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Wednesday, 29 April 2020


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Just read that and was heading over to blurt it out - good spot Gaffer.

I thought BoJo said he was going to knock the BBC on the head? I know it's busy times but not for their media ministers or whoever they are. They could set the ball rolling to have the licence fee made voluntary and obliged to compete with all the other media options.

I know they're looking into decriminalising non-payment but what's that got to with the price of fish? We want it finished.

The BBC is even trying to bury itself into the cost of your broadband connection, jeez these so-and-so's don't give up do they? ...


A parasite usually knows not to kill its host. BBC must be a clever parasite.

Guido is now reporting that BBC Newsnight programme is avoiding exposure of this little game by anonymising their sources. Instead of traceable activists appearing, they screen people in silhouette and don't identify them.

Totally corrupt. Let's see how many people like this sort of thing by making it subscription only.

As an old duffer, but not yet old enough for a freebie, I stopped paying my TV licence years ago as I do not donate to political organisations. I did notify el-beeb that I no longer watch live streamed TV or their iplayer so I do not need a TV licence. Have had 2 visits from Crapita, and wouldn't let them past the doorstep. After the second visit, I wrote to the CEO of Crapita that any further visits would constitute harassment and, as everything Crapita do is with his implied knowledge and permission, he would be the person I would report to the Police. Have had no further visits since. Just use the same tactics they use against you.

Paul Staines, AKA Guido Fawkes, is not exactly an unbiased source. Anyone who would name himself after a religious fanatic and attempted mass murderer should be considered at least a little suspect even by you, David.

The corrupt BBC get £76,923,076.92 per week, that's seventy-six million, nine-hundred and twenty-three thousand, and seventy six pounds plus a few coppers every week, from the TV tax.

You'd have rather hoped that with all that money sloshing around, the perceived 'sleb' status of nonentities, the auto-cue readers on eye watering 'contracts', the bloated pension schemes for the thousands of rather untalented individuals, and the sheer biased cheek of their 'do as I say, not as I do', socialist 'principles', they'd be beaten into the ground by any normal government, albeit any colour or creed with a pulse.

The Panorama disgraceful debacle is as expected, which is why not many citizens watch it - we definitely never bother, it's always rubbish these days, so like you say DD, c'mon Boris, you've got another pair in the family (well, you will when he's thirteen or so), and get rid of this awful bloated boil of leftie waste, make the whole shebang subscription, and watch the demise of a once-great organisation with a load of popcorn and several tinctures.

Flog it off, but not to the present incumbents.
The present product is worthless, except for R3 (how do you politicize classical music?), but the back catalogue is pure gold - tv, radio photo library, written articles.
Don't let present managers become instant multi millionaires like wot happened with Qinetic, and other privatised Government establishments.

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