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Sunday, 31 May 2020


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We are dealing with the festering cancer of a Left wing that has taken over too many institutions and a major political party and even tried to overthrow a duly elected president which is still going on.

Democrat mayors all over Blue America are powerless and hapless in the face of their own turning against them. Peaceful demonstrations are needed but they have been co-opted by various left wing groups, most notably Antifa. Blue city police depts are thrown under the bus by years of Democrat pols who promise everything in all the "woke" phrases of today but deliver only more layers of nonsense. Half or more of these rioters are not black and are being coordinated from the outside, right down to where to find preplaced pallets of bricks to use against stores and cars.

Blue city cops will hold back from policing from here on as city hall has deserted them at least for now. Until the leftists take sufficient casualties by people who mean business, they will continue. If need be, only one man and his attorney general will deliver that. A sympathetic MSM is doing all it can to help the image of the leftist thugs and even they are being attacked.

This criticism of America from a Brexit Brit fer chrissakes? Pfffft. An example of perfect social harmony your island ain't. And there are sympathy George Floyd protests all over the world, including in London:

The far right wouldn't be the far right without the paranoid specter of an all-powerful enemy, but Xi isn't in nearly the position of Lenin or Stalin. He'll be lucky to keep control of his Communist party. Before you get in bed tonight make sure to get a flashlight and check under it for leftists and Chinese. And Chinese leftists.

Bob, I do realise, because you never cease to remind me, that what passes for my brain is way below your standard, even so, perhaps you can take pity on an ignorant Brit and explain why my being a "Brexit Brit" has *anything* to do with me expressing my sympathy for America?

So, a malevolent China led by a power-crazed madman who thinks he is entitled to rule the world is no problem, nothing to see here, move along! Well, good luck with that one!

Politics is always a least worst calculation.

"Least worst" has its moments.


The left wing group ANTIFA is about to be classified as a terrorist organization by the DOJ and about time. There are cells scattered all over America, and Europe too, and are well trained and funded.

They will have to be taken down hard.

Interesting reading from the BBC ...

If that bastion of leftist wokery acknowledges that in almost every major US city it is near impossible to participate in a legal peaceful protest because the hard left incites the underclass into rioting, petrol bombing, looting, destroying small business and the livelihoods of their fellow citizens, thereby inducing, quite rightly, the blunt instrument of law enforcement which conflates and is undiscerning thereby obstructing legal peaceful protest, where should a well balanced and reasonable thinking outsider conclude the core problem lies?

Who is it exploiting the underclass and closing down protest rights?

Pronouncements and actions that incite violence against person and property and obstruct Libertarian rights of protest are one of the justified duties of authority to act against.

Jeez, if your mob has got Whiters, the Gaffer, the BBC and me all in agreement, don't you think it's time for a reality check, Bob?

Reality, even if not from the perspective of a correct assessment of the true causality, but simply out of self interest: Do you want the left elected at the next election or not?

Because the majority of people anywhere want security, and the Don's gonna play that card hard on you now. You are the cause and sustenance of chaos and violence. The "Least Worst" doctrine means a few black guys offed wins compared to the alternative of the very sponsor of that chaos and violence getting the top job.

So you've fallen for a Don ambush again. This is a gift for his re-election campaign.

The American peeps will never elect a radical left agenda that panders to the rioters and the mob.

You've lost already. Again.


Lefties and people of colour (that is non white people apparently) mobbing around London today in protest for a guy allegedly murdered by a cop in the USA. Thousands dying in the UK because of the virus and there they all are packed together in the streets. Maybe the weather was too hot.

SoD, well said.

Jimmy, seems when a protest/riot is needed, lock downs are suspended. But if a group wants to go to a pub or restaurant or God forbid a church, the law will come down on them like a ton of bricks. Lock downs are now over there and here I guess?

A leftist professor from UCL with no doubt a string of letters after her name gets it 100% wrong ...

This fear, indeed, affects those who might not normally be Trump supporters, symbolised by the Latin-American store owners who stood guarding their premises against the rioters. Trump hopes to sweep them up into his coalition.

Joe Biden took the opposing stance. Where Trump is divisive, Biden tries to unify; where Trump condones violence, Biden encourages reconciliation.

Trump needs to look the strong leader who will protect his followers and other Americans. He has to widen his coalition. Biden has to be the leader who can build a coalition that is nearly as complex as the Democratic coalition from the 1930s to the 1970s, which every four years brought together segregated southern states and northern unionised industrial states.

