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Thursday, 30 April 2020


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I drove an elderly neighbour to the local health centre to get the stitches removed from her knee replacement op. You were lucky to get inside! After a long wait, out came Nursey and did the job while the old girl sat sideways on in my car with her feet out the door....

If SoD feels so inclined he'll explain the technical reasons. However, since all you really believe in is politics I'll explain the political reason: Boris and his government are incompetent. You Brits are now in second place in Europe for C19 infections and are likely to be number one before much longer.

But you might never catch up with America for sheer incompetence of government and damage by the pandemic. At least some of Boris's advisors had a wrong but somewhat rational theory about herd immunity and they reversed course once the errors were understood. The top actors in Trump's insane clown posse thought they could just use salesmanship and showmanship to deny the pandemic was even happening. After that they attempted to blame it on anyone not named Donald Trump. Yesterday Jared Kushner appeared on Fox News, which is definitely not anything like Orwell's Ministry of Truth (are you enjoying the book, SoD?) to declare the administration's fight against the virus a yuuuuuge success though infections are now over 1 million and deaths over 60 thousand in three months. It took ten years to lose slightly fewer lives in Vietnam. And watch for a second wave as brave red state governors relax social distancing and restore the liberty to get sick and die.

What our two leading clowns have in common is being cults of personality. Again, Boris is better at it than Trump. He not only survived infection, but now has a new baby with a young girlfriend to show off. What a guy. Many British hearts will melt at the story of new life emerging from the shadow of death. All Trump has is his famous bluster and bullshit, which for the moment he is directing mostly against his own pollsters.

As well, the comments. And retorts.

The idea Trump had nothing to do with our failure is ludicrous:

"That means the United Kingdom has suffered more COVID-19 deaths than France or Spain have reported, though less than Italy, which has Europe’s highest death toll and the second worst in the world after the United States."

Rueters has infinitely more credibility than a blog.

CNN validates most of Bob's commentary about the sterling underperformance of Blighty's state apparat ...

A public enquiry must surely follow. No-one will go to prison or be sacked. The firemen and their bosses who sat eating breakfast watching Grenfell burn down all still in place.

Would like to say "lions lead by donkeys", but in their case, "donkeys lead by donkeys".


Blighty has overtaken France and is up to 4th in the world in deaths per million of population. And 3rd in the world for total deaths.

We could really win "Euro 2020" after all.

Think I might give the clapping a miss tonight.


My primary point is something you contended the other day on another thread Bob, that, "the IC knew about Covid as a threat and [told] Trump of the danger." (Your sourcepoint however was sketchy - at best.)

Listen carefully to the voice that's being interviewed Bob - Then pull up the broadcast network of your choice on that terrible morning of 911 and compare the State Department's 'briefer-to-the-media.' I think even you Bob can identify Mr. Johnson's voice as a definitive match. You should be interested to know also Bob, the guy worked in the diplo-services as a 'station-chief' aka CIA.

The blog incidentally hosting Larry which you airily dismiss is authored by one Colonel P. Lang formerly of the DIA.

I'll take their assertions/opinions as far more authoritative than yours Bob - Any day of the week.


“That one can convince one’s opponents with printed reasons, I have not believed since the year 1764. It is not for that purpose that I have taken up my pen, but rather merely to annoy them, and to give strength and courage to those on our side, and to make it known to the others that they have not convinced us.”

Loz & Bob, you two are like the Scottish Nazi fanatic mob playing politics and the blame game. This virus was on the move long before the warning bell was wrung. The doctor in China was ignored and he died. The mass movement of people around the world was going on carrying the virus. The WHO have questions to answer! The Pope is in hiding and he is supposedly infallible. My wife is working from home and I am missing my mistress. Fuckin wee shitty virus give me the flu anytime.

Another one to add to the "nool pwun" list of bad calls by Blighty's state scientists.

They wanted to leave lockdown late because they thought the peeps would "get fatigued" of it too soon, and return to work too early.

Instead the peeps are pooping their pants and don't wanna leave home and go to work no more.

Looking on the upside, perhaps no-one will believe a word of the climate scientists any more? That would save more lives in Africa alone by an order of magnitude than C19 will take.


Phewee, the Brexit Bunch: HMG, NHS, PHE, and SAGE, really "took back control" didn't they?! ...

If that's to be believed and Blighty's care-home deaths are really 17,000 and not the extra 3,811 that the Brexit Bunch told us about this week, then Blighty could win the quadruple: a double in Euro 2020 AND the World Cup 2020!

