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Saturday, 11 April 2020


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Trump seems like he's from Mars to a lot of us too. Even many of his devotees don't like his tweets, personality, or manners of speech. We could have a long conversation about how he was handling the economy, but many things were going in the right direction for a time. What will probably define his presidency, though, is how he has reacted to the pandemic.

Democrats could be considered mad in a fashion, but they're mostly just miserable at politics. Joe is elderly and often lapses into word salads or blank stares. However, he might only need to represent a return to normalcy to win.

The Democrats are just the sore looser's club.

David, when you read the "Hitler book", do you feel like taking a long bath afterwards?

Dear Tom Stoppard,
Never wade into chest deep water with waders on. That applies to streams, creeks and the ocean. When you are let loose by the authorities, find some wide water where you can use a small boat. If you are lucky, as I often am, the fish will find you:

Thanks David!

The Jinja Ninja may be wide open to criticism but it beats me why so many Brits seem keen to do so: our political setup must be so perfect they must have nothing better to do! Our answer to them is always the same, though: at their last election, look at the 4king alternative . . .

No, Whiters, I didn't feel like taking a bath after part-reading the Hitler book but I was sickened by it and glad of a chance to start on something else. Even so, I will return to it eventually. And by the way, I am sure Mr. Stoppard will be grateful for your advice!

Please remember Trump's remarks concerned what ladies will consent to, not what any Joe is entitled to, or could get away with.
Of course he expressed the thought bluntly, which is part of the reason that it was disparaged.
The other reason is that if Mr Trump advised against the ingestion of tide pods, a lot of the media would suddenly start to extol their flavour.

Pat, well put!

David I was just thinking you most likely aren't aware of how the Chink-Lurgi has now become the most "urgent" pressure for increased gun sales here in the US - Speaking as I do with a number of Federally licensed firearm dealers (and others) I'm near certain the Chink-Lurgi even surpasses Obama's ability to sell guns, perhaps even Hillary's!

Bob (I'm pretty confident) has come around to realizing it's not at all "easy to get a [legal] gun" - of course since that article's got to do with California I can't for the life of me figure out why, if those *gun novices really feel such urgency why don't they just turn to one of the local MS-13 chapters to arm up.

Looks like "The Don's Cure" is gaining traction ...

Even the NHS is trialing it, blimey, on the ball for a change (or should we worry that it might be the kiss of death for the treatment, as is de rigueur for the NHS in this crisis and before?) ...

Couple of weeks and the NHS and NIH trials should bear fruit. And if it swings the Don's way that'll be number 4 in the list of ambush massacres he's sprung on the MSM / Dem nexus ...

1. Russia investigation (the Don won)
2. Ukraine impeachment (the Don won)
3. "Betrayal" of Kurds (Kurds left alone by Dirty Erdy who then attacked Assad and Vlad instead - double victory for the Don)
4. Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin C19 treatment (awaiting results ...)

The Don is a towering figure in the post-WWII free world right now, up there on the podium with Thatcher and Reagan.

It used to be Blighty's lucky charm to find leaders in an hour of need. Looks like we passed that gene on to the offspring, praise the Lord.

I get the feeling the US peeps are gonna give him the rip-roaring majority he deserves in the coming election. If there was only some way to give him the Presidency beyond two terms?

Aha! "Godel's Loophole"! Your time cometh! ...



The difference between riding a bull and a bucking bronco is that when you have been thrown off, the bull will come back to get you. At, rodeos, where all this happens, special men known as clowns are employed to distract the enraged bull so that the dumped rider can make his escape.

I have actually seen this being done at rodeos, and believe you me, those clowns earn every penny of what they are paid. My cousin Dave Kenyon used to be one of the top Calgary Stampede riders, and yes, he rode bulls. I have seen a photo of him after a bull, that had had extreme sense of humour failure, horned him in the face. He was completely unrecognisable.

As far as I'm concerned, anyone involved in that particular scene is an out and out nutter. Nevertheless, they are nutters who command my deepest respect!

"or perhaps, thinking about it, they lack any 'nuts' at all!"
More than one bull rider has had his stomped on to the point that on Sunday, he can move down 3 rows in the choir loft.

