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Sunday, 26 April 2020


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Agreed. These press updates need to stop. The medical people have done their work as expected since they are 'medical'. From here on, business and economic members of the task force need to be on the stage. We have allowed the WHO and a sensationalist media to whip people into a panic frenzy which requires politicians to respond in a frenzy of panic. We have taken a hammer and sickle to our economy(s) and wiped out livelihoods of tens of millions. Poverty kills too. Will there be medical panels on tv telling us of the numbers of dead because of it? No.

CAPX is spot on. Too many Western media outlets are only too happy to help with the China propaganda effort. Like China, they too have an agenda.

Your remark about the siege of Leningrad is timely. I've recently read personal accounts of the Warsaw ghetto, Vichy France and WW2 Lithuania and, people, ours isn't a lockdown.

During this time of a heightened need for entertainment, it's sad that the Genius in Chief has stopped sharing the products of his "great brain". He knows more about science than anyone because he had an uncle who went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you know.

Who knows what other brilliant idea he might have come up with to thwart C19? Injecting or ingesting disinfectant might not work, shining UV light into peoples' lungs might not, but maybe an oil enema would, with the additional benefit of easing the collapse of the oil market. What would anyone have to lose?

I wouldn't characterize a many-personed press conference a proper "speechifying" David - too, if you have invested some 'serious study' into how the guy's thought-train appears to process information:

Bob would have us believe Trump actually advises reasonably intelligent people to inject Lysol (perhaps aim a can into an IV drip)? Really Bob?!!!

(Although druggies have been known to inject "some weird shit" I don't think they're the type to watch presidentially-hosted press conferences.)

You do realize Bob that light is radiation doncha? And has not medicine been "shining radiation" into people for quite a spell? And actually now that I think about it - a person I consider reliable once told me of a regimen 'dreamed up' by a dermatologist that required what I actually might be tempted to characterize as a UV enema.

Dammit! I know I closed my italics right after 'Really Bob?!!!

Does this mean that many officers entered service "polished" while those on the opposite end entered "rough and ready"?

Well JK, at least italics ain't Latin.

Corrected for you, JK, and sorry it took so long because for the life of me I couldn't remember how to do it - bloody-bloody old age!

You know Whitewall guys like me (who've studied Latin) might be tempted to read that in one of possibly three ways.

But since I've long known ye ...

The NHS is the biggest employer in Europe with 1.3 million staff ...

Yet Nightingale Hospital Birmingham has treated no-one so far ...

And Nightingale Hospital London treated only 26 this week ...

But apparently, according to our glorious leaders, this is a good thing, because neither hospital has got any staff so they couldn't treat the patients if they turned up!

Socialist Central planning at its very best! Just wait 'til the output figures for the tractor factory 5 year plan are published, Comrades, you'll need more than a slug of Victory Gin to digest that one, I'll warrant!


Yeah, look at that ...

The NHS employs more than the Indian Railways and the Indian Armed Forces!

But no-no-no, it's not a productivity problem, it's not an operational form problem, it's a funding problem.

I remember having this same debate 35 years ago back in the Bris Uni days, and the stat bandied around by Maggie's Libertarian fraternity was "The NHS employs more people than the armed forces of the Warsaw Pact, and yet still we wait for months or years for treatment".

I even vaguely recollect telling Mark Francois that stat in a drunken discussion, and he said, "F**king hell, I might use that in my speech at the next conference".

He obviously didn't bother, or forgot, or became a blue socialist or something.



No, I don't expect reasonably intelligent people to inject or drink Lysol, but evidently there are people who considered it:

"Some poison control centers reported a spike in calls following President Trump’s suggestion that injecting disinfectant might help people infected with coronavirus."

And that's from Fox News, so you know it's the gospel.

Radiation. What a great idea! Maybe some of that 1950's horror movie radiation could kill the bug. But it could make it grow to thousands of times its normal size too. We'd better not.

Bob, are USA citizens a wee bit daft that they would swallow or inject substances. You Yanks are the front line against dictatorship.

Most interesting unusual treatment the Gaffer and I came across recently was in the search for prostate cancer treatment.

"Inject the patient with deep sea bacteria and light up his nether regions with a laser" said the doctor. Gaffer's face was a picture.

The way it works is that the deep-sea bacteria have evolved to make the maximum use of light given the near absence of it in their environs. So when they do get large amounts of it they go nuts and grow like crazy, munching everything around them. The idea is they're harmless bobbing around in your bloodstream in the dark, but if you shine laser light through the tumour they perk up there, cling onto it, and literally eat it alive. When done, turn off the laser light and you're done.

The treatment is too new so the Gaffer was let off the experimental hook. Looks like it's progressed somewhat since though ...

So at first when the Don mentioned using light and injected antiseptic I wondered if he might have been advised of some new procedure that works in the same way, and maybe put it out there to draw the MSM and Dems into yet another ambush where they berate him and later he is proven right.

But it seems not this time round.

Instead, we see a germophobe, for whom this crisis could not be more personally painful and challenging, searching desperately for the best options for the ones he loves, in his case, the American people, in my case, the Gaffer, and leaving no stone unturned.

Just tell 'em to far cough and keep up the good work, Don.


In fact, whoa, hold your horses!

Look at this ...

So shining specially modified laser light is being considered as an "inside" treatment for germs including viruses.

And now, drum roll, wait for it, wait for it, clash of cymbals ...

Povidone iodine is being considered for "inside" use and guess what? Povidone iodine is an anti-septic ...

Well who'd a thunk it?!

Has the Don set another trap for the MSM and Dems and SoD has spotted it!!!

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Can't wait for the snap of his fingers as he triggers ambush!


