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Friday, 29 May 2020


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100%, Gaffer.

BoJo is no Churchill, and Cummings is no Alan Brooke.

Best Blighty joins the Don's posse and does what it's told.

Out from under one wing and back under another.


Universities, corporations and politicians ours and yours all. Another figure I would not trust is Angela Merkel for as long as she squats on the throne. Then be wary of Germany anyway.

China is blustering since they can't get out from under the shame of this commie flu they deliberately unleashed. My guess is that matters within China are not so good and that the flu totals and deaths are many thousands times more than they have published, quite possibly very deeply in the military. Diversions are needed.

As far as Trump goes, China will prefer anyone but him come November. Xi has learned he can't beat or bluff Trump. A Joe Biden or any D in the White House, China is home free since complaints to the UN are all any D will do. 2020 matters.

I have just got up and the first thing I come across is 'SoD'*agreeing* with me!

I think I'll go back to bed!

"the first thing I come across is 'SoD'*agreeing* with me!"

Don't fret: it won't last. Things will soon be back to normal.

The deal in China that keeps the commies in power is prosperity. The people will tolerate the commies so long as they deliver on prosperity.

Like all the intellectual property and copyright theft the Chinese commies also stole market economics from the West to make good on their promise of prosperity.

Thinking of Covid as a gift for Chinese commie expansion is wrong-headed, it is a gift for the West to foster solidarity, recruit for the posse, and build Cold War II's wall again: the second Great Wall of China.

Every border aggression shown by China, whether in India, Hong Kong, the South China Sea, or maybe soon Russia, is a strategic panic blunder by the Commies that strengthens the posse. "Never interrupt your enemy when he's making a mistake", in fact, measured encouragement is the order of the day: anything that can be done to provoke and escalate Chinese panic blunder on the borders to one notch before war on the ratchet is a good thing. Let the enemy help build the wall that will seed their own destruction by eviscerating their people's prosperity.

And in the world outside the wall: market max. Take the hit while supply chains reconstruct. Leverage India for iThingies and plastic landfill crapulata. A bonfire of the bureaucracies, zero tariffs, a multi-market.

One world, two systems.

And wait patiently for the Chinese people to do their thing ...

... and rid the planet of the last bastion of socialism.

And before, during and after, remember one thing: the Chinese people are more capable of operating a society based on the rule of law, property rights, and democracy than most Western countries, as evidenced by Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong and the Covid debacle. They aren't "Germans in disguise" and deserve our respect and support.

In fact, when it's all over and China gets Liberty and Democracy in equal measure, and a 1.4 billion sized Singapore emerges blinking into the sunlight of global jaw-jaw politics, it'd be a good thing for the West and everyone if we did this one as one people without human animosity ..


SoD could be right Cold War II has started. It depends on how close a relationship with China other anti-US countries are willing to make.

Some businesses will squeal like stuck pigs when their investments go down the tubes, but many have already pulled out of China partially or completely, and the trend will accelerate. The US will be careful about supporting India because they've been building in territories disputed with China for over 100 years. Trump doesn't give a rat's keister about details, but the larger forces of US foreign policy do. The Chinese government got its chance and overplayed its hand. The US House has called for sanctions over human rights issues:

I'll just mention something here without however, benefit of having read any of the linked stuff.

There's danger in 'actively supporting' India. China's got bigtime investments (infrastructure as well as direct cash loans) in Pakistan - the Belt and Roads project being perhaps the more important to appreciate the implications therefrom - China's got the Pakis running the security for the parts into Afghanistan (China negotiated the rights to the Aynak "copper mine" [actually more of a rare earths extraction operation] which negotiations took place during GW's term. (That having put *us in the weird situation of having to provide security for China's operation during our more involved militarily speaking, period of operations.

Then there's the China/Pakistan ports building program (which is to compete against Iran's ports construction project)

All that is to say 'doing stuff in support of India' gets *us involved in the India Pakistan tiff. Everybody in the neighborhood nuclear weapons armed. Could be a dicey situation all round.

Bob's right to point out the Neocons - or the 'War Party' as I prefer to call it since Neocon sometimes gives the impression it's only Republicans - which it ain't.

Pakistan was lost to our cause since it was born. Let the Chinese commies pick Pakistan up and pay the price in reconciling their axis with them to their Muslim abuse in Xinjiang. Meanwhile we conflate Pakistan with Islamism and ISIS to pull yet more into the posse.

The wall's gotta lie somewhere. You're either with us against us.

A limited nuclear war in a far away region isn't anything we haven't done before. By proxy of India keeps it indirect enough to avoid a direct Sino-US conflict. Would focus irresolute minds on for us or agin us somewhat.

India is the proxy thorn in China's side akin to Rocketman in ours. Except Rocketman ain't got deliverable nukes yet.

Let the tension build and theatre conflicts rumble, all the while Chinese GDP retracts and prosperity evaporates.

Praise the Lord and pass the market max ammunition.


"Praise the Lord and pass the market max ammunition."
I kinda like that!

The internal struggle between the statist Xi and marketeer Li is highlighted by the Graun ...

One standout from Li’s appearance before the media was his focus on the importance of the private sector to China’s economic recovery. Xi’s support for the state sector, and his lip service to the private economy, which drives Chinese growth and employment, has alienated many of the country’s entrepreneurs. A number of wealthy business leaders who crossed Xi have been jailed. But Li, who has been overshadowed in office by Xi, took a different line, though whether support for the private sector can be sustained in a grim political climate, however, remains to be seen. Xi will not tolerate any rivals, especially in the form of rich entrepreneurs.

We must hope the statist Xi wins out and the top heavy Chinese public sector drags its market sector down.

Mistakes like this at home that fuel discontent in the Chinese people - and panic mistakes in border conflicts that strengthen the posse - all work in our favour.

I notice the Don is wishing to embrace India and Russia into the G7 ...

The big guns are being hired into the posse.

Soon it'll be time for the immortal words of politics, "Now go do, that Voodoo, that you do, soooooo wellllll!" ...


The Euros are vacillating on China.

On the one hand, this Graun article says they're posse signatories ...

On the other they're wobbling when it comes to solidarity over the posse's WHO and Hong Kong position ...

Of course if Blighty had still been a member of the EU pressure could have been brought to bear to make them straighten up and fly right.

Now what is certain is that the EU will endeavour to present its own non-aligned front in the Don's posse vs China conflict.

Good call 23rd June 2016.


SoD, this will ad to your Guardian article. The author is a military strategist.

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