That was not easy, and nor will Biden’s task of bringing together minorities, suburban women, and Democratic progressives, liberals and conservatives. The riots may have helped, rather than hindered him, however: as does Biden, most Americans prefer neighbourliness to confrontation.

Notice how she is trying to downplay rioting as a sort of "old normal"? Nothing more or less than an orderly non-violent protest march. She knows as well as the rest of us that people in a functioning democracy turn rightwards towards security and order when threatened by insecurity and disorder, so she dilutes and conflates rioting into peaceful protest. No mention of looting of course, that's airbrushed out, nothing to see here. She knows the damage this has done the leftist cause and is trying to cover it with "old normal" rioting line.

No mention of Biden telling black people they're not really black unless they vote for him. A patronising racist statement demonstrating supreme political incompetence: What chance of this buffoon coordinating and unifying the multifaceted leftist groups outlined in her diatribe above?

And apparently Latin-American store owners are "normally" anti-Trump. Jeez, if you run a business that's being threatened with destruction by the underclass whipped up by hard leftists you're apparently going to vote left at the next election. Wtf?

And that final sentence, that Biden has been helped not hindered by the riots and looting of the underclass incited by leftist perpetrators that Biden supports, because "most Americans prefer neighbourliness to confrontation"? Why would they vote for a supporter of the ultimate un-neighbourliness and confrontation of "old normal" rioting and looting then?

That's the sort of biased crap-thinking that Blighty's tax payers fund at UCL. Makes the effing BBC look good.


Frankly I can't understand why those governors in the affected states don't, simply, order the lockdowns and social distancing fines be doubled or even quadrupled.

And hire Bob to enforce.

*They'll pay attention to him surely.

I mean he's got the prescription for everything we all know so why not unleash him onto his fellow normal people.

Seems to me that there is a dedicated element in the USA just hoping for an incident to happen as an excuse to riot and wreck businesses. It is mob rule and they do not care that they could be spreading the virus that could kill thousands.

Right Jimmy there is.

I don't expect you to be aware of it but back in April of 2016 our DHS released a report for law enforcement agencies use to keep track of an emergent threat. Alas the *you know who groups put up such a fuss that the report got pulled from *publicly accessible sites - fortunately there're people who watch for those sorts of things and ensure that stuff can be accessed by other means:

Politico for instance feeling so confident its preferred candidate was gonna win even felt confident enough to run a story about the same assessment:

You can rest assured however Jimmy you ain't gonna be reading anything in the "acceptable media" about any of that stuff until the "You ain't black" guy says its okay - which he ain't never gonna do.

I'm also wondering if Chauvin has actually done anything wrong?

The neck hold he applied was allowed for officers trained to use it. Chauvin and colleagues must have applied this legimate restraint for years without issues.

And Floyd's comment "I can't breath" must have have seemed like as much bullshit as "I can't go in there I suffer from claustrophobia" said by Floyd when heading to the police van after he'd been sat voluntarily in a car with other people with no claustrophobia issues.

It's a scene that's as routine as a beer on a Saturday night across America: The cocky bullshitter and cop sketch.

Only difference is Floyd had a dicky ticker and substances yet to be defined pumping around his system.

So it's a tragedy, but not a crime.


I do seem to remember some unrest in Britain brought about by Brexit protests, both for and against. And making Xi a bigger deal than he isn't helpful. Western business withdrawing from China is going to make things hard for him.

I do not support fringe players; not on the left or right. The Antifa blaming was inevitable and boring. Trump and Barr are just putting on more populist performance art.

What is so amusing about you characters is that in your world all social disruption is caused by the political left. That's just nonsense. Right wing groups have been identified as responsible for at least some of the violence associated with the Floyd protests:

"Right-wing extremists and accelerationists

The demographics of a largely white, young, and destructive group fit more with a movement known as accelerationists than Black Lives Matter.

The accelerationists, if you have never heard the term, are an extreme subset of white nationalism whose goal is to bring about chaos and destruction. The basic tenet of accelerationism argues that since Western governments are inherently corrupt, the best (and only) thing supremacists can do is to accelerate the end of society by sowing chaos and aggravating political tensions. “Accelerationist ideas have been cited in mass shooters’ manifestos — explicitly, in the case of the New Zealand killer — and are frequently referenced in white supremacist web forums and chat rooms,” Zack Beauchamp explained."


Trump and Barr's techniques have been used in America for a very long time. Look into Lester Maddox and George Wallace for examples.


Another thing: I would guess you have an IQ that's fairly far above average. Beliefs of all kinds have nothing to do with having a good or poor brain. They're the results of personality characteristics developed mostly by life experience. The rightist, overly defensive accusation that anyone who disagrees is "elitist" is not a good look.