"Just tell 'em to far cough and keep up the good work, Don."

Sometimes, SoD, you are a very witty and inventive fellow! Can't think where you get it from - your Mother probably!

I'm an impatient bugger at the best of times, can't wait sorry!

C'mon JK and Malcolm, step up to the plate and spring the trap and blast out the above info on blogs and social media ...

1. Light IS being considered for use in the destruction of viruses inside the human body.

2. Anti-septic IS being considered for use in the destruction of viruses inside the human body.

Get it out there - now !!!

For the sake of the rest of us as much as the US: KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!!


Where are you now Bob, eh?!

"You're not singing,
You're not singing,
You're not singing any more!
Yoooouuu're not singing any more!"

... as the old soccer song goes!

C'mon Bob, get your arse in here and face the music!


SoD, I know you must engage in that 'work' thing, but this video by actual emergency department doctors who treat real patients is informative from an immunologist's view point. A couple months of data supports their view. Just over an hour:



Every country has people who are at least a wee bit daft. We're trying hard to resist dictatorship, but it's been more difficult lately.


Drugs derived from deep sea bacteria don't sound much like disinfectants, but you're correct and I still marvel at the Don's mental processes.

It's sooo obvious you came to maturity during the punk rock period and have been hugely influenced by the Sex Pistols, who you've linked here. If you'd grown up listening to more Beatles and Stones you'd probably be less anti-social. And no, they're not pretentious and posh just because they made a lot of money. What's wrong with making money?

Forget the sea-bacteria, what about the research being done into disinfectant injections and laser light through the body?

Did you miss it? Sudden blind spot, eh?

Here's the disinfectant "inside" humans research ...

In vitro studies of cell cultures infected by HIV and H5N1 virus have shown that PVP-I has an antiviral action, while the cell hosts were not affected and survived.

And look at the links at the bottom of the page: There's loads of research being done into "inside" human use of anti-septic.

And then there's the laser light being used "inside" humans as well ...

Lead researcher Professor Kong-Thon Tsen, of Arizona State University, said: "The research so far suggests that ISRS (Impulsive Stimulated Raman Scattering) will be ready for use in disinfection and could provide treatments against some of the worst, often drug-resistant, bacterial and viral pathogens."

It's quite clear the Don was trying to lift the spirits of the American people and highlight the many medical hopes to treat this virus. At least he found some hopes while doing his day job as well, the MSM couldn't even manage to find it even though it is their day job to do so!

Why isn't Fox News elevating this? It's an absolute knock-out blow against the MSM / Dem blob.

As for the Sex Pistols and Punk era, yeah, we'd had enough of "Love, Love me do" and shitty-hippies bankrupting the country 1945-75 giving us no future. The golden haired Thatcher arrived and she channelled the energy, smart woman, and we all turned into Yuppies - "Greed is good, remember that one?

'bout time we had a little "Never Mind the Bollocks - Here's the Sex Pistols" and "Anarchy in the UK". And it's gonna take a generation of Yuppie-sweat to get us out of this one again.

Here we go, pogo-ing to that played by my school mates' band was like having razor wire pumping through my veins ...



I actually took the bait and looked up the chemicals mentioned in your link. Povidone-iodine is an antiseptic. It is currently used for disinfection of the external human body (skin surface), but isn't classified as a disinfectant anywhere I can find.

Ringer's solution is a solution of several salts dissolved in water to create an isotonic solution relative to the body fluids of an animal.

I'm not a chemist and can't comment any further than that neither seems to be anything like bleach or Lysol, which were the things being discussed directly prior to the Don's comments. Lasers have been used inside the body for decades, so I can't really be too knocked out about that one. Sorry.

On behalf of all Americans, though, I appreciate you're trying to make us look good. You know, like we haven't actually elected our own Mad King George. And it's not really even a fair comparison, because Ol' George was only bipolar, so I thank you all the more. We do indeed have a special relationship, my troubled acquaintance, and you might have missed I admitted to being sad the press briefings will end. Evidently Trump will use the extra time to fire more people because he got some bad PR. I'd guess it also reminds him of better days as host of The Apprentice game show. We are all the poorer.

There's a case to be made that right wing hippies such as yourself, or "yuppies" if you will, are not an improvement. But I will not make it in return for your courtesy.

I actually took the bait and looked up the chemicals mentioned in your link. Povidone-iodine is an antiseptic. It is currently used for disinfection of the external human body (skin surface), but isn't classified as a disinfectant anywhere I can find.

Are you seriously trying to split hairs on the definition of antiseptic and disinfectant to wriggle off the hook?! A quick google then ...

The definition of antiseptic: Preventing the growth of disease-causing microorganisms

The definition of disinfectant: A chemical liquid that destroys bacteria

Is that the best you can do?!

The research paper explains how the antiseptic / disinfectant PVP-I (Povidone-Iodine) is combined with Ringers solution to produce a substance that's not injurious to human cells but zaps viruses and other germs. And a whole list of other research is shown below on the page as well.

I hope the Don doesn't let this go. It's an outrageous fake news story to leave in the public mind that antiseptic / disinfectant injected intravenously is a crazy no-no idea for tackling CV19 and other germs.

Maybe I have been getting a little feisty of late, there's plenty to be feisty about. But if I've offended you I apologise.


Wow, you're really screwing up the basics now. All disease causing microorganisms are not bacteria. Do you think all men are Aristotle too? And you wouldn't want to mainline povidone-iodine any more than Lysol either. You, as both programmer and hippie, should be ashamed. But thanks again for your recognition of American exceptionalism.

Bob, I really don't know why you bother.


I've been spending way too much time in the house.

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