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Sunday, 10 May 2020


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Boris doesn't have a road map for this mess. A well known prima donna modeler set the hysteria tempo for all this and here you are. Us too. Poor put upon Sweden may yet come out bloodied but economically intact in the end.

As you say, Boris is doing as well as can reasonably be expected. Uncharted waters, and whether one is lucky enough to rely upon experts who get it right. My concern is that the final reckoning might see him judged too harshly, and derail the trade talks and European divorce talks.

Whyaxye, might your concern have been part of the goal from the beginning? Some elements in our world today will stop at nothing, you know, never let a perfectly good crisis go to waste.

Duvets. M&S does sealed cover/duvet. Nothing to stuff. Chuck it in the washing machine once a week or fortnight, depending on your filth levels/tolerance. Dries fast.

Duffers some times I despair of you.

Rugby Union is the game played in heaven in the off season. Cricket in the other half of the year.

The round ball game is net ball for blokes.

But if that doesn't get it

Inspiring huh?

Well except for probably Bob.

You're right, JK. The reality story would have made a boring book. Since no one got voted off the island it would have made a boring reality TV show too.

For once Ambrose Evans-Pritchard hits the nail on the head ...

BoJo, HMG, NHS, PHE, SAFE, and the entire managerial class of Blighty's state, the new nobility of Blighty's neo-Feudalist operational constitution, has failed in every respect on C19 ...

British exceptionalism has brought an exceptional outcome. We have both an eye-watering number of avoidable deaths and a staggering amount of avoidable economic damage. The purported trade-off between lives and jobs – always a false choice – has instead spared neither. It is the worst of both.

Prostrate Greece has done better than this country by orders of magnitude despite a decade of economic depression and deep austerity cuts to health care, hospitals, and the social welfare system, as well as having to cope with the burden of seething migrant camps on the Aegean islands.

Greece has had 151 deaths linked to coronavirus. That is 14 deaths per million. The UK has just hit 472. The Greeks pulled this off by recognising the danger immediately and acting. Their lockdown was enforced by roadblocks and document checks. They are now well on their way back to commercial normality.

And as I have been saying for months now, the new nobility has made every mistake it was possible to make ...

Basically, every mistake that could have been made, was made. He likened the care home policy to the Siege of Caffa in 1346, that grim chapter of the Black Death when a Mongol army catapulted plague-ridden bodies over the walls.

Here's list: "noool pwun" across all 10 ...

1. Testing
2. Track and trace
3. Lockdown
4. PPE
5. ICUs / ventilators
6. Public masks
7. Borders
8. Care homes
9. Leveraging EU purchasing
10. Leveraging private sector and academics

Yet the UK is moving uncomfortably close to special status, with excess deaths above the seasonal average topping 42,000 up to April 24. It has undoubtedly surpassed 50,000 since then. We will breach 1,000 deaths per million before long, yet without reaching the safe uplands of herd immunity.

These deaths could have been held to at 1,000 or thereabouts, ideally by Korean methods, or failing that at least by sheer Greek determination. All the other deaths are in essence a policy failure.

Deaths could have been held to 1,000, but are likely 50,000 due to your darling emperor BoJo, his new nobility, and Blighty's neo-Feudalism.

So that's 49,000 slaughtered in your name.

I once wrote a blog post for D&N entitled "A belated 'Happy May Day' from the 120 million" ...

Well what can I say but "A belated 'Happy May Day' from the 120,049,000".


Looks like Keir Starmer has shafted BoJo for the second week running ...

The latest figures, began Sir Keir today, showed that at least 40 per cent of deaths from the virus had come in care homes. Yet according to the Government’s advice in March, it was “very unlikely” that people in care homes would become infected.

Mr Johnson protested. “No, Mr Speaker,” be blurted, “it wasn’t true that the advice said that!”

But it was. Sir Keir was quoting the advice word for word, from a sheet in paper in front of him.

Next he asked about the vast number of unexplained deaths in care homes. In April, there had been 26,000 care home deaths. The previous April, there had been only 8,000. Yet of these additional 18,000 deaths, only 8,000 had been officially attributed to the virus. Could Mr Johnson give the Government’s view as to the possible cause of those 10,000 “unexplained” deaths?

Mr Johnson could not. In fact, it wasn’t obvious he’d understood the question. His reply was a cascade of helpless waffle. “Appalling disease… tragedy taking place… critical to our ability to move forward as a nation…”

On to the death toll overall. The Government, noted Sir Keir, had stopped producing the daily chart which plotted death tolls in various countries, including Britain. Why?

“He seeks to make comparisons with other countries,” snorted Mr Johnson, “which I am advised are premature.”

Sir Keir looked puzzled. The Government had been publishing these “comparisons with other countries” for seven weeks.

“It’s pretty obvious,” he said, “that when we didn’t have the highest number of deaths in Europe, the graphs were used for comparison purposes. But as soon as we did have the highest number, they were dropped.”

Blighty has the worst government in post-war history right now. The lying, fraud and air-brushing must stop. They must fall over this negligent slaughter.

And as I said years ago, that will open the door to the Marxist Labour Party with socialist policies by ideological design, rather than blue socialism by blunder, accident and through an absence of any principled alternative basis of their own.

"Will anyone notice the difference?" you might ask. Well not much. But not having the EU Single Market rules and regulations to constrain the Marxist Labour Party will be very noticeable in and of itself.

Good call 23rd June 2016.

Good call 12th December 2019.


And the European media calls it out good 'n' proper ...

Blighty sliding down the greasy pole of the world's "soft power tables", soo to be the Venezuela of Europe.

"Down, down I come; like glistering Phaethon,
Wanting the manage of unruly jades.
In the base court? Base court, where kings grow base,
To come at traitors’ calls and do them grace.
In the base court? Come down? Down, court!
Down, king!
For night-owls shriek where mounting larks
should sing."


Britain isn't alone:

“The United States was once known for its can-do culture. We built the Panama Canal and we put a man on the moon,” said historian Douglas Brinkley of Rice University. “And now we can’t get a swab or a face mask or a gown and we have no real chain of command. And we have two Americas, a Republican one and a Democratic one, and they won’t collaborate. We are not leading in the pandemic response, we are trailing other countries by a long shot. This is a crippling blow to America’s prestige around the world.”

The US and UK are sinking into the sunset for the same reasons. Everything has become political because that's the currency of populist movements and leadership. At least the Russian Oligarchy is doing worse. Too bad it won't likely stop them from hacking our governments to make them even worse.

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