"Right wing groups have been identified as responsible for at least some of the violence associated ..."

Maybe the idiot ones. And those'll be easily swept up.

You familiar with the tactic of, "if you see some idiot being idiotic especially if the idiot's on tv give the idiot plenty of space and time (unless the idiot has the means and intent to inflict harm on you) Let the authorities handle the idiot"? (((How/Why did you allow youself to "be there" in the first place?!!!")))

I've been hearing from the usual suspects the usual refrain, "It's the white supremacists ___________" No it most likely isn't, the real white supremacists anyway, the really dangerous ones are staying as far away from the riotous areas as possible.

A casual look at the sidebar articles on that "just security" organization kinda gives the game away don't you reckon?

If more evidence may be helpful just take a look at one of 'em - probably all one should have to read is to where the article's author begins using numerals:

That my friends, shouts Agenda! loud and clear.

Actually, and just to save time, click on the "Advisory Board" tab on the Just Security site. That's a who's who of the Lawfare crowd.

The right isn't likely to point out troublemakers on the right, is it? Maybe the local paper is a cabal of left wingers too:

"Harrington, the public safety commissioner, said at the mid-morning press briefing that he now has evidence of calls by right-wing extremists and white supremacists to come to Minnesota to foster unrest. “We have watched these groups grow both in brazenness and also grow in challenging approaches that we’ve had to adapt to,” he said."

The black community in the US has an unfortunate cultural infection that endorses and predisposes young black males to violence and crime. That's why in spite of blacks being only 12-13% of the population they commit half of the murders ...

It's the same across all violent crime and crime in general.

Channel 4 is a left of centre broadcaster and even they admit it in the above fact checker. Black people know it too, the good ones trying to save their children, businesses, and livelihoods from the destruction, and obviously the bad ones who perpetrate the violence and crime know what they're doing.

It's not genetic, it's not wealth, it's the culture of the gangster rapper black man.

The hard left has exploited young black men to generate violence and provoke a response from the security services which eventually leads to blunders or even valid arrests of black felons that can be used to foster fake claims of racism and trigger rioting, looting and sedition for their revolutionary ends.

White America needs to front that up to itself - like the responsible black folks in America are doing already - you're OK, OK! You haven't done anything wrong. You need to work with the right in politics to ban Antifa and the violent sub-culture of the young black man in all its manifestations.

Before you quip back about me not sounding very Libertarian, Bob, there's no conflict with Libertarianism because these are institutionalised incitements to violence and crime which Liberty proscribes. It's one of the few things Liberty does proscribe and assigns the state the authority to act against it.


More local reporting on a right wing group spotted in MN:

"The stated goals of the Three Percenters militia groups are vague, but they position themselves as protectors of the Constitution and have been associated with right-wing, anti-government causes. According to their official website, they aim to “get patriots to network, prepare, and petition together on a local level.”

The group’s name comes from the idea that only 3 percent of American colonists took up arms against the British. In 2018, three members of an Illinois-based branch of the militia were arrested in connection with a bombing of a mosque in Minnesota. Others were identified in military-style gear at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va.

Other groups have also turned their attention to the situation in Minneapolis. Chatter on social media suggests that far-right activists and fringe libertarian groups are seizing on the instability to provoke violence and destruction."

So far there's not much from intelligence sources, and I haven't been able to find anything that's not in a source you'd just dismiss on sight, JK.

"Maybe the local paper is a cabal of left wingers too"

Well I have noticed the twin cities Star Tribune does seem rather reticent to print anything critical of its local star Congressperson Ilhan Omar whose parents were kind enough to relocate to Minnesota from Mogadishu - no doubt contributing to Minneapolis' most recent acquisition of the sobriquet 'Little Mogadishu.'

"The right isn't likely to point out troublemakers on the right, is it?"

Probably not. Still with the little melees actively ongoing it is kinda difficult to positively ID just who is responsible for delivering the pallets of bricks so strategically. The molotov coctail deliverers however seem to tend to not exactly align with people I might be tempted to say are KKK:

But in the generalities Bob I actually tend to thinking we might find ourselves agreeing after we see the 'after action reports' Bad thing about after-actions though is we have to wait until the actions have er, "died down" then perhaps take a look in depth of the 'peaceful protestors' who - through no fault of their own I'm sure - managed to get theyselves into police custody.

Still, as in the case of Jussie Smollet's insistent accusations that "MAGA hat wearing white supremacists" were running around deepest darkest Chicago in -20° weather at 2am it does sorta lean me toward kinda doubting there's many right-wingers hanging around the places enjoying all the fruits of diversity.

