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Wednesday, 27 May 2020


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Diplomad's up - sorta.

David, quiet over here is that peaceful interlude otherwise known as reloading. Payback is coming.

Since Trump's campaign relies mostly on rallies, covid has quieted him down a little. He tried using news briefings as a substitute where he came up with ideas like ingesting disinfectant and blaming everyone but himself for our embarrassing response to covid, but that backfired. That leaves him only Twitter, which has begun attaching fact checking warnings to his tweets.

Nearly all news and political stories about him can now be boiled down to one: Trump said or did something outrageous but his base will like it. It is repeated relentlessly and has become every bit as boring as anything about Biden, who aside from being dull and probably senile, is only a slightly better candidate than Hillary.


I know you like stories about wimppy judges lacking in common sense.
This should make you smile.

Hank, they should put that Judge on the Supreme Court - NOW!

If the Dems put Hillary on as Biden's VP it would be time for him to get nervous. Hillbilly's critics/opponents don't have a good health record.

Not so quiet on the Indo-Chinese border ...

Once again the Don smartly offers to hold coats while they get at it ...

We have informed both India and China that the United States is ready, willing and able to mediate or arbitrate their now raging border dispute. Thank you! - Tweet from the Don

Well I guess if the Indians can't make iThingies and landfill crapulata for the Don's posse then it could at least provide some bayonets - 1.35 bn of them.

Cold War II shaping up nicely.


It is possible that the sudden conciliatory tone from the Chinese, after months of intrusion, has been triggered by a larger geopolitical consideration of not pushing India too hard so that New Delhi’s costs of maintaining a working relationship with China exceeds the costs of a closer strategic tie-up with the US.

The Don needs to get busy making an offer the Indians can't refuse.

Ping-a-Ling is ready to play his Pak card ...

But being able to conflate radical Islam and China into one would add a useful card from the deck for use in the arguments at home and with allies into the Don's hand.

The plot sickens.


Cold War 2 is about to unfold. China is on a rampage at the moment. The ChiComs have shown their color, as if any fool could not see it already. They will have allies with the Western Left among them. The world has not had a clear distinction between good vs. evil since 1939. Evil always has a head start while the good are always acting civilized.

The Canadians have officially joined the team:

"In a closely watched decision today, the Supreme Court of British Columbia published a key decision in the extradition case of Meng Wanzhou, the CFO of Huawei Technologies, China’s largest telecommunications company and a frequent target of U.S. policymakers.

In its ruling, the court said that the case met the standard for “double criminality,” and thus the extradition hearing will be allowed to continue. That decision represents a major blow to Huawei, which had hoped to end the suit and bring Meng home back to China."

Whitewall for years now the Chinese have been pouring concrete onto reefs and anything just below the water. They are claiming the surrounding waters as theirs. Only the USA is ignoring their claims and showing military strength. Will the Chineese have to March into Poland before anyone notices!

Bob that's specifically for you, well maybe SoD too.

Best with headphones so as to not miss any of the very important message.

I know how important it is y'all stay lurgi free.

You're welcome.

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