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Tuesday, 19 May 2020


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Where to start:
"The Mrs. Bradley Mysteries"--3 of them--are good stories and easy on the nerves. Stars Diana Rigg and Neil Dudgeon.

Might I suggest “The Wire” (herself and I did require subtitles for a while until we got used to the accent), “Treme” which is set in Noo Orleans just after the floods and has some fantastic music, and, finally, “Dexter”. Enjoy, and belated birthday greetings.

If you are interested in Prohibition and bent politics, “Boardwalk Empire” is worth a look. At the risk of teaching granny, you may wish to check out the recommendations on “IMDB” which will give a summary of the program and who is in it.

All the "Law and Order" variations. Bosch. Elementary with Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. Luther. Wallander. Breaking Bad.

David, have a go at I Claudius and spot the old actors.

Ah Jimmy, speaking of old actors, my wife and I like to watch the "Lord Peter Wimsey" mysteries- both portrayals- every few years. The victims are done in very tidy like. Good stories and no jangled nerves.

Gentlemen, thank you, thank you, my goodness, you brought back some memories with those titles!

You could try "The ANZACs" with Paul Hogan, John Blake and Andrew Clarke. The series goes for six hours.

Worth watching.

My wife and I are enjoying "Water Rats" and "Blue Heelers".They are Australian Police series and currently on Youtube.

'The Wire' is one of the best cop shows ever. Hard work to get into, but worth the effort.

For trash daytime 'so bad it's good' try 'Shakespeare and Hathaway' still showing on 'Drama' and 'Alibi' and assorted weird channels. Buttock clenchingly awful with stock characters, thin plots and trite endings. Utterly terrible and great viewing.

Thanks, everybody, just reading the titles brought back memories - albeit, somewhat hazy memories!

Breaking Bad, brilliant plot, excellent acting, intriguing plot twists throughout.

When the lurgy has gone get the TV man in the village to set you up with Netflix, FFS.

It's no more difficult to operate Netflix with the do-flicker-thingy than to place an order for a box set with Amazon.

Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, of course.

Ozark - (JK territory!) with great dark humour amongst a brill plotline and superb acting.

Westworld - Based on the same story as the film with Yul Brynner from donkeys years ago, terrific "slow reveal" plot line, interesting philosophical entanglements.

Fleabag - Oh my word, a detonation under the London middle class Metro world and the modern male and female condition, sooo bloody funny in that uncomfortable toe curly sort of way. And tragicomedy at its modern best - the ending you're never supposed to do. A Rom-Com wrapped in razor wire and claymores. This is a complete one-off for format too, real genius in there. "Fucks me up the arse" being the one liner which will stick with you in your consciousness until you're in the Twilight Home for the Terminally Bewildered and the brain fairies come and steal it (they might even balk at it, "No, we'll leave him with that one to torment the carers).

Better Call Saul - superb follow-on to Breaking Bad, utterly classy characterisations, acting, plot, moral commentary, humour, music blend-ins with plot peak moments. The ultimate post-Breaking Bad fix!


OK, 'SoD', I will try to learn how to use 'Netflix' but if the bloody-bloody 'do-flicker-thingie' refuses to do what I say then out the window it goes!

Treme was by the same team that gave us The Wire. I loved Breaking Bad despite my best intentions. For some light amusement/action might I suggest “Burn Notice”, the story of a spy who has been burnt (disowned) by his own side and lives on his wits (kind of an American up to date “Man in a Suitcase”).

A note of caution though : Game of Thrones is worth watching up to series 5. Series 6 & 7 are OK, although not as good and season 8.....don't watch it and just see the theories on YouTube which are far better than the actual series.

I have Amazon Prime, so I have now binge watched "Flesh and Bone" which was stunning for the dancing but the plot lines were unfortunately totally predictable. I mean, it kept me mesmerised but I sense it might not appeal. "Homecoming" was a visual treat, intriguing and with a use of music which was very different from most TV series.

Box sets - "Waking the dead" - again the early series was better. The later series seemed a bit hit and miss. An off the wall suggestion - "Misfits". Season 1 and 2 only, although I enjoyed season 3. Seasons 4,5 and 6 are for the hard core fans.

The excellent "Columbo" - always good for an indulgent binge although oddly, we manage to work out who did it in the first five minutes.

And finally "Medium". OK, you probably won't enjoy that, I think there were some interesting episodes and it's like a soap opera with more murders than "Eastenders".

There are very few TV dramas where I'd say, "Wow, that was amazing." I find more YouTube stuff that is interesting. If you want some real life crime, "That Chapter" is very good - his description of the case of Christopher Garnier was mind blowing. I'd recommend "Cold case detective" and "Top 5s" as well.

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