But. Of the 39 places (by my count) celebrating such diversity there is at least one seeming outlier I have to admit - Lincoln Nebraska had a "peaceful demonstration" too last night. So yes there's an exception Bob to it only being Democrat led cities doing urban renewal projects.


This is the most balanced report I could find:

In addition to the Three Percenters, the Boogaloo movement and Proud Boys have been spotted too. There are certainly left wing troublemakers involved, but also right wing. There could also be foreign actors.

It's like being back in the '50's and '60's, isn't it?

"Harrington, the public safety commissioner, said at the mid-morning press briefing that he now has evidence"

Another reason Bob I think we best wait for the after actions - you'll maybe recall too Congressman Schiff [D-CA] appearing time and again on a slew of news-shows shouting to too "had the goods on Trump's being in the pocket of the Russians"?

Kinda curious doncha think that after that Grenell feller declassified and then released the 53 transcripts that Schiff felt would be 'unhelpful to the narrative if released' he's [Chairman of the House Intel Committee Adam Schiff D-CA] not going around much making those claims of having evidence anymore.

"So far there's not much from intelligence sources"

True there's not a bunch been made open-source but I am in communication with a few acquaintances who spend alot of time (generally speaking 8 hour workdays but some recent overtime) in fusion centers.

If anything gets officially released (I will not paste or reference leaks) I will put it here - whatever/whoever such material may reflect badly upon. Right-wing, Left-wing, unaffiliated, Mormon missionaries or Church ladies I don't care, I'll link it asap.

Yep Bob it does hearken back to 'the good ol' days' dont it?

Thanks Bob for the AP article - now that I know the US Marshals are deploying that's another resource. Reiterating - only officially cleared for publication/announcement will I point to - No leaks or anonymous sources.


The attorney for George Floyd's family, Benjamin Crump has said that an independent autopsy "determined that asphyxiation from sustained pressure was the cause" of Mr Floyd's death.

I may not be a doctor of medicine, but I can safely say that if you are a farm-fed copper, kneeling on somebody's neck for a number of minutes is not a good idea.

The county medical examiner says different ...

The independent autopsy's findings come after the Hennepin County Medical Examiner found "no physical findings" to "support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation," according to the criminal complaint.

Time will tell when more medical data is released, including toxicology reports as to what recreationals he was on.



Time will indeed tell, but if the human brain is deprived of oxygen for more than a few minutes, then brain damage or death becomes certain, and that is irrespective of what recreational substances are zinging round the system.

Re the Hennepin County Medical Examiner.

As Mandy Rice-Davies might have put it: "Well he would, wouldn't he?"

The "Gentle giant" can't have seemed so to the home alone woman into whose house he broke and entered, as he pushed a pistol towards her vagina and robbed her of her jewelry and valuables ...

Five stints in jail was it? Some criminal record that.

As well as a "gentle giant" of 6'6", also an "athlete and sportsman" according to the MSM. We'll see how much neck pressure the lawyers and medics think one such as this could be expected to tolerate before popping his clogs, without heart conditions and recreationals intervening.


Even the Daily Mail clocked it ...


Richard, if you are not a criminal then it is unlikely a copper will be kneeling on your neck.


An arrest record, possibly passing counterfeit or using elicit substances do not justify deadly force under our laws. That's why one of the cops is charged with murder.

Reddit as a source? Why not a mental health facility inmate? You might have to work harder to find them online, but they'd be more reliable.

Bob, The quick reaction from the forces of reaction in your country seems that the death of a former criminal was what the forces of reaction wanted although I doubt they give a shit about the dead bloke.


Well, if they're reactionary reaction is what they'd do. I'm not sure who you're referring to, but you can be sure plenty of people care about how the bloke got dead. Hence the people in the streets catching rubber bullets, tear gas and covid.

Haha, here's a cracker from the BBC ...

Pure and utter distortion. A list of stats showing shootings and arrests of ethnic minorities by law enforcement as a proportion of the population. Called a "Reality Check". Not a "Fact Check" notice, because even they don't have the goddamn temerity to take the distortion that far.

Because if they did they'd be producing something like this C4 Fact Check ...

It’s true that around 13 per cent of Americans are black, according to the latest estimates from the US Census Bureau.

And yes, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, black offenders committed 52 per cent of homicides recorded in the data between 1980 and 2008. Only 45 per cent of the offenders were white. Homicide is a broader category than “murder” but let’s not split hairs.

