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Thursday, 02 April 2020


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The other question is - would Corbyn have done better? That one certainly sends a chill down the old spine.

For whatever it's worth he's not getting good press over here. Some outlets treat him as a bit of comic relief, in a gallows humor sort of way.

... my certain knowledge that whomsoever was in charge of national affairs at this tricky moment would probably not be much better or much worse.

You mean like South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Germany where they are an order of magnitude better?

Why don't you care that those countries are leagues ahead of DomBo, Sir Humphrey, and the "Weirdos and misfits"?

Why do you always excuse Blighty's abusers and negligent pols like they can do no wrong or there's no wrong they can do that you won't waive?

Or maybe you're trying to say you wouldn't expect Blighty's pol crop to fair any better and compete with the Jerries and Tiger Economy pols because the Brit gene pool and culture pond are just congenitally and / or by nurture effing useless?

Or maybe there's a third possibility? What the Jerries call "System, system, system!"

It's really quite extraordinary.


Bob, while that might be true, too many outlets here are giving China much undeserved positive press.

Even your mate Nige disagrees with you, he can see and smell the stench of failure and that a deaf dumb and blind man with no sense of smell could do better ...

So many things I said weeks ago, nay, years ago as soon as the Brexit imbroglio landed, are coming to fruition. The systemic incompetence of power in Blighty, that so desperately needed a helping hand it had to outsource itself to Brussels, just kicked away it's own prop. The inveterate incompetence manifested itself even in the negotiations to leave the EU. And then the race to the bottom of Marxist offerings that was the election, where the candidates' sole policy was to out spend the other, took over.

The one thing going for coronavirus is at least it will collapse Blighty quickly and not as lingeringly as might have been the case without it. Although not by much time difference.

The downside of coronavirus is that pols will try to blame it on coronavirus and not their own utter fecklessness, and dumb citizens will go with it. Taking a bit longer to fail but having no excuses might have been better in the long term.

But then again, pols will always find excuses and for some reason Brits are obedient dummies and absolve them.

Or at least some do, eh Gaffer?


And as if by magic, the see you next Tuesday of all see you next Tuesday's rocks up and sets out his stall ...

His advice: Do better lying.

He says tell the truth and explain the plan. There is no truth they know or plan to tell, so how can they? The system is so broken by design and failed in practice it can't provide these things. The only option is to make the numbers up and fake the plan, like the dodgy dossier his former client served up on the nation a couple of decades back.

What a sick-making twist in the story having that so-and-so stick his oar in.



I've seen some praise for Chinese scientists. I've seen cautious remarks about how the authoritarian Chinese government was able to lock down the country quickly to prevent the spread of C19. I haven't seen any unqualified praise of China. Where have you seen that?

An unknown disease arrives and we are supposed to be immediately prepared! The job of government is to facilitate and pay for the materiels, logistics required by the health services. Sorry for the language but I have never heard so much shite from the armchair experts, politicians and media since Trump was elected.

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