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Tuesday, 05 May 2020


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David I take it that classical music is the true source of your erudition?

You're welcome.


I also dislike atonal compositions. The composer is usually just showing off to other composers and musicians. No one else understands or likes the stuff.

Did you see the Bournemouth play Tchaikovsky? You wrote you were going then never commented.

Here's some pop music you might like. It's Annie's tribute to American pop written during the 1930's - 50's. Voice of an angel:

I was in Leipzig some years ago and was invited to a musical recital, or at least that was how it was billed. They were going through some local artist’s repertoire and I couldn’t tell if it was over energetic tuning-up or not. The only clue was that every so often there was a blessed pause and the perpetrator was invited onstage to receive a bouquet. Pretty sure it was the same one each time.
The funny part was how much the members of the orchestra seemed to be enjoying it.

Yes, Bob, I did see them and hear them play and, truly, "I was moved with all"!


Thanks for the Amy Turk link. Dat's good moosic!

And Hank, 'full of surprises' too she is - you have time to check out her rendition of Billy Idol's White Wedding? Whoda ever thunk that noise coulda ever been rendered, dare I say it, quite wonderful?

I think if I listened to the Portsmouth Sinfonia, I'd just start laughing until I dropped off to sleep...

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