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Sunday, 17 May 2020


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Congratulations, DD

In the matter of relationships, I've always thought a marriage is kept fresh by leaving handwritten notes around the house, along the lines of 'I considered smothering you with a pillow last night, but didn't'

Happy Birthday Mr Duff.
I look forward to many more years of D&N.
Monday Funnies tomorrow ?

Happy birthday. Keep going - every four weeks you'll get back some of what's been extracted with menaces over the years!

Another birthday beats the alternative, David. May you have many more while rarely being right about politics.

Big Al, definitely!

Happy birthday and I'm sure you are right. Luck does play a big part in any life.

Happy Birthday dear Duffers!

Happy Birthday David - May you keep to your record of being more frequently right than Bob where politics is concerned.

David,happy birthday.I will be 69 (a meal for two) this Wednesday and I wish you the mrs and the pain in the erse well.

Happy Birthday!

Don't count the money whilst you're sitting at the table!
Just keep buggering on.
Best wishes



Remember you are not old until you reach 100! Enjoy your middle age.

Happy birthday Duffers.

I hope you have many more on the right side of the turf.

I watched the documentary, repeated from before the pc brigade engulfed tv, celebrating the life of John Mesurier. Lovely man.
And your post chimed with it.
"It's all been rather lovely"
And his self penned memorial engraving is wonderful.
Lang may yer lum reek, Duffers, old chap. (No, that is not the memorial. Look it up for yourself.)
And thanks for all the wit.

A belated Happy Birthday to you, sir!

Better to be "over the hill" than under it, as my Gaffer used to say...

A rather belated Happy Birthday Duffers.

May you have many more.

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