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Saturday, 16 May 2020


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If you put all the experts in the Royal Albert Hall they could never do social distancing. Most would end up occupying beds in the Excel Centre in London.

We have the same sorts biffing, bashing and boffing over here too!

It appears that Barnier wants to extend the limit for trade talks beyond this year, and our man Frost is having none of it. That's excellent news, and is the type of stance that we should have taken immediately after Article 50 was signed. Let's hope Boris stays tough on this one. As our national anthem has it:

Scatter our enemies,
And make them fall
Confound their politics
Frustrate their knavish tricks

Get us clear before the edifice topples over.

"Meanwhile, the entire country has been subject to a gross limitation on its freedom, all at the behest of an 'expert'!"

Mission(s) accomplished. The West collapses while the China predator tries to make hay. The last global fear of this magnitude I believe might be the Cuban Missile Crisis. Communists were involved too. A choice between freedom and totalitarian rule.

50,000 dead, top in Europe, second in the world in total only to the US, not good enough for you lot?

You want more BoJo, more state, more Neil Ferguson's and less external governance and checks and balances on their behaviour.

I think you're all mad.


Perhaps SoD, but it's a calm mad.


Piers Corbyn was taken away after showing up with a megaphone and proclaiming 5G and the coronavirus pandemic were linked, calling it a “pack of lies to brainwash you and keep you in order”.

He also said “vaccination is not necessary” and that “5G towers will be installed everywhere”, adding: “5G enhances anyone who’s got illness from Covid, so they work together.”

Piers is playing on his own team I take it?

C19 is kinda Brexit on steroids when it comes to stimulating nationalism, Country-Bumpkinism, blue socialism, and Capt Mainwaringitis - not to mention a smug expression on the face of good ol' red socialism.

Eviscerated globalisation, collapsed intricate efficient supply chains, resurgent national monopolies, reanimated nationalisation, re-empowered unions, lockdowns and permanent curtailment of freedom of movement. Everything anti-Liberty, and all justified on the basis of Democratic Centralism along the lines of: "If the majority wants to put a minority in a gas chamber then so be it".

And as I've been saying all along, all these roads lead eventually to the 1970's: hyper-inflation, stag-flation and bankruptcy.

Here's a good synopsis of that future history coming Blighty and Uncle Sam's way, unfortunately behind the DT paywall ...


Science fiction dystopia alert:

The costs associated with robots have been becoming more advantageous compared to developing country wages for years:

The potential disruption of supply chains by disease is another incentive to automate. Pandemics and large regional epidemics are expected to be more common as the climate continues to change. Something like a permanent dole, probably in the form of a BMI, is that much closer for a lot of unskilled workers. Hello Clockwork Orange, The Expanse, etc.

Pandemics and large regional epidemics are expected to be more common as the climate continues to change

What a load of old Gretabollocks Bob!

Blaming C19 and successors on climate change.

That really is pants, proper fake news.

C'mon, show us your willy! Which "references" you got to back that whopping great Porkie up with then?!

Can't wait to see the list of climate nobs whingeing about being knocked off the crisis pedestal and trying to shackle their falsies up to the new winner!

The last thing we need is more critter "diversity". The Chinese will only eat them and give us more problems. In fact, if the bloody bats and other critters were all wiped out by climate change we might stand a chance of dodging the next new pandemic / regional epidemic. The more "diversity" the more ruddy numbers on the Chinky menu ...

"You wonna numbah 1,768,5467,487? Flied binglclabbit belly with swee and sour tingtangtong monkey blains sauce? Velly nice. Never tlied it myself, only got to number 1,876,391!"



I'm waiting to see if you'll play the "experts don't know nothin'" card. Go scratch if you even think about it.

Oh yeah, read again, I didn't blame C19 on climate change. Did English punks do a lot of head banging back in the '70s and '80s?

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