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Saturday, 25 April 2020


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Yes, just imagine emerging from the lockdown still in the EU, and the first task is dealing with Grexit, after sending them a ton of money. Things will get bad, but not that bad!


'Whiters', I think China bought what passes for Europe's backbone years ago!

Ambrose "Cry Wolf" Evans-Pritchard.

I wonder how much the DT pays him for his doom-loop dirge? Being wrong twice a week for a decade while stashing it away at the Banca del Bullsheeeto.

Makes IT contractors and retired second hand car dealers look honest.


Blighty is catching the Froggies fast in the "Bring out your Dead Stakes" aka the deaths per million by country ...

Only 50-ish behind and that doesn't include today's 800+ death toll.

And in the overall picture, Blighty's stats doesn't include care home and home deaths which those ahead of us: France, Italy, Spain and Belgium, do include. When added on, care home and home deaths could double Blighty's score, which, if so, would put us only 3 points behind top place Belgium on the leader board.

"The envy of the world", eh? And there's plucky little Vietnam with zero recorded deaths and less than 1,000 infections ...

Think of that when you're hanging out the window clapping and banging your pots and pans next Thursday.


The goal of opinion writers isn't being right, it's giving people what they want to read. Evans-Pritchard is also a conspiracy theorist. He'll have a job for as long as he likes.

Loz, the Bring out the Dead scenario was almost on us if the lock downs had not occurred. I can imagine you hitting yer Da over the heid with a cudgel if he protested he was still alive.
The Scottish Nationalist fanatics have been promoting the blame game for the cause. It is the English to blame as usual.

Quick scan of the DT and we have a leading public health specialist who retired just as PHE was formed in 2013 explaining how PHE was totally negligent. Refused to plan for this when the Cygnus report in 2017 explained exactly what would happen ...

He also explains how SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) has no director of public health or health practitioner in its make-up, not one. Be like the HS2 project steering group having no engineers, he says. Would that actually be a surprise, I ask you?

And then there's the Hefferlump bemoaning that the armed forces are the only part of the state that actually works ...

Perhaps someone should remind him they haven't won a war since 1982, have two aircraft carriers with no planes, and built a hospital in 8 days but with no doctors and nurses.

The state is a 100% failure. Like Blighty's score card read out by the hostess of the Eurovision song contest with metronomic regularity: "Noooool pwun".

When will the anger arrive? And then the hatred? When will the public sector heads begin to roll, the tumbril times for this latter-day nobility who lord it over us as they slaughter us? Even just for the 1300 little girls handed to Pakistani Muslim rape gangs for use as masturbation toys they should be in prison and the whole operation disbanded. (snip] And you lean out of your windows on Thursday nights and applaud their lackeys as they massacre themselves for the cause that massacres you.

And what twisted, complexed monster will stagger out of Chequers on Monday morning bursting with admiration for the edifice of negligence that nearly cost him his life?

The sudden realisation that this isn't even the end of the beginning.


The first in the quango of death u-turns on the masks issue after 20k dead ...

British Medical Association now says we should all be wearing masks in public.

1. Planning
2. Lockdown
3. Testing
4. Tracing
5. Oxygen, ICU's, ventilators
6. PPE for frontline workers
7. Masks for public

"Nool pwun" across the board.


Beaten to the finish line by the Ozzies...

Was gonna get dinner for my mucker who's on the NHSX app project when this is all over to hear a blow-by-blow account of the negligence and incompetence foisted upon him by the state management "team".

But losing to Oz in the race of the Anglo-Saxons (this being the runners-up cup anyway, having already lost in the race of the world to the Tigers) means that's forfeited.


I censored your comment, SoD, for obvious reasons which I have explained at tedious lengths many a time and oft' but which you seem incapable of understanding!

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