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Wednesday, 29 April 2020


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Pretty sure David your starlings migrate to Texas do they not?

And that's just for the general information file ...

You're welcome.

Yeeeeees, JK, I guess sheep 'n' wheat just about sums it up!

They all emigrated last December when the Starlingists didn't get elected.

Lots up here in Scotchland.
Depending on where you live and local agriculture, they may be all in the fields nicking fresh sown seed or beasties turned up by ploughing.

I live just a few miles north of you and can assure you that the fact that my bird feeders have to be refilled daily is testament to the fact that there is no shortage of starlings.

You can have some of ours - we have more than enough.

We need our starlings back to deal with the next crisis, even bigger than C19: A plague of locusts ...

Chinese'll be alright and a fresh export market for everyone else: the new Cantonese dish "sweet 'n' sour locust" hits the streets of Wuhan spreading outwards.

2020: the year of C19, alien invasion, a plague of locusts, IR35 and Brexit.

Still only May.

Now where did I put the old service revolver? ...


I read this yesterday and realised that I, also, hadn't seen any starlings for a while. Then within the hour I saw one strutting about in the garden and just now I saw another (or maybe the same one, starling recognition isn't one of my talents) flying away over a neighbouring house. The strange thing is, starlings usually go around mob handed, I don't think I've ever seen a lone starling before.

Locusts? Frogs and lice next maybe?

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