Africa Embassies Report?


Your question was for SoD, but I have some experience with statistical modeling and can tell you the quality of the output is only as good as the input. All models rely on assumptions to some extent. While they usually have value for general predictions, like anything else in science they're always subject to change. The same goes for hydroxychloroquine studies. I'm not the one making assertions. Your Dear Leader is.

Another thing: I'm kind of surprised all you Navy guys haven't had anything to say about this:

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