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Wednesday, 20 May 2020


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I quite agree with you Duffers, but I find her irritating and absolutely do not trust her. Most of my Scottish friends are thoroughly enamored to the point that they will not hear of any criticism. But hey, the Trumpers is free game! I just don't understand the Scottish mindset that wants independence from Westminster to just chain themselves to Brussels.

The Gauleiters in Brussels must be smacking their lips in expectation of swallowing the oil and gas deposits, to say nothing of the teeming fish stocks.

You what?

There's barely any oil and gas left - even the Sweaties alone can't live off it ...

And who gives a flying fish about fish anyway?

Scotland's economy is predicated on fiscal transfers from England and has the highest public sector spending as a proportion of GDP of all the UK countries.

Scotland is the last place on earth the EU would want - replacing England's contribution to their begging bowl by its own, why would they want that? Blighty could never offload Scotland to the EU, like an old scrapper we'd have to pay the EU to take her off our hands!

Give the Sweaties their own currency and fiscal control and leave them to it as a state in the Federation of the United Kingdom - FUK for short. A bit of the old Adam Smith 'd be a rocket up her arse, she'd straighten up and fly right soon enough. Plus Mrs MacWhinge minus all the English wonga wouldn't last a second in the real world into the bargain.


Would the EU want another non contributing member, especially given how broke they are now?
Would Scotland be willing to contribute?
Do the Scots want to join the Euro along with Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Ireland?
We will see.

Pat, Last I heard they want to keep the pound! LOL

As I read elsewhere recently, national independence while being a member of the EU and retaining the pound is a bit like the kids " camping" in the back garden on a warm summer night.

As an Edinburgh born and raised Anglo Scottish mongrel who now lives in Northern England, I really do wonder at so many of my former compatriots' acceptance of these shysters and their fingernails down the blackboard mouthpiece. The only thing I can see in favour of their voting is - where is the alternative?

I never did that chart of deaths per country by early lockdown, did I?

Someone else did ...

7 days in March cost Blighty 30,000 dead. 3/4's of the deaths would have been saved. 7 days earlier and our dead would have been around Germany's at 8,000.

I will bet you a pint, Gaffer, none of the killers who did this, the politicians and "scientists", will go to prison or lose their jobs. The pols will say they took the "scientists" advice and the "scientists" will say it wasn't their decision but the pols decision. And that will be enough to dodge all justice.

I don't think anything in the world of politics makes me so angry and hate filled as HMG and its state apparatus and knowing that no-one ever gets put on trial and punished for these criminally negligent acts.

Not even Mrs MacWhinge.


Loz, you are losing the plot. It was the virus that killed. You sound like those old crones that had people burnt and drowned because a black cat was seen near their hoose. The Scottish Nazi fanatics are calling Boris a butcher. Globalisation and free movement carried the virus from China worldwide. Maybe we need the Spanish Inquisition to sort it.

"Losing the plot"

Heh heh Jimmy that's SoD alright (perhaps me sometimes definitely Bob) but he's doing his dingers best he is.

Now here's an interesting admission from Ambrose "Cry Wolf" Evans-Pritchard ...

The ‘Hamilton Moment’ proclaimed by project enthusiasts this week is a theatrical sleight of hand.

Historians may instead view this pandemic as Europe’s “Jefferson Moment”: the triumph of a confederal EU and the end of the integrationist dream.

So in Cry Wolf's opinion the EU is currently a confederation, not a federation. And the victory of the Confederate status quo over the Federal onslaught will enshrine Confederalism in the EU - a "Jefferson Moment", as opposed to "Hamilton Moment".

Johnny Reb trounces the Yankees!

Shouldn't we be in there giving the Jerries a hand?

I mean, if the Jerry court can proclaim the German constitution superior to the ECJ's rulings, then why not Blighty's constitution?

And if so, why didn't the procession of brainless pond lifers in stewardship of Blighty since 1975 assert this planet sized loophole rather than flouncing out? Could even Maggie have done better than a mere hand-bagging?

"Tommy, ve shood be fighting deez one togesser, nein?"


Blighty is on the podium - we just bumped Italy off (no pun intended) bronze! ...

Third greatest death toll per capita in the world.

And given both Belgium and Spain, 1st and 2nd respectively, do a proper count of all virus related deaths and Blighty doesn't, then we probably have gold in our grasp when the adjustments are made.

Makes ya praaaad to be British, don't it, eh Gaffer?!


I have a grip on the plot like no one has ever seen: JK is the hillbilly, excuse me, country lawyer and Glesga is nearly right. SoD is a Monty Python character dressed like a woman, screaming "The NHS are murderers", "Anyone who doesn't want to burn coal in Africa wants to kill poor people" and "The government is incompetent and Brexit will make us slaves". To be fair, the last one might be true:

"Market access is just one component in this geostrategic contest. Washington wants to dump its agricultural surplus on British consumers (which would ruin domestic farmers), but it also wants the UK to side with Mr Trump in his escalating rhetorical confrontation with China. The EU takes a less belligerent stance towards Beijing. Mr Johnson’s China policy is a muddle, warily engaged, but under pressure from many Tories who prefer the US line.

