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Saturday, 04 April 2020


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Keynes is the departed Saint of the Western money tree. The departed Friedrich Hayek never made saint but he is standing at the base of the money tree holding the "I told you so" chain saw.

What a pity, Whiters, that you can't turn that into a cartoon!

Wot Whiters said.

David I that area I have zero talent.

No wonder the Germans and Japs couldn't talk to each other!

Even the Graun grudgingly acknowledges the NHS centralised state model sucks, whereas the decentralised insurance based Jerry model rocks ...

Looks like Blitzkrieg logic and doctrine: decentralised all arms units with a self-dependent design and independent modus operandi, still kicks arse and hasn't been understood and adopted in Blighty's state sector. Yet the EU with its Confederate "compartmentalised ocean liner" able to open the compartments with a single market in business-as-usual times and slam them shut in a sinking crisis, and the Fatherland with its Federal structure, are both pissing all over Blighty.

Who's the Dummkopf now then, eh?


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