Having just watched Richard's link re the bucking bulls [I think they got the spelling wrong] I dips my lid to the nutters who ride them.

I think I'd rather try and befriend a salt water croc.

Have a good Easter or Joyous Passover depending on your choice.

By George and all the Saints, I'd give my pension (choose something of value? ... Ed) to have seen those 3 immigrants up in front of the beak begging for US citizenship ...">">

On the day of Gödel’s citizenship hearing, Morgenstern, Einstein, and even the examining judge, Phillip Forman, did everything possible to “quieten” Gödel and prevent him from explaining his discovery.

Morgenstern’s first-hand account of the hearing was as follows:

"When we came to [the courthouse in] Trenton, we were ushered into a big room, and while normally the witnesses are questioned separately from the candidate, because of Einstein’s appearance, an exception was made and all three of us were invited to sit down together, Gödel, in the center."

Godel squeezed in the middle with Einstein and Morgenstern to each side. What a visual epic moment in time. Logic, Science and Economics, like three naughty school boys with Your Honour lording it over them as the headmaster!

Mr Spielberg, Mr Stoppard, are you reading this?

How did it go for Your Honour? Well here's the author's commentary ...

It is unnecessary to speculate which version of the hearing is closest to the truth because no version reveals the content of Gödel’s discovery.

In each version, the result is the same: when Gödel attempted to disclose to Judge Forman his proof of a contradiction in the Constitution, the judge quickly dismissed Gödel’s discovery and prevented him from speaking on the subject.

In Morgenstern’s words:

“[T]he [judge] was intelligent enough to quickly quieten Gödel . . . and broke off the examination at this point, greatly to our relief.”

The exchange between Judge Forman and Gödel is in many ways a microcosm of everything that is wrong with the U.S. legal system.

First, consider the anti-intellectual behavior of Judge Forman, the federal official presiding over Gödel’s citizenship interview, and his dismissive attitude toward Gödel’s discovery of a logical loophole in the Constitution. Rather than continue the inquiry or allow Gödel to explain the details of his discovery, the judge used his absolute authority to arbitrarily bring the line of questioning to an abrupt end.

Stated differently, Judge Forman demonstrated the problem of "results-oriented jurisprudence".

His main concern was the immediate and predetermined result of the hearing— Gödel’s fitness to be a U.S. citizen—not the search for the truth or the possibility of finding a contradiction in the Constitution.

Judge Forman was not the only one to demonstrate anti-intellectual behavior. Gödel’s own character witnesses, Einstein and Morgenstern, showed absolutely no interest in Gödel’s discovery. Why would Einstein and Morgenstern have been so dismissive about the truth or falsity of Gödel’s discovery of a constitutional contradiction?

One possibility is “risk-aversion” due to the context of Gödel’s situation. After all, Gödel was attending a citizenship hearing, which was not the proper place for a deep discussion about constitutional contradictions. Thus, both Einstein and Morgenstern may have feared that Gödel’s discovery of a fatal flaw in the Constitution would antagonize or upset the judge and jeopardize Gödel’s citizenship.

Additionally, Einstein and Morgenstern’s role at Gödel’s citizenship hearing was simply to attest to Gödel’s good character and fitness for U.S. citizenship, not to moderate an extended discussion of constitutional law. The problem with this risk-aversion explanation, however, is that Einstein and Morgenstern showed no interest in Gödel’s ideas about the Constitution either before or after the citizenship hearing.

Mmm, "unworldly tit". My conclusion of the author.

And as for "Results-oriented jurisprudence", Hahaha! That's a beauty, isn't it?! I've never heard power called that before: "Results-oriented jurisprudence".

And therein lies the real lesson: "Results-oriented jurisprudence" prevented Von Neumann, Morgenstern, Einstein and Godel from ending up in an ash-heap in Poland.

Power trumps logic, science and economics. That pol gene can only be fought and defeated by the gene itself. Your Honour and his "Results-oriented jurisprudence" defeated Adolf Hitler in an immigrant court hearing one day in 1930-something and nothing else would have sufficed.

