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Thursday, 23 April 2020


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Well the Speccie did well to steer clear of this douche ...

You don't need to get inside the paywall and read it (I haven't bothered, same old "doom loops" dirge we've been hearing for a decade, no doubt), you can deduce everything from the title: -

Europe faces its moment of truth: one more mistake and it risks losing both Italy and the euro

So what that is saying is: Not only have the Euros slipped the noose - "... one more mistake and ..." - well, if you have to make one more mistake then you've survived this one, right?

But then he goes on to say: "... it risks losing both Italy and the euro" - well, that means even the next mistake might not be fatal either, only risky!

AEP is such an ingrained cry-wolfer that he's even doing some future cry-wolfing before its even happened!

Why does the DT stick with this guy?

Others are acknowledging the EU has survived C19 too, that Mutti and the North will roll over France and Club Med yet again, here's Forbes (no paywall on this one) ...

But there's a one-liner at the end for y'all to lift your spirits ...

As one investor said to me recently on the subject of EU’s relief disputes, “at this point, the Brits are going to all look back and say ‘thank God we are out’.”

Aaaah, bless.

But do you think the "investor" is thanking God that Blighty won't have to bail out France, Italy and Club Med? Or that Blighty won't have to endure the humiliation of externally imposed austerity in exchange for being bailed-out herself by Mutti and the North!?



Can the Spectator remain profitable with so few people earning a living now?

Now you Brits really need to cut this out!

Some nerve!

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