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Friday, 15 May 2020


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I have a lot to say. I will not say it.
"It can't happen in America!" It did. It has been covered up
and is being covered up and sloughed off by Democrats-MSM-Deep State. The DOJ and other judges are uncovering the entire coup attempt finally. May they report soon and fully.

The four boxes on which freedom rests:
soap box, ballot box, jury box, the ammo box.

Our enemies have made themselves known. Time for taking sides.

Well so long as you're David, pulling off of The American Spectator how's about I make it a twofer?

Now then.

Whom from among my compatriot fellow followers on this here D&N might we consider best qualified to recommend to our individual Senators to replace the totally ineffective (and too compliant) *Chairman Of the Senate Special Intelligence Committee?

I have to admit to turning over in what passes for my mind, Arkansas' Senator Tom Cotton however, to my way of thinking going forward, Senator Cotton probably should be left as he is. I think actually, Tom might be the best choice for a Presidential candidate come 2024.

Perhaps Missouri's Senator Josh Hawley? Just a thought though actually. He too might be left for some future considerations.


JK, Senator Burr has always been a push over and as thick as a plank. He was that way as a young man. I never met Sen. Burr but my youngest brother knew him. Richard's wife owned a real estate firm for many years and I met her through that a couple of times. She is smart and could run a business, so Richard had to go to DC to get out of her way.

Well Whitewall I guess I'll have to say that, fairly quickly after leaving the comment above I emailed Tom recommending Florida's Senator Rick Scott as a first choice. Cruz for second and Hawley as my third choice.

Can't though see Cocaine Mitch "allowing" Cruz anywhere near the real levers of power in the Senate - but it would be kinda fun watching that.

Hawley I could definitely get comfortable with in the position but, and just from my state's proximity to his and observing his priorities I don't know he'd be so inclined to Intel.

Alot will be illumined however by whomever the Senate's choice ultimately is - whether the DC Establishment realizes its electoral *prospects.

It has been said that nobody will go to jail because that never happens in DC. And it never has.
But past miscreants have gone quietly. This lot haven't.
An exception to past practise is therefore necessary.

"If McConnell and Graham want to confirm judges after November, they need to understand how viscerally outraged many Americans are by the spying and leaking scandal. They need to know that refusal to do anything about it will hurt Republicans, not Democrats, at the ballot box."

Well Whitewall it would seem we're not so alone after all.

And you too Pat.

McConnell did seem wimpy in that interview. You never know with him but Democrats have made careers out of flaccid Republicans not pulling the trigger. If justice fails in this then the only avenue left is rough justice. Malcolm posted a piece here a while back from an acquaintance of his talking about a "volume knob" and how Left and Right view it and use it. I can't recall where it was but the article packed a punch.

Oh Bob?

Run that up to about the 30:40 mark and give it a listen won't you?

Yeah yeah I know how you regard anybody who has any opinions that differ from your own however, the guy was a US Attorney; meaning, confirmed by the Senate ... bipartisanly might I add ...

Rabbi Fisher is obviously informed by otherworldly forces. His religiosity is an inspiration.


JK, It's still just one guy's opinion. Looks like no clear sledding for your boy and probably more conspiracy theories to keep up with.

Okay okay okay Bob, to be fair ... here's an opposing view [in two parts 1. in 17 minutes - but there's a couple adverts one may easily scroll past, make it 15 minutes total & 2 6 minutes 45 seconds no adverts:

Epstein's a good lawyer, that I'll grant. I pray it doesn't go so far as he's saying it [probably] will but if it does, so be it.

But the law is the law and that is a good thing. Let it proceed as it will [or might].


To be even fairer, Flynn was widely known to be sketchy, including by Chris Christie, who is no one's leftist:

Supposedly several sources in the preceeding administration warned the Trump people about him too. That's probably why Trump insisted on hiring him - to annoy the Obama people.

The only opinion that really matters is Judge Sullivan's, and apparently he's not playing ball with Barr.

"To be even fairer, Flynn was widely known to be sketchy"

Well gollee Bob he was a fully engaged head of one of the major components of the IC wasn't he - until he put into a report our strategy in Afghanistan wasn't as geniusy as the warhawk-politicos and the Pentagon 'deskers' kept telling us it was?

As if anybody paying attention over the last nearly two entire decades couldn't have recognized the reality of that even without his putting it to document?


What does that have to do with his lying to Pence and the FBI or not mentioning he was an agent of Turkey?

You realize Bob the case having to do with any agency with Turkey was thrown out?

But where Flynn's "lying" to Pence is concerned my memory is foggy - might you remind me precisely the language of that lie? And had there been a question asked, and if so, what was that question, exactly?

I'd appreciate it Bob.


I'm not going to read through a transcript to find the exact verbage. If that's what you want I'll leave it to you.

There might have been mitigating circumstances and there might not have been, but a lie is a lie and Trump fired him for lying. Also, Flynn lied to the FBI several times but they reduced the charges to one after he cooperated. Why is it so important to you that Flynn gets off? He's just one more liar like Manafort, Cohen, and so on.

"Flynn lied to the FBI several times"

Edited to more accurately reflect what was purported (bearing in mind there is the "little issue" of a missing 302 - which 302 text exchanges between two government issued [and thus retained on government servers] cellphones reveal was edited by both of the participants of the text[s] exchange[s] ... See IG Horowitz' testimony before Congress 32:27)

Edit - "Flynn, it is alleged, lied to the FBI several times."


"Why is it so important to you that Flynn gets off?"

It's nothing to do Bob with any particular individual "getting off" as it is any individual being maliciously and *possibly falsely charged to begin with.

*Possibly - That ball is in IG Durham's court as we speak.

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