So glad I did Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and Economics at A-level. All three day on that bench. Plus the Gaffer shoved a BBC B microcomputer in Santa's stocking circs 1979, so Von Neumann got a sizeable lookin too. Lucky boy. Thanks Gaffer.

And Messer's Spielberg and Stoppard, here's the title for your next film into the bargain ...

"Results-oriented jurisprudence"


SoD, "If there was only some way to give him the Presidency beyond two terms?" Since the Dem party, MSM and elements of the Deep State have conspired to overthrow Trump from day one, it may well be justice for him to have another term plus two years to settle accounts with these conspirators.

My moving wouldn't drop Arkansas' rating even the least tit David.

Haven't I made it clear that here it's the Democrats have got the largest arsenals - My own is a mere four long guns and three handguns (two of 'em revolvers).

Now as I say there's a Dem friend of mine wot, if he'd get so worked up to want a full tally he'd have to enlist (at least) his own seven fingers the one thumb his wife's full twenty digits and I suspect everyone of his five offspring. To count his ammunition it'd probably take the fingers and the toes of the entire county!

If I could see the future I'd be on some fantastic adventure in my private jet, not bothering to type anything here. So I'll have to admit it's possible Trump will be elected king for life and at some more future date Ivanka would be queen. In that timeline Covid and future mutated viruses and parasitic diseases could actually have beneficial effects:

Congratulations to Boris, btw.

Y'alls talking about bullriding put me in mind of a pal of mine I happened onto twice in just the past six days, he recognizes me easily enough (our families having long ties - no kin so far as we know) but some others he probably ort to recognize he sometimes has difficulties.

Now there is a lot to admire (admire in its etymological sense) about the bull riders but the fact of the matter is anyone at'all works in the vicinity of such ball-bearing plumb vicious gets a tip of my lid.

(Thankfully, what with all this social-distancing when me'n Ronnie ran into each other at our friend's pharmacy I didn't have to shake hands with him and so avoided a major loss of face in front of the pharmacy girls - guy's fingers grip like hydraulic presses!)

Y'alls talking about bullriding put me in mind of a pal of mine I happened onto twice in just the past six days, he recognizes me easily enough (our families having long ties - no kin so far as we know) but some others he probably ort to recognize he sometimes has difficulties.

Now there is a lot to admire (admire in its etymological sense) about the bull riders but the fact of the matter is anyone at'all works in the vicinity of such ball-bearing plumb vicious gets a tip of my lid.

(Thankfully, what with all this social-distancing when me'n Ronnie ran into each other at our friend's pharmacy I didn't have to shake hands with him and so avoided a major loss of face in front of the pharmacy girls - guy's fingers grip like hydraulic presses!)

Early 15c. (implied in admired), "regard with wonder, marvel at," from Old French admirer "look upon, contemplate" or directly from Latin admirari "regard with wonder, be astonished."

JK, not too far from me this couple has a ranch, I knew the land long before they turned it into a ranch. He was a bull rider until the "big squish" about 20 years ago. Note carefully the name of the bull that threw him. You'll catch it I bet.

"If I could see the future ..."

That can sometimes be Bob a dismaying feature of acting the resident horse's ass. Occasionally one's 'habitual disdain' betrays.

Well Whitewall as it happens the name of the one you expected I would I did. What you may've not was I knew this feller from the past who got hisself KIA (so to speak - he was on a horse pulling flank straps when a bull turned and clobbered him and his horse hammer-dead) anyway I recall him mentioning the name 'Jerry Danger' whether the same I cain't rightly say but given the general timeframe I'm reckoning it's just possible.

I never was a rodeoer myself it's just that around here its so common that it's near certain to come up.

JK, where's your sense of humor?

Balls, lost my £50 Easter bet with a mate:
BoJo didn't croak ...

Saved by a bunch of immigrant nurses.

Bloody foreigners, eh? Come over 'ere stealing all our wagers ...


The NHSX contact tracking app, the "Spitfire" app, is going into testing oop North next week...

That's pretty damn good going from a standing start.

Now we desperately need the testing kits to go with it to confirm the peeps who press the button and send out an amber.

