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Wednesday, 01 April 2020


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"Where was God when we needed Him?"
My guess is watching stupid short sighted men. As always. That's how history takes place.

WWI was completely intertwined with the last great pandemic:

"The war brought the virus back into the US for the second wave of the epidemic. It first arrived in Boston in September of 1918 through the port busy with war shipments of machinery and supplies. The war also enabled the virus to spread and diffuse. Men across the nation were mobilizing to join the military and the cause. As they came together, they brought the virus with them and to those they contacted. The virus killed almost 200,00 in October of 1918 alone. In November 11 of 1918 the end of the war enabled a resurgence. As people celebrated Armistice Day with parades and large partiess, a complete disaster from the public health standpoint, a rebirth of the epidemic occurred in some cities. The flu that winter was beyond imagination as millions were infected and thousands died. Just as the war had effected the course of influenza, influenza affected the war. Entire fleets were ill with the disease and men on the front were too sick to fight. The flu was devastating to both sides, killing more men than their own weapons could."

God was probably wondering why he bothered with the Great Flood.

"Where was God?" Maintaining a safe distance of at least six feet . . .

Bit like Brexit then really: They knew it would be a disaster but went ahead and did it anyway, and similarly: not one Big Hitler to blame but rather lots of little ones.

Probably the same folks who still think the sun shines out of HMG and the NHS in spite of this ...

There's too much in there to copy paste for those outside the paywall, but you know it all by now anyway.

Someone's got to say the emperor's got no clothes and call out the Jimmy Saville hiding in plain view.


All the headlines today screaming rage and anger at Public Health England and the NHS: shambolic, chaotic, fiasco, disaster.

Just listened to some professorial greasy pole climber and official dickwad trying to explain why his pathetic organisation has only managed to test 2,000 staff out of 500,000 in the NHS when the private and charity sector laboratories are standing ready with 10's of thousands of testing throughput.

Central planning. 5 year plans. Bullshitters telling us the tractor factory output is ten times higher than it is. And the people clapping every Thursday at 8pm.

When will they ever learn?


Sherelle Jacobs gets one right, lands one on me, and dashes all our hopes for the "Spitfire app" ...

The contact tracking app blueprint is not to be made public for competing IT businesses to develop but locked in to the NHS IT department ...

On top of this, a curiosity: our state, it seems, has more concern for our virtual liberties than our physical liberties. The Government rushed through emergency powers to keep us at home, but it hasn’t rushed through legislation allowing tech companies to handle our data in new ways for emergency tracing measures without penalty. Instead it has opted to build a clunky, voluntary public-sector app.

The reason for this paradox is simple: the nanny state aspires to both curtail our freedoms and pose as the only entity that can protect those freedoms from powerful rivals. Even in a moment of crisis, it cannot suppress these grasping instincts. Misgivings about online surveillance aside, many would prefer to give Google greater data access with sunset clauses than sit at home watching the economy crash. Such a view is, however, difficult for politicians who love to dress up big state 2.0 in moralising discourses about the internet’s dark forces.

"A clunky, voluntary public-sector app". No Spitfire then. Rather the flying equivalent of a Skoda, Lada, and Trabant cut-and-shut into one. We are truly fucked now. In my joy at seeing reason coming round the corner I lowered my guard and let that one through.

When will I ever learn?


There is a letter in the Telegraph this morning from the Chinese ambassador in London. He says the "Current Great Leader" has the Chinese BatFlu situation sorted. So that's alright then. Strangely he doesn't mention the cat in Hong Kong that has the virus.

The great globalism bill has come due. The world suffers and China thinks it is the savior. Sadly some Western media are publishing China talking points.

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