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Tuesday, 12 May 2020


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I doubt we'll have to wait for next year. The investigation has been under weigh for some months.



When Mr. Obama graduated from the most prestigious law school in the country,
[ pick one:
he chose to
finding out an affirmative action diploma was worthless had to]
go back to Chicago as a 'community organizer" and front man for one of the corrupt most political machines in the country. Then worked (kissed posteriors) up to the top.

David there is more coming. The collusion conspiracy and sedition of the sainted jug eared red bastard B. Hussein Obama has been covered over by a sympathetic media. Donald Trump will have none of it now that the tale is being released. We think China is an enemy. Our enemy is right here among us and called Democrats Media Deep State. They have been here for decades.

Those of us who were paying attention knew he was a dirty rat before he was even elected. He had a past of dirty tricks. But no, when I tried to warn, I was mocked.

Thank you all, looks like 'interesting times' are approaching!

Good to 'see' you again, Miss Red!

I hope someone has the wit to check who else was targeted. Probably quite a few Dem politicians included in that. He has to keep his own party in line.

It's easy to see how doubleplusungood Obama was as president only because our executive branch and Tucker Carlson are so much more reasonable now.

Whitewall, I always look forward to USA election campaigning. This one will be dirty. The Donald could do it again as the mainstream media are not effective as they once were. He who masters the social media will come up Trump.

"a dirty rat" of the very worst kind who led a cabal of crooks in a highly organised campaign of spying and subversion against the Republican party and their Presidential candidate at the time"

Actually David the spying against the Repubs and the would-be Repub wasn't the first instance of setting elements of the IC against US citizens (persons with first primarily, 1st and 4th Amendments protections - secondarily, as the authors of Section 702 of FISA presciently sought to protect the 'We The People' bits)

Before Orange Man descended the escalator there were some few reporters (journalists) who suffered that peculiar assault on their Constitutional protections - two spring immediately to mind [but as I recall there were at least three more] a guy named James Rosen and a gal name of Sheryl (sp?) Atkisson.

Too there was a somewhat similar operation run out of the upper management of the IRS - which agency granted powers act similarly to the IC's - 'similar' in the sense that, even though perhaps not too onerous an imposition of jailtime might result penury generally succeeds. Against individuals somewhat less effective to the person but to the associated organization very much so.

Well I suppose I could've save my above comment had I the time when I placed it to've just read the Zero Hedge offering.

Doggone medical appointments. No not me, some few local area veterans lacking driving privileges - usually I get asked to drive the van when there's inclement weather and this entire week in northern Arkansas there's nothing but rain.

Jimmy this election will be a close run thing. The Left over here has spread a lot of rot throughout our institutions. They have an ally in China and vice versa. The free West and developing world has a lot at stake in this election no mater what any one leader thinks of Trump personally. I think they know it.

JK, as you are doing your duty - well done, that man! - driving your fellow veterans around, I trust you will avoid stopping off at any of Barney Magroo's establishments! The image of you and several other 'old sweats' staggering back to your bus after a 'refreshments break' is horrifying to contemplate!

Well David you'll perhaps have noticed their only asking me 'during times of inclement weather' I don't suppose you'd care to guess why I'm limited to only those times?

How was I to know last time I took 'em up to the Walmart in West Plains [Missouri] the van is equipped with this itty bitty GPS thingamajig that "calls headquarters" if the fuel station I actually stopped at was different from the one I was "supposed to" stop at?

If you say, "You must've stopped a Barney's cousin's gas station" I wouldn't argue with you. I think though what really gave us away was the singing rather than the arguing that usually signals us returning to base!

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