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Thursday, 04 June 2020


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And yet...
Unintentionally, the Devastators of Sqn 8 played their part in insuring that the Japanese CAP were in the wrong place to interfere with the Dauntless dive bombers that made those six minutes at Midway so remarkable.

The fog of war always is confusing however the USA bounced back magnificently after Pearl Harbour.

Entirely right, Richard.

Of course they did, Jimmy, but it was an extra-ordinary bit of luck that the carriers were not in port at the time. You might say, 'God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform'!

David & Richard, we had Charlton Heston in the film.

The squadron launched knowing that even if things went well their planes could not carry enough fuel to return to the carrier.

I'm afraid we might need men like that again.

It is the nature of war that everyone has imperfect information and everyone makes mistakes. We should reserve our criticism for those like FDR, who campaigned for re-election on the basis of keeping the US out of the war while working assiduously behind the scenes to create a casus belli.

The recent movie "Midway" tried to put the battle in context, from both the Japanese and US perspectives. It is very hard to imagine today's populations, Japanese or American, producing people like the men who fought at Midway. And that movie is a giant signpost to what lies ahead for the West -- a movie about a key US victory in WWII was made only because Chinese interests agreed to provide the financial backing.

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