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Saturday, 18 April 2020


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Maybe Boris is listening.

Then set to work on the British Bullshit Corporation.

I'm sure going subscription-only would reveal whether there is a market for Oxbridge humanities graduates talking down to their audience.

One can but hope, Uncle Mort!

Spot on, Whyaxye!

My apologies if this has done the rounds, but such a measured discussion, with frightening consequences seems to put a lot more into the argument...

...and I'll never darken the door of any Chinese restaurant again!

Boris needs to get with the Don, big time.

A concerted push by the West and its allies like the Tiger economies and India could see the Don complete the program that Ronnie and Maggie began: knocking out the last vestiges of socialism worldwide by taking down the Chinese communists.

Is the Gorbachev moment already happening in fact? These late night conversations between the Don and Ping-a-Ling. The Don saying "Strange things are happening in China". Is he straining at the bit with intel that we don't know about?

Let's just paint a picture of a world where the Chinese people rise up and place their home made statue of Liberty in Tiananmen Square again, but this time the army switches sides and goes with the protesters. Socialism in China falls.
Without China, Rocketman quickly follows.

A federal democratic Constitution with Lady Liberty as the centrepiece in China. 1.4 billion souls released from socialist imprisonment to make a Singapore across the whole of China.

Imagine, wall-to-wall Libertarian democracies across the planet, or should I say, open-border-to-open-border democracies across the planet?

And if it isn't already in motion, what's the plan?

A grand alliance of the world against China ...

1. Vlad and Russia. Now, by George and all the Saints, we see the Don's great Russian card in play: the "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" strategy. How might Vlad fancy a the disputed territories across the border with China back in his hands again? Just start digging out those legal docs saying the land is owned by the Rooskies and start stirring trouble with the locals at the border.

2. India. They love the Don as seen in his last visit a month or so back. They'd love to pick up all the iThingy manufacturing contracts when the Don closes down trade with China completely. There's 1.4bn swinging dicks to keep Ping-a-Ling mindful that the Grand Alliance can also use wave assaults on top of tech if the situation takes a turn for the worst.

3. Europe. Macron smells the coffee already. It's more than anti-Chinese communism mood music coming out of him. The worry is Mutti and the Jerries with their exports, and Italy with its Chinese belt and road investments. The remedy is to unplug both and plug them into each other: switch out Chinese investment for German coronabonds and a fully formed Euro currency and the BMW's will fly out the door. Plus, what are the rapidly expanding wealthy Indian middle class going to drive around in to show off their new found wealth?

4. Oz, NZ, Canada. The "So Solid Crew". Straight as dies as usual.

5. Latin America. The carrot: a big slice of iThingy manufacturing also. The stick: US pulls the plug on the narcotics industry by putting free drugs outside all GP surgeries for anonymous collection. It costs a cent to make the stuff when you've not got global security bearing down on you, so it's no bank breaker to Keep America Snorting Again. And the entire cartels edifice collapses from the streets of New York right back to the leafy slopes of el Shithole, along with the states of Latin America. Another cheap labour sump for the US to tap into to keep India honest in the battle against China.

6. The Tiger economies. The frontline. The American inside them burst out long ago. No effort required here.

And last but not least, dear old Blighty and BoJo. Lucky 7 ...

7. Blighty and BoJo. Just get on side, do the do like the So Solid Crew. Earn a podium place on the victory parade. Starter for one: Cancel all 5G with China. Dominic Raab smells the coffee, and the people do too.

Will BoJo have concluded this in his think time in Chequers? It's deeply to be wished for.

BoJo and the Don join Ronnie and Maggie on history's podium of: The people who destroyed socialism on planet earth.

The Grand Alliance.

"Go do, that Voodoo, that you do, soooooo weeeelllll!" ...


Ayyye, Scrobs, and in case you thought the penchant for wearing masks in China might scupper the Chinese Socialist state's 5G surveillance plans ...

Zero tolerance for socialism.

A constitution based on Liberty, democracy to change the exec, and a market economy with UBI as the only social policy enabler.

That's the only safe way to deploy this tech.


Regarding everything I've been saying since this saga began, read and inwardly digest ...

Lions lead by donkeys.

Tigers lead by dragons.


DT on a roll today ...

Tic-tac-toe, three in a row for the DT.

And you voted to put Blighty at the sole mercy of these criminally negligent psychopaths, unfettered by the external oversight that kept us freer and more prosperous for 45 years than we've ever been in our history!

Good call 23rd June 2016.


Looks like Amazon and Google have got Big Brother and the Bottom Inspectors by the short and curlies ...

The Big Tech companies standing up for our Libertarian privacy rights against the state greedy for big data about us over and above what is strictly needed to protect us from C19. Who'da thunk it?

Looks like we'll have to wait for the Spitfire app until the Apple and Google API is out.

Otherwise you'd have to walk around with your phone unlocked playing keepy-uppy with your pinky on the screen to keep the Bluetooth going!

Be like a Spitfire with no joystick.

I've got an inside track on this NHSX app project. He's a bit schtumm at the moment, maybe under NDA. If so, that's an effing disgrace in its own right. We're paying for this damn thing, FFS! I'll post any relevant insider news, and if it's a real fart-knocker it goes to the MSM.


Google and the remains of Cambridge Analytica already know most everything about you, not to mention our intelligence services and maybe others'.

Yet another example of the little guy using "Bait and bleed", or the "Two bullies in the playground are better than one" paradox, or why federalism and confederalism are better than centralism: -

NHSX / HMG as linked above ...

...and now the French equivalent ...

The Brit and Frog states just couldn't wait to cash in on the payload of the C19 contact tracing app and milk us with privacy infringements and intrusions. If it wasn't for the equally well endowed bullies of Apple and Google intervening and scuffing them up we'd be shafted.

"Your enemy's enemy is your friend" - there's another one.

How many more "Copybook Headings" do there need to be before the penny drops Bob?: Liberty is merely the conceptual instantiation of all of them in one idea.


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