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Friday, 10 April 2020


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Mr. Kindle? I like books in hand. Speaking of, I have just started reading "Three men in a Boat"...(to say nothing of the dog). Quite funny and typical of the writing style at that time which means full use of the language. Being nearly quarantined here at "the home", I'll have time.

I was 'with you', Whiters, 'back in the day' when I never left home without at least two books in my possession but, alas, old age is winning the day! I am now so feeble that I cannot support the sort of weighty volumes I tend to read. The Kindle, however, fits in my pocket, is virtually weightless and I can adjust the size of the type-face to suit my watery, old eyes. Also, it now contains almost a library of books!

JK, that gent sounds like the man who has the farm behind our dwelling...he who has all that assortment of livestock including cows walking around uncooked.

Red necks can survive!


What's the thinking?

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