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Thursday, 21 May 2020


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Quit yer moanin', it has been raining for four days here with one to go. Should be sunny and 80F. Even the fish are drowning!

Great song. It was probably last performed in an English music hall pub.

Good thing you don't believe in this stuff, David:

"In an article for Somerset Live, Steve Mewes, Policy and Campaigns Manager of Somerset Wildlife Trust warns climate change is likely to pose significant threats to Somerset and the UK is "desperately unprepared" for rising sea levels and river flows."

Have been enjoying the weather more than my garden! However, sat in my garden today (just a handful of miles north of you) I couldn’t hear myself think for the cries of all the recently fledged starlings begging for food.

I hope you're wearing your sarong in the heatwave.

Got up to 20C has it?

Bloody David.

And this'un belows just for the next three days:

Complaining about "the weather" are we?

"Much more and 'Zummerzet' will begin to look like Arkansas!"

[Uhm ah ... yes of course]

Wednesday last David Arkansas (at least where I'm at in the Ozarks) got a day where we 'enjoyed' two weather records - both of 'em doing with just the temperature. That dawn dawned clear and and 'maters' dying all around me [28°F/-2°C] but at 1543 [CST] it was a balmy 84°F [29°C?].

And it's rain yer missing izit David? Well how'n the hell can that be "like Arkansas" shit six days ago I had to borrow a squirrel cage fan [industrial] from a mate o' mine 'cause the night before [and for 50 hours before that] come the goddamndynest even bullfrogs was seeking highground damned 8.44" in 72 hours you never seen before in your life except for maybe at sea in a typhoon your dumbass Captain was thinking would hide hisself from even the Weather Channel.

And talk about rain.

Damn David Arkansas' Ozarks is seventeen & four one hundreths inches above the average since before Hernando DeSoto came through here finding out his gunpowder wasn't shit to the Osage who kilt him nevertheless even if, out of jes plain ol' arbitraryousness or jes to prove them Spaniards wasn't even near so good as the New York Times and their 1619 Fairy Tale sez they was.

Anyway David it does no good to complain about the weather. Come next month and the replaced 'maters' is struggling for a drink of anything but Barney's and I'm not anymore having to run the heat (did I mention we've been having the coldest Spring since 'records begun' - there was a two hundred year lull betwixt the Spaniards got here and Napoleon somehow got the title squared away enough to sell Arkansas to Tom Jefferson?)

Anyway that's how from mid-April to now's gone. Mostly very goddamn cold (God where's Global Warming when I could use some?) But whatever's; the temperature that ten bob you spent on them sliders is gonna waste away anyway if only because t'aint no way them rivet holes can let out the overflows.

All that's gone on this new year's got me thinking, weatherwise, I sure wish Greta Thunberg hadn't been switched to the Covid-19 team.

Bloody waste of talent if you ask me.

Dammit, 'Wiggers', those are MY starlings! Send them back here - soonest!

And, JK, it doesn't matter what the weather is like 'over there', all you 'Arkies' are as hard as nails!

Andra - dammit! - sorry, sorry, I completely forgot my sarong. The neighbours will be bitterly disappointed.

Oh, and JK, you are forbidden from switching on 'italics' - because you never switch the bloody things off!

There's another explanation for the warmth and sun; C19 lockdown:

"Researchers have revealed a 40% drop in air pollution levels. At the University of Birmingham, Professor Francis Pope who studies atmospheric science, suggested that reductions in some pollutants could cause warmer temperatures temporarily."

Damn clean air.

Btw, congratulations to Ozzies and Kiwis:

"New Zealand ranks among the world's most successful countries in the global fight against the coronavirus, along with Australia, where the daily number of new cases has plummeted from 460 in late March to only 16 last Friday, bringing the total to just over 6,800."

What we really need are your strategies for electing governments that aren't led by dimwits.

That there Global Warming is the goldarndest magical thing there ever was! First we're given to understand "it's the air pollutin' goin' on" what's done it and now, "it's the air pollutin' not goin' on" what's done it! Plumb doggone magical I declare.

Ya know what else is magical, JK? That your boy Flynn could be unmasked when he wasn't masked:

Pretty fancy prestidigitation. How'd they do that?

What makes you think they aren't dimwits Bob?

South Australia has had no new infections for over a week. Ease the restrictions? No way mate. You never know a virus may be lurking in the shadows waiting to bite someone on the arse.

In Queensland the Chief Health Officer says that closing the schools was not really needed but it would get the message across about infection. Did the State Premier call her to task for stepping outside her brief to offer medical advice not policy? No way.

