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Saturday, 02 May 2020


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The CCP looks at this set of laws and smiles.

I can't think of anything to add to that, Gaffer.


Some people are so vile that I would be quite upset if they didn't hate me.

"Pointing out that a man accused of predatory sexual behaviour isn’t guilty simply because women say so."

To be fair, the left have already accepted this important principle. Especially if the accused is called Biden.

Further evidence that Fishwoman and her fellow Krankies are beneath contempt.

David, it would become a hate speech if I said Islam was not a religion but a mad genocidal fascist Cult. Also if I said some Scottish Nationalist fanatics hated the English then I could be accused of hating people who hate the English. The lawyers will have a field day. However we will be leaving the EU and their courts. So it may not be all that bad.

But not the pandemic early warning and response scheme, eh, Jimmy? ...

First flying Ost Blockers over to pick fruit, now joining EU institutions for mutual benefit - and we haven't even left yet!

Aren't these actions trying to tell you something?


Is it hate speech to say "I have the right to believe that your beliefs are a load of bollocks."
Alternatively, you could put your comments in the form of a question?
"Is Islam not a religion but a mad, homicidal, fascist cult?"
"If some Scottish Nationalists hate the English, would it be wrong to hate someone who hates the English?"

How about the Paddies, eh Jimmy? ...

Singapore-on-Liffey and inside the EU single market and inside the Euro. The "I" that fell out of the PIIGS.
Makes Ambrose "Cry-Wolf" Evans-Pritchard and his Euro "doom-loops" look like the silly sausage he is.

What a Celtic contrast to Mrs MacWhinge and her uber-alles woke Sweaty-nats.

Being inside the British Empire didn't do you any favours long term did it, Jimmy? Taught you nowt but state bossiness and dependency culture. Where'd all that Proddy self-reliance, ingenuity and enterprise go? Stuck in a Highlander's bayonet wound in some Fuzzy-Wuzzie's arse brought home for a tempered equivalent on Sweaties themselves.

What a role reversal. The received wisdom that the enlightenment and Liberty thang passed over Ireland smothered in a blanket of Popery, albeit challenged by some ...

..., while the Scots enlightenment and Liberty thinkers held forth across the rational, empirical, scientific and philosophical world's ...

Where's Adam Smith now then, eh, Jimmy?
Spinning like a jenny in his grave I'd say.

If only Blighty had an executive dedicated to the Singapore-on-Thames model outside the EU and Euro. With a deliciously porous, ambiguous border between ROI and UK we could bridge the US and EU gap with some "Perfidious Eire-Albion" and do very nicely thank you.

But it can't happen. That Fuzzy-Wuzzie's arse wound pricks us in the wrong direction from Holyrood to Westminster.

Goddamn it!


Aaah, bless, a Libertarian dreamer after my own heart! ...

Why does "blue socialist collapse and fall followed by a bail-out by the IMF in exchange for massive austerity package - like 1975" strike me as more realistic?

Both get the same job done, of course. Just makes an even greater mockery of "take back control" when it is wrenched out of Blighty's hands by the market and international rescue lenders than is even already obvious from the fruit-pickers and EU scheme memberships.


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