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Friday, 17 April 2020


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Instead of watching the film again, try watching the series ...

Really good. Has that dry, sardonic humour targeted at both the fuckwittery of the criminal classes and the incompetence and twisted "self-interest trumps duty" characteristic of authoritarianism as embodied by the cops.

You need to pull your finger out Gaffer and get your head around the Netflix/Amazon/NowTV do-flicker-thingy!

You and the Little Memsahib moan about there being nothing on the TV, and everytime I tell you "TV doesn't exist any more, it's all moved on to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and NowTV" and you don't do anything about it. I even set your Amazon Prime account up for you but you didn't follow through.


Speaking of technology, this is good news:

I can't think of a Coen Brothers film I don't like, but my favorite is The Hudsucker Proxy. It's not violent, but is possibly their most satirically and visually interesting. Paul Newman, Jennifer Liegh and Tim Robbins give memorable performances.

Listen to SoD. Streaming isn't that different from broadcast, with the advantage it's not time dependent. Get a Roku stick and you can watch thousands of movies whenever you like for free, assuming your region gets the same kind of service mine does.

If you like that sort of quirky humor, check out "The Patriot" and "Perpetual Grace," both of which have outstanding American, British, Australian, and New Zealander casts and some brilliant writing and direction. Well worth the stay-at-home time.

Thanks to you all for your tips.

SoD, yes, I remember you lecturing me about all those 'whizzy-do' networks but I can't quite remember which buttons to press and I just know that whichever one I do press will wipe out my entire TV activity. Also, with this damned lockdown, our local TV experts has closed his shop! Never mind, it will all end sooner or later!

Also, I have lots of books to read!

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