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Wednesday, 24 June 2020


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Funny you mention Africa, Arabs and slaves. Slavery continues today in Africa. Saw this last night courtesy AussieD, from Quadrant Online so you know it's good:

The most important thing about black suffering is not that it is historical, but that it is no more intense or long-lasting than any other suffering. It just came to prominence in a culture where the internet and self - hatred coincided.

"Residents surrender Thai city to monkey gangs headquartered in an abandoned cinema" ...

Residents of the ancient Thai city of Lopburi are living in fear of marauding gangs of monkeys, as thousands of primates brawl with each other, attack shops, and take over the streets in search of food during the coronavirus lockdown.

No, that wasn't some racist journo losing the plot at the DT and going out in a blaze of glory, no, really, even the ruddy monkeys are at it now.

BLM's Critter Faction just got activated.

How will future generations write about 2020? The year the world had a collective psychotic episode?


I note that statues of men who fought to end slavery are being attacked including those of black men who did so. This is nothing to do with abhorrence of slavery and everything to do with abhorrence of western civilization.
I note they are now proposing action against statues of white Jesus. That'll go down well!
Wait till they find that the Hadith repeatedly describe Mohammed as white, that would be interesting.
But bear in mind this is a small number of brainwashed black people exploiting the frustration and shortsightedness of black teens, who have just spent a couple of months under house arrest, allied to a bunch of spoiled rich kids.
BLM doesn't have majority support amongst black people.

Thankfully factionalism seems to work in our favour with our non-human friends also - the Critters Front of Judea is at war with the Judean Critters Front due to a long running dispute, and they seem to be fighting each other as much as the local humans ...

Monkeys patrol the walls of the temple, in the centre of the 800-year-old city, to protect their turf. In March, they staged a brazen raid on another group of monkeys living around the Phra Kan Shrine, on the prowl for temple offerings.

Their invasion – captured in a video that went viral on social media - resulted in a vicious street fight that stopped traffic for ten minutes as the rival gangs screeched, charged at each other and engaged in paw-to-paw combat.

The leader of the CFJ, one monkey called Reg, was heard to say, "What have the Humans ever done for us, eh? They've bled us white, the bastards".


The people leading this are more than "small number of brainwashed black people exploiting the frustration and shortsightedness of black teens".

The Left Axis is the merger of hard left and liberal left, which we have grown accustomed to being divided since the days of Blair. It comprises all factions of the left: hard left, BLM, Antifa, labour, lib-dems, CONTS (Conservative One Nation Tories, aka blue socialists), BBC, Sky, Graun etc. i.e. almost all the MSM, climate change alarmists (happy to have a breather while BLM pick up the pace), state education, social services, the NHS, civil service.

Against a combined arms assault like this from the Left Axis, Blitzkkrieg by other means, we are doomed. The Judean People's Front vs People's Front of Judea factionalism that tormented them for the 3 decades since Thatcher is over for now.

The new Dark Age is upon us. Decline and fall is the only exit, as it was in 1979.


Burnley were playing away. The banner was flown over The Etihad, Manchester City's ground.


This is kinda punk, you might like it:

Thai Monkey Gangs? Slavery, BLM....."The Missing Link"?

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