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Thursday, 16 April 2020


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What are the rates per million of population?

Remember the point of the lockdown was to flatten the curve so that the NHS could cope with the peak? Which implies lengthening the outbreak as well. The idea was to ensure that those who caught Covid would actually get treated.
Well are all those Swedes who get sick actually getting treated?
I'd guess yes, if so getting this thing over quick sounds at least a credible option. Same number of deaths in less time.
BTW reducing the peak was the only justification for lockdown. Eradicating the disease is impossible, and there will allways be a risk of further outbreaks.

What are the rates per million of population?

Sweden - 130.9
Denmark - 55.37
Finland - 5.52
Norway - 5.31

Sweden is top of the Norgies. By more than double. In fact by more than the sum of all the others.

But the Gaffer should remember that Blighty is 5th from the top of the world in the deaths per million people ...

... in large part because its cretinous pols took the state scientists word for it and chose "herd immunity" instead of early lockdown.

In fact Blighty's pols and state actors have failed on every front against C19 ...

1. Lockdown
2. Testing
3. Contact tracing
4. PPE
5. Ventilators, ICU's and oxygen
6. Masks

Zero out of 6. Each failed one of them worth thousands of lives.

If you plot score out of six against deaths per million for the countries you'll get a direct correlation.

If you plot governmental and healthcare system rating, say on a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is centralised state and public sector healthcare, and 10 is federal or confederal state and private sector healthcare, you'll get the same correlation.


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