Blacks were disproportionately likely to commit homicide and to be the victims. In 2008 the offending rate for blacks was seven times higher than for whites and the victimisation rate was six times higher.

As we found yesterday, 93 per cent of black victims were killed by blacks and 84 per cent of white victims were killed by whites.

Blacks kill 7x more than whites per person and are victims 6x more per person. 93% of black victims are black. Blacks are literally slaughtering themselves. No wonder responsible blacks are begging the police to do more to protect them.

And so given the extreme levels of violent crime perpetrated by blacks it is perfectly understandable that they attract a greater proportion of law enforcement's attention.

Hiding Floyd's criminal record and portraying him as a "gentle giant" and distorting the facts of black violent crime and the policing response.

Those are the only two things worthy of seeing here.



George Floyd's criminal record isn't the issue here. The guy was in custody, on the ground, hands cuffed behind his back. He was no longer a threat.

The issue here is that Officer Chauvin was kneeling on his neck, an incredibly dangerous manoeuvre by any standards. And he continued kneeling on the neck, despite pleas from bystanders.


I'm gonna have to be away from public internet for awhile (got a 'about four hour drive in my immediate future' - don't nobody worry physically I'm perfectly fine - maybe jonesing abit a'cause of a enforced sobriety but that, hopefully will be temporary. I shall a see).

Anyway we were discussing that EO some'eres' but I can't be bothered to find the precise post so:

The Richard Epstein guy authored that I would submit ain't got much dog in any fight where the rights and lefts of any wings are especially concerned and, just from listening to him and John Batchelor discussing stuff on John's podcast[s] I do not have the impression he's in any way 'a Trump guy.'

Haven't the time to've read any of that link's comments Bob and, unfortunately (I suppose) ain't gonna be allowed the luxury of our usual back-and-forth.

So Bob and Friends while I'm away y'all are in charge of saving the world. I expect you'll do your duty.

OK, tinfoil hats on, ladies and gents, then read this Twitter thread.

I've also managed to find the perfect video to depict America in the late stages of racial and political morbidity. Here.

Blimey Malc, that's a twisty-turny layer-cake story worthy of an offshoot series from Ozark!

Nightclub being used as money laundering front for drugs cartel, radio station on top floor being used as counterfeiting facility, feds embedded on a surveillance operation, two half-witted bouncers, one of them a full time cop working low level on the feds' op and the other a half-witted ex-con, have a falling out over the cop's wife affair with the ex-con. Cop gets called for assistance arresting stroppy bouncer using some of the counterfeit money, takes chance to scuff him up for shagging his missus but overdoes it and offs him - causing nationwide racial meltdown. Cartel then burns club and radio station to the ground to destroy all evidence now that global attention is on their den of iniquity.

Cracking opening episode! A half decent script writer could make this one run and run!

Why do I get the feeling that the greatest script writer of all, life itself, is going to do just that?


Right, a piece of news from the IT department. We ducked up.

Buried in the Typepad admin screens there is a spam folder I'd not found before full of genuine spam and also many comments from us lot.

So if some of your comments have mysteriously gone missing that's where they've ended up.

I've restored everything to the beginning of May. So for example if you look at the comments in this post and "'Still 'n' all', there is some 'Good News'!" you'll see a few "new old" ones.

I'll try and show the Gaffer how to get to the spam folder so you can let him know in a comment if you think something's gone missing and he can restore it. If Wrinklyitis proves to be too advanced, I'll do it!


Richard, I did not say it was the issue however people are entitled to know the criminal record of the victim. The cop responsible has been arrested. As for black lives matter then look at the UK, London, Manchester and Birmingham. The stabbings are mainly black on black.
Your rioters are gathering in crowds when the covid virus is killing mainly blacks and asians. Maybe they should be pointing their fingers at their own and stop blaming the white man.


We are in complete agreement on this.

Digressing slightly, I made exactly the same point regarding black on black killings to a neo-liberal relative on Facebook. He became really offensive and to cut a long story short, I had to defriend him. It seems that black lives don't matter at all when a black man is doing the killing.

However, should you have the temerity to point this out, expect fireworks!!

"fireworks" means pols kneeling before the mob which we have seen in Blue states and cities. There are some truths readily available that can not be allowed to be true.

Whitewall, from what I am reading the troubles are mainly in Democratic States. Obama the great black hope clearly did nothing to alleviate the perceived problem. So why is Trump to blame!

Jimmy that is largely correct. A goodly number of these Blue cities haven't seen a Republican mayor in decades if not many decades. Obama had a once in a lifetime opportunity but alas, he had no intention of being a healer. He was an opportunist.

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