Meanwhile, the Covid-19 pandemic has incinerated old expectations and savaged economic prospects for probably years. It introduces stresses to an already fragmented global trading order that were not foreseen by Eurosceptic ideologues. It sharpens dilemmas that were already acute. The lone-trade model forces the UK to compromise on two fronts, in parallel negotiations, with little leverage and no allies. Concessions to the east damage prospects to the west. It is easy to see why the prime minister does not want to admit in public that his choices are constrained, not expanded, by Brexit. But it is a fact to which he must adapt to navigate safely through newly turbulent waters."

'The Guardian' - heh!

'Shoot the messenger' - ho!

No, Bob, just giggle helplessly!

Bob,the EU was the great leader of the member states until the virus.
The EU has shown no support to the member states during this crisis. It is every state for itself. Hopefully the gravy train of parasites will dry up and the experiment ended soon.

Jimmy, that's exactly why the EU has outperformed Blighty and the US on C19. By leaving the management of the C19 crisis to the states it optimised the reaction to the crisis in each area of the EU. A centralised response would have been an unmitigated disaster - as it was in Blighty.

The confederate system of the EU has outperformed the federal system of the US, and massively outperformed the centralised system of the UK - just look at the results ...

Deaths per million and position in the world

UK 542 3rd
US 289 9th
EU 277 10th

Blighty has had just under double the number of deaths per million of the EU.

You're living in a failed state.



The trend has been that the EU grew steadily since 1957. Good animation here:

There are another 4 or 5 countries lining up to join. It's not likely the project will fail because Britain is conflicted.

It's been every state for themselves in the US too. That's how a federation of states works.

I agree, Bob.

In some ways there's not an awful lot of difference between federal and confederate systems. Both can centralise and decentralise when needed to suit the situation. That's why their numbers are so close.

The centralised model relies on a wing and a prayer that the leadership is of some quality. It's an all or nothing outcome: leadership good and everything will be ok, leadership bad and thousands die.

It's like the contrast between (1) an ocean-liner with no compartments (centralised) where you rely completely on the captain to avoid icebergs, because if he hits one you are going down. And (2) an ocean-liner with compartments (confederate/federal) where the captain can make mistakes and bump and grind a few icebergs and close the compartments to contain the flooding so the whole vessel doesn't succumb.

In the political world you are either a (1) or a (2).

I am defo a (2).

That's why the best place for Blighty in the world would have been to federate at home and confederate with the EU.

At home the 12 states that have a precedent in history would have been terrific federation to drive Blighty forward - friendly rivalry and competition to the fore! ...

Old England, the heptarchy

The ancient Britons
Northern Ireland

The capital, its own and shared by all

By George and all the Saints, pour the Maggie-juice of a single market and four freedoms into her and see those 12 cylinders on Merlin's engine spark up! Hear that throaty roar you haven't heard since 1945!

And stay in the confederation with the Euros and I guarantee you we'd have the Jerries' trousers off and be running the show in a decade.

Instead we centralised at home and quit the EU confederation. The exact worst place in the world for Blighty.



I agree a governmental system that allows the most possible give and take leaves the most room to improve society. During my lifetime I've seen our federal government go from being strong, because of the effects of the Civil War, world wars and Great Depression, to providing very little leadership at present. Some of that has to do with a reaction to Cold War adventurism and some is the result of pure politics. Washington will probably become more important again if the response to the pandemic is broadly seen as a failure.

Your argument there has to be a stronger UK before there can be a successful relationship with the EU seems convincing.

Bob and Loz having a love in whilst having social distancing.


It's probably the greatest technological breakthrough since Telestar beamed y'all a game you still don't care about from my home town Chicago:

Gods, I remember watching some of that. Even back then Brussels had to stick their noses in.

A little glimmer of hope, not from BoJo and HMG of course, but from that bastion of defiance and rebellion the backbenches of Parliament ...

Huawei to be given the chop suey. BoJo's 80 seat majority can be plainly seen for what it is: A paper Tiger.

The sapling of defiance and rebellion seeded by hard Brexiteers to obstruct Theresa May has taken root, and now a mighty oak towers over BoJo and his 80 seats.

You reap what you sow.


Bob, I remember Telstar the year before Kennedy was topped then later Telstar music by the Tornados.

Glesga, I still have a Joe Meek album around somewhere. Here's the sound:

Glesga, sorry, wrong link:

Thanks Bob, excellent quality sound and fond memories.

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