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Tuesday, 21 April 2020


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"and about time too, I'm sure I hear you mutter!"

Nah, you probably hear cracking neck bones from nodding agreement....

Truly, a great lady!

I'm glad we don't have a queen in the USA. At the same time, I'm glad that you do. Your Queen is a fine woman and a fitting monarch. Good luck on your knighthood. Any day now, right?

Happy Birthday to Her Maj. As an American of the sort who does not read the tabs in the supermarket checkout line, and therefore knows nothing and cares even less about the doings of Slebs, the Royals are of very little interest to me. However, Elizabeth has always seemed like the sort of lady who'd live next door or across the street, and I'd take her a pie or something when we baked an extra one. She'd also be full of advice about my animals, and she has an impish sense of humour, according to everyone I have ever known who had anything to do with her. (This was a quality she seems to have shared with her late father. ) So, long may she wave!I have a very good friend in our church who is a few months younger than Liz, and I wish both of them long life and continued good health. It will all be just fine, Ma'am, just don't inhale.

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