Only way out if lockdown.



There's still plenty of time to lay a wager on hydroxychloroquine and Trump's winning streak. Maybe you can get your pal to go double or nothing.

“Many U.S. hospitals are currently using hydroxychloroquine as first-line therapy for hospitalized patients with COVID-19 despite extremely limited clinical data supporting its effectiveness,” said Wesley Self, M.D., M.P.H., emergency medicine physician at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and PETAL Clinical Trials Network investigator leading the ORCHID trial. “Thus, data on hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19 are urgently needed to inform clinical practice.”

Bob, anything is worth a try to prevent imminent death. When health experts are fucked for an answer then the President can only babble on hoping for a positive outcome.

The Adam Smith Institute lays it on thick, a good 'n' proper job ....

Having seen his post-hospitalization vid, it appears Boris will now be even more NHS blind than he was before, to the point of nuttiness maybe. But doubtless no less pro-Brexit in spite of being saved by immigrants.


Even the Graun acknowledges the utter shambles of the HMG / NHS combo ...


As I recall Bob you mentioned 'your doc' trying albuterol (which as it happens I've been prescribed since I don't know when) Symbicort I do know since 2012.

You might check into the pharmacology of albuterol Bob - may surprise you an "off label" use is for malaria.

No shit.

'Course Trump's no medial expert I'll be agreeing but the thing is Bob FDR wasn't so much the expert in the field (or t'other) he gets most credit for. And that's really the thing Bob needs 'equating.'

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" I'd think even you Bob would agree *helped however. Despair is a problem unto itself and asides from its being self replicating it's also self-defeating.

You reckon Bob anybody at all expected Obama "offer cures" for any damn thing at all? And if not why not?

Obviously among other things Obama claimed only to be "a community organizer" and yet you'd have us accept whatever it is he was ostensibly (supposedly) credited for.

Hard to beat getting a Noble Prize before shit and Trump was ever possibly going to top that, I don't think so?


Day 18 and counting

"Let's look at the chances of those events occurring in the real world. I will try as much as possible not to make this about President Trump, the Trump haters, and his fervent admirers, the latter two of which have tied themselves into knots over the past three months trying to follow Trump's twists and turns in order to make sure they fanatically oppose or fanatically support whatever the President says at any particular moment. Otherwise this all becomes just about Trump, which the President, his opponents and supporters would be all be happy with."

Seems reasonable to me.

Bob maybe not because like MSNBC/CNN Everything's about Trump! Though my general tendency is to differ.

Hank, you started my day with a chuckle - thanks!

You remember how foreign fighter pilots tipped the balance in the Battle of Britain? For example, the Polish, Czech and Slovak squadrons had the highest kill rates in the RAF during the Battle of Britain and beyond? Defending Blighty from an airborne enemy more skilfully and bravely than our own? And how they were betrayed by an ungrateful people?

Lords Tebbit and Ashcroft have been fighting for them to have more recognition in London monuments and the public's eye, but read this for a summary of exploitation and betrayal ...

Well look who's back defending us from an airborne parasite once again? ...

25% of the NHS is Johnny Foreigner. And Blighty showed its gratitude on 23rd June 2026 once again, true to form.

Don't anyone tell me history doesn't repeat itself.


I see that SoD's xstal ball is in good form - forecasting for 2026!

In this pandemic, the NHS should be viewed in much the same way that our armed forces are in war. Yes, those up 'the sharp end' deserve much admiration but those above them need to be scrutinised more critically. I have long been an advocate for privatising the NHS but in this crisis I am not convinced that 'for profit' health service would have dealt with it any better.

One of the first things that needs to "happen next" is understanding this Commie Virus is no accident and neither was its deliberate transmission and cover up by China.

Next thing, older people must teach the uninformed young about communism and communists. God knows the schools have abandoned doing so.

"Then he shot out at high speed, losing his helmet that had not been fastened round his chin properly, before landing in a field close to the German border"

No doubt the German high command took this as a first sign of invasion from France.


My doctor gave me albuterol, steroids, and antibiotics. All of them can probably be used for lots of other things, but the combination worked for me. I don't think I could have shaken it otherwise.