Here in the Socialist Peoples Republic of Victoriastan our beloved leader Kim-Il-Andrews the State Premier has kept the restrictions in place despite the need for such drastic measures not being needed now. The advice of the Deputy Health Officer also has to be somewhat in doubt due to her comparing the damage done by the virus to the sighting of the East Coast of Australia by Captain Cook. Did she get a new one torn for her stupid comment stepping outside her brief? Not on your sweet Nellie.

In New Zealand the government of Jacinda Adearn just passed legislation allowing the Police to enter any premises including private houses without warrant if it is suspected people are gathering in numbers greater than allowed. If that is not totalitarian stupidity I don't know what is.

Where we have had the advantage is that both Oz and NZ are island nations a long way from anywhere else and we could shut the borders effectively.

While not absolutely certain Bob I am, 'pretty sure' I never put into a comment Flynn was unmasked. Page, Manafort, the guy whose name begins with a 'P' (and reads kinda Greek) sure but not Flynn because it wouldn't have been necessary.

Remember the scene as described by Comey in one of his earliest open Congressional testimonies where he reported Flynn, when asked the details of the conversation to the interviewing agents him [Flynn] saying "Why ask me, you guys have the transcript?" (Flynn being former DIA Director woulda known common practice.)

The problem the (general) media has is *most journalists are, basically, clueless where the details of and especially morphed FBI investigations are concerned.

[Morphed - In the sense that was in Flynn's case specifically, it actually began as a criminal inquiry which got rolled into an existing counterintelligence op and finally into a criminal investigation. I can *sorta commiserate with the operators that the whole shebang seems inevitably to become unglued because of management's making everything so unnecessarily complicated.]

Correction Bob.

David's archives reveal my including Flynn in a list of those I suspected of being unmasked (eg Manafort, P, Page et al) in a comment I placed in June of 2017.

I'd contend though, at that early stage I myself was pretty clueless as to what precisely I was looking at.

Awhile back me and Whitewall was talking about rodeoing bulls.

As y'all can see some of us Americans ain't like me'n Whitewall with our usual cool calm and collected stable genius demeanors nosiree some Americans is plumb dadgone crazy.


You're close to China and trade a lot with them, and you have large cities, so it's not like there haven't been decisions to make. And while suicide is available to everyone, illegal or not, running around possibly infecting other people who aren't keen on the idea is downright antisocial. We have "freedom fighters" here who think refusing to wear a mask in a store makes them kin to George Washington.

Your leaders might not be perfect but they're competent to handle a pandemic, in contrast to "leadership" in the US and UK. They haven't told you the virus is a political hoax, to inject disinfectants or just let the virus do its thing so you can develop herd immunity have they? Well Donny and Boris have. I'd trade your nitwits for ours in a heartbeat.

" ... to inject disinfectants ... "

Great guns Bob you better get into YouTube and provide AussieD the video in which that, precisely, was advised 'cause otherwise AussieD may be skeptical of your assertion.

AussieD? Where Bob puts it, "We have "freedom fighters" here who think refusing to wear a mask in a store makes them kin to George Washington" that's not exactly correct everywhere in the US - maybe in Indiana - but in Arkansas and southern Missouri the places I've graced with my presence since nobody else was wearing a mask when I walked in I figured 'what the hay' and removed mine. Cain't say it makes me feel akin to George Washington though.


For your enjoyment:


Where I live there are a lot of stores, like the big box home improvement ones, that require you to wear a mask to enter. If you don't have one, they'll sell you one for 99 cents. The management calls the cops on people who refuse, and a lot of them are arrested. And that's good ol' American-as-apple-pie business setting policy.

Indiana is holding steady for the number of new infections. Arkansas is hitting a new peak:

Think policy has anything to do with it?

"The management calls the cops on people who refuse, and a lot of them are arrested."

And then what? Is there room in the jails or is it a simple OR? And if there is room in the jails how is that, others having been 'let out' to make room?

Arkansas' 'new peak' anywheres close to Indiana's former peak? How's our respective state's fatality rates (due to Covid solely) comparing?

And then there is the CDC's methodology.

Problematic to say the least.

Most just get ticketed for a fine as far as I know. The few that actually get hauled off to the station have to work at it by giving the cops a hard time or otherwise disturbing the peace. Overall, Indiana is conservative in the good, old sense of the word, though the rural districts do elect some real doozies.

Maybe I'll look up the statistics later. Covid reporting is an example of where the federal government should establish and enforce standards because no other body is capable. The present administration no doubt thinks that might take away from campaigning and infighting time and make them responsible for something.

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