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Monday, 11 May 2020


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My advice is to not go back, Duffers. The place and everything about it is smaller than you remember. Memories are the best.

I assume that photo is a few days old. Maybe very early in the morning. If not very early, then where are the people?

At home.

This is what Depression looks like.

If I remember right, it's better to find women who've dulled their inhibitions enough to be "looking for a relationship" than to be drinking much yourself.

Happy memories for a different reason. In that town nearly five years ago, I switched off my computer, picked up my bag, and said goodbye to stressful paid employment for ever.

David, I visited Guildford for a pub crawl with the guys during 1976 when on a course at Blackdown Barracks in Deepcut. Lovely place it was during that long hot summer. The Camp Commandant closed down all courses one afternoon and ordered us to attend the Army Aldershot Show. All drinks in the Tents were 10p. A few sour heids the next day!

Funny coincidence. Saw that a few days ago, in an identify towns in Surrey quiz. Managed a whole 5 out of 10.

This looks like a good blog. Thought they'd almost died out these days what with Twitter and all that cr*p.

It looks like a lovely place to have a misspent youth.

'xoggoth', you obviously a man of taste and discernment, so welcome to D&N!

Jimmy, I once spent time in those barracks - happy memories, er, if only I could remember them!

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