26,711 is the official Brexit Bunch death toll, minus their paltry 3,811 car-home deaths, plus the 17,000 care-home deaths per the DT research article, equals 39,900 total deaths in Blighty.

So, in Euro 2020 that puts Blighty joint first with Belgium on the double: Blighty has the most in the total deaths knock-out competition, and is second with 609 deaths per million to plucky little Belgium with 656 deaths per million in the league.

And in the World Cup 2020 Blighty is second in the double: Blighty on 39,900 is second to the USA on 60,908 in the total death knockout, and second in deaths per million to Belgium in the league.

It's going to be a "Damn close run thing" as the Iron Duke famously said!

Good call 23rd June 2016 to lock us in with the Brexit Bunch!

And remember, they're only four of the stunning array of state talent all set to "take back control". Look forward to seeing what the rest can do in all the other walks of life - or should I say death? - in the coming years.



At last someone gave SoD the calling out he so richly deserves. Heil Brussels, Frankfurt, Luxembourg City and Strasbourg. Since the Pope is infallible he knows enough to stay away from the virus. Since you're not afraid of it, go out and find another mistress instead of just complaining.

Well perhaps I have been a little rough and tough with Blighty's ruling class.

You can rely on the Currant Bun to churn up a gloriously laughable underperformance by the Gaffer of some other poor benighted peeps ...

The president of Nigeria manages to appoint a dead man to his cabinet. And as if that wasn't daft enough, it's actually the SIXTH time he's done it!

Oh, wait a minute. Maybe I'm reading this wrong? Perhaps President Buhari is a closet Libertarian? Did he come to the conclusion that 6 dead men in the cabinet doing nothing would be infinitely better for Nigeria than 6 live ones doing something?!

Well it sure looks like GDP took a much needed turn for the better since the Prez started appointing stiffs to run the country! ...

Hehehe! What makes me laugh is that I don't make up any of this stuff. You'll never go broke knocking pols for a living, that's for sure.



Someone made this up, but it would be perfect for your office wall:

The actual quote from the 'Duke of Boot' was:

"It has been a damned serious business... Blucher and I have lost 30,000 men. It has been a damned nice thing — the nearest run thing you ever saw in your life. … By God! I don't think it would have been done if I had not been there."

The word "nice" hardly seems appropriate in this bloody context but "fine" is not much better in 21st century English but, of course, in his early 19th century English they are both variations on "exceedingly close run". Irritatingly, of course, we needs must thank God for the Prussians - yes, I know, the PRUSSIANS!

Bob, I cannot go out as we are in lock down. Is the Donald popular over there? Poor Biden being accused of touching up a woman and he is a Christian type. Probably the GOP propaganda at work. I doubt Biden would remember if he did! The type of president you need for the USA.I recall reading that JFK was humping so many women in the White House pool that there was no need for chlorination.

Jeez, this is why we don't need experts ...

A mealier-mouthed stream of bullshit you couldn't wish to hear.

Power making its excuses. Nothing to be learned from Johnny Foreigner, we are told. One says it was just bad luck. Nothing analytical, nothing comparative. Nothing about centralisation being the problem. Nothing about opening up the state, NHS, Social Services to the market sector. That old canard, "Lessons must be learned but no-one must be blamed".

Truly awful. The worst, most depressing article I've read so far in this saga.


One contribution did strike me - a total ignoramus on all matters medical - was from Prof Keith Neal, Emeritus Professor of the Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, University of Nottingham. In essence, Britain as a country has different characteristics which result in different outcomes.

Who's surprised?


Sorry you can't see your special friend. You could double your efforts with the wife. The only way to forget a woman is with another woman.

Trump has a loyal base that's around 35-45% of voters, but people who don't like him really don't like him. That crowd has already caused several upset elections, especially during our mid-term (non-presidential) elections.

Biden has a reputation for being touchy-feely, which used to be alright to a point, but has recently changed to not ever alright. So far there's no evidence the GOP has anything to do with the accusation. I agree he's probably senile.

Nearly every politician over here claims to be a Christian. It's politically necessary and doesn't mean anything in particular.

At one point JFK was humping an East German spy in the White House pool which was bad presidential style, but otherwise it wasn't much of a big deal. Eisenhower had a long time mistress. Back in those days the press wouldn't mention that sort of thing.

That's it in a nutshell. Simple actually.

Well I've always been pro the Confederate EU, but if it's "punctilious and honest" you're after, perhaps we should go the whole hog and just hand over to Brussels? ...

"Punctilious and honest". When was the last time you heard any of Blighty's state functions described as "punctilious and honest" since 1945?


That's called "padding the books" over here mates, y'all have a label any different feel free to enlighten me.


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