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Saturday, 23 May 2020


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Don't be a Plonker, Gaffer.

BoJo isn't the slightest bit interested in rolling back Sino-UK relations, it's his own backbenchers who've forced his hand.

Looks like Gollum has been outed for the hypocritical piece of human refuse that he is too ...

The worst political class in the free world.

And the dumbest populace in the free world who chose to unfetter them from external oversight and applaud their institutions that have systematically massacred them.

Parliament is the final grip to which Blighty is clinging on by its fingernails. But that can't last with pols and hoi-poloi of this degraded calibre.

Donkeys lead by donkeys.


It's a good bit of news for the Don though, granted.

He's already tightened the rack on Hauwei to existential degrees while C19 distracted all our attentions ...

Next up, swap out the planned Chinese nuclear power stations for oil and gas terminals and buy shale from Uncle Sam.


"unfetter them from external oversight"

That's a beautiful phrase from SoD. Who oversees the overseas overseers?

The 28 member states (now 27) of the executive, the European parliament, the ECJ and the states' courts (as evidenced by the German Constitutional Court's recent decision).

A Godelian feedback loop: EU monitors states, states monitor EU.

The people, the "third estate", benefit from this Confederate bipolar cycle like kids in a playground who find that two bullies are better than one - because two bullies fight each other whereas one bully fights the kids.

Just another tool in the post-enlightenment toolbox to keep the bastards off our backs, along with rule of law, separation of powers, democracy, Liberty, etc. etc. blah blah.


It may be behind the paywall but Imperial College London has a deal for 5G with Huawei for an on campus network? Isn't the college the same that pays modeler Neil Ferguson to scare the socks off people so much they collapse their economies? If so, isn't the Imperial College a threat to national security?

Just seen BoJo is defending Gollum for breaking the laws that he - BoJo - made.

Rule of law out of the window then. That's two tools thrown out of the post-enlightenment toolbox in quick succession.

I wonder which one is next?


“Blah, blah”. SoD in self awareness mode?

Trump has made an uncharacteristically good call in cutting off tech to enable Huawei, though the idea probably wasn't his any more than Boris's. There will be trade countermeasures from China that could be painful, but any country using Huawei 5G equipment almost certainly gives China a measure of control over their intelligence security and politics. Good for the backbenchers too.

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