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Sunday, 28 June 2020


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"To give state school parents the chance to experience top quality education and contrast it against the incompetent, lazy, unionised Marxist brainwashing their kids have had from the state thus far."

Exactly so. Over here it is framed as "School Choice". Republicans and a majority of Blacks support it while Democrats and teachers unions are fighting it tooth and nail. Yet Blacks continue to vote as usual.

Your second "fail" is behind a paywall but I saw this: "Sir Mark Sedwill could be removed as head of the Civil Service as early as this week in shake-up by Number 10". Is that a step in the right direction?

Sadly, not really, Whiters.

Dombo is merely centralising control of the means of production and distribution more closely to themselves. And then extending control with yet more public expenditure through their new tight-knit politburo.

BoJo and Cummings haven't run so much as a whelkstall in their lives, they're no Bill Gates, Alan Sugar, or Richard Branson.

The frequency and intensity of farcical decision-making is only likely to increase.


Britmiliation #3

Your communist government has banned us Yanks from entering your borders using the Democrat hoax Kung Flu as an excuse. By God, we are Americans and exceptional in every way. We have been given the go ahead by All That Is Holy to get just as sick as we damn well please! It's in the Constitution!

But you smart Brits have been packing beaches and celebrating "football" victories in huge crowds, and you'll soon be begging to come over here where a high fever and difficulty breathing means LIBERTY instead of just cold blankets and a plastic tube stuck down your throats. Your comeuppance is nigh!

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