Supposedly there are around 70 drugs being studied for treating Covid. The only reason the one stands out so much is because Trump keeps giving it a sales pitch. Fox and other right wing outlets have covered it. I check in on them too.

The French have thrown a little cold water on the idea:

"French Hospital Stops Hydroxychloroquine Treatment for COVID-19 Patient Over Major Cardiac Risk"

"The only reason the one stands out so much is because Trump keeps giving it a sales pitch."

Well Bob my suspicion tends me to thinking Dr. Fauci, he of the National Institutes of Health (right alongside the 'usual suspects') in constantly telling us, "The Science ain't there where hydoxychloroquine and any effects it might have on a coronavirus because it's never been studied!" is not so good in his own archives as, for instance, me!

Reckon if I sent that along to a certain Senator (only reason it's not yet been done is only owing to my just stumbling across it and, only just now completed reading it) Anyway what you reckon Bob, figure Jake Tapper is gonna invite the good doctor back on next Sunday and have him explain what's in his archives?

I suppose we will see.

And Bob, you're familiar with the term 'comorbidity'? Perhaps 'underlying medical issues which preclude specific treatments despite those treatments otherwise proven effectiveness'?

You know what else I find weird Bob, that places such as New York and California "seem to have eradicated" even stuff such as stage 5 brain cancer where Covid-19 is associated!

Don't even such jaded individuals as yourself Bob find "advice" such as that at least a little troubling?

"Asked about Anthony Fauci, the White House medical expert who for weeks has been predicting significant numbers of COVID-19 deaths in America as well as major ongoing disruptions to daily life possibly for years, Wittkowski replied: “Well, I’m not paid by the government, so I’m entitled to actually do science.”"

You ever heard tell Bob, of our current pharmaceutical industry seemingly preferring "new" (meaning a formula/molecule is patentable) medicine/vaccine over an older but just as effective, although necessarily 'generic' (implying no exorbitant profits to the shareholders) solution to a nation's health issues?


The NIH paper is on chloroquine's effects on SARS, not Covid-19. Fauci's name isn't on it. The NIH has recommended chloroquine be studied for treating Covid:

However, the same problems with irregular heart beat have been found in at least one study that was also halted:

I'm not qualified to second-guess doctors or medical researchers. Many on the right think they are and are calling for Fauci to be fired because he has dared to contradict their Dear Leader. Please explain why you think I'm "jaded".

"Please explain why you think I'm "jaded"."

May hae to do some study in the etymological senses Bob, simply put, your heart isn't in it (considering any 'mere' *politician could be onto something).

It's in the idiomatic sense I employed the single word Bob, trust me I could have constructed a larger [word count] description.

There's also the more well known comorbidity of diabetes that's long been known - since at least the early years of WWII - that precludes those so afflicted from being prescribed chloroquine. (A serendipitous observation by the way, an English doctor practicing in India [where it's a rare condition] made note of its deleterious effect and his notes made their way into the literature.)

Keep that fact out of blog commentary in the US Bob - if chloroquine proves out and Yamiche Alcindor becomes aware that a *certain race has a predisposition to the condition she'll be sure to bring it into use as a 'gotcha question' in a presidential news conference and then we all (US audiences anyway) will be subjected yet again to the 'perpetually aggrieved industry's whinging. (I'm using the whinging spelling here Bob rather than our American whining spelling but I'm only bothering to point that last bit out only because it's you Bob I'm compelled to expound on the concept of comorbidities.)

Read your livescience link Bob.

My advice to the Brazilian researchers would be to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the published literature prior to including certain individuals in any trial.

I did not get, incidentally, that the [entire] study was halted rather either that the large dosing component/cohort or those so predisposed 'got the shove' so from what I understand the study continues.


You're right that only part of the study was halted. I should have been more precise. As far as not believing any mere mortal with no medical qualifications can make a valid judgement about medical treatment, I'm sticking with it. If that makes me jaded I can live with it.

Btw, I wouldn't get into the cockpit of a jet fighter with no training and